Jamai Raja 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kesar stopping Rajveer. Rajveer gets tensed as he gets caught. He turns and sees Kesar talking while sleeping. He smiles and relieved. He thinks Kesar is working for DD even in sleep and leaves. In the morning, DD sees water not coming from taps and gets worried. She informs Nani. She says we will go home and do. DD says won’t you brush your teeth. She asks Sid why water is not coming. Roshini says everyone is using water so it is over. Pratima says she will bring it from downstairs. DD says she will help her. Sid says it is not your cup of tea. DD says I will see and goes to bring water from downstairs. Sid laughs and says DD is enjoying in the chawl. Nani laughs as she agrees with him.

Resham sees the jewellery and gets excited. Samaira comes and asks what are you doing. Resham asks her to buy the jewellery. Samaira says who wears fake jewellery in this time. Resham gets insulted and asks her to buy fake jewellery as well. She taunts her as Rajveer is living on DD’s money. DD waits in the queue to get water. One lady tells her that sometimes it comes and sometimes not. Water starts coming. Ladies break the queue and fight to fill the water. DD says she will fetch the water first and threatens the ladies from saying anything to her Devrani Pratima. She fights with them. Roshini comes to DD’s rescue. One lady calls her mad. Roshini goes to her and says I will see who stops us from getting water now. The ladies fight with them. Pratima warns them not to mess with her family and says she will see who stops them.

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Sid and Nani enjoy the ladies’ fight. Sid comes downstairs and says he will get the water. DD and Roshini keep on fighting. Sid fetches water in the buckets and asks them to stop. DD tells them that he is her Jamai and warns them not to mess with them. Sid says Sasu mom. DD says work is done so lets go. DD washes her hand. Sid talks to DD. DD says you got scared with them. Sid says he don’t get scared. She says lets go. Nani tells DD that you have enjoyed after a long time with your family. She sits in the car. Pratima says she will come by auto. DD says Sid will sit on the front seat and asks Roshini to sit on her lap. Roshini gets emotional. She sits on her lap. DD and Roshini ask each other about their comfort. Sid goes to the Prashant’s grandmaa and hugs her. He says you did wonder and gives her house keys. She thinks how can arrogant woman gets a good son in law.

Sid and Nani get happy and emotional. Sid asks the driver to start the car. DD thanks Kesar. Kesar asks her to check the necklace. Mr. Nene comes. Sid gets shocked seeing the fake necklace and tells Kesar. Kesar says it is gold necklace. DD talks to Nene. Sid thinks he is thinking too much. Rajveer thinks the jewellery is fake completely and the real one is with him. Nani tells Mona that they enjoyed a lot. DD comes home early. Nani gets surprised. DD says she don’t need a reason to come home early. Rajveer smirks. DD tells Nani that she brought their favourite food. Sid looks at Roshini and signs her to come. DD asks them where are you going and asks them to have food with her. Roshini looks at him. DD asks her to have food with her mum. She says she will serve herself. She serve Sid and calls him Jamai ji. Sid gets happy and touched. Everyone is happy.

DD asks them to have food and says it is less spicy. Mr. Nene comes and asks what is this drama. He throws the necklace on the floor. Rajveer smiles. DD asks what is the matter. Is something wrong? Nene says these diamonds are fake. Everyone gets shocked. DD says what nonsense. Nene says how can you sell me fake jewellery. He breaks it with his shoes and tells that real diamonds can’t be broken. DD is shocked. DD picks the fake diamonds. Nene says your company’s logo is there. You sold this glass pieces to me in crores. Kesar gets shocked. DD gets angry. Rajveer smiles.

Mr. Nene asks DD to return his money else he will go to court. DD stares Kesar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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