Jamai Raja 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Simran reaching DD’s house. DD greets her in and calls Mrs. Kukreja. Simran says she is Mrs. Khurana, Khurana empire’s owner Raj Khurana’s wife. DD and Roshni are shocked to hear that. Guests start talking that there is a rift going on between 2 families. Bablu calls Sid’s number, but his phone is switched off. Roshni asks Simran why is she crying when everything is alright now. Simran says it has to be alright, but DD does wants to ruin our happiness again. DD asks her to stop her drama and walks out from her house. Simran says the building she is staying in is hers and she is famous Khurana’s builders’ owner’s wife. she says she treated her son like a servant and troubled her a lot, but now she has taken over all her property and made her like a servant. Naani asks her to stop. Simran asks why did not she stop her daughter when she was thinking everyone as her servants and asks lawyer to give DD legal papers. She tells the whole story happened and tells she will paying for her sins now, for troubling her children. DD reads it and gets devastated. Roshni holds her.

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Sid is in auto and asks auto driver to drive fast. Driver stops auto, and Sid sees Rajveer with an iron rod. Rajveer calls him brother-in-law and says he took a long time to come.

Simran says she wants her to come to her house now, holding her hand. DD asks her to leave her daughter’s hand and says her daughter will not go with fraud people. Simran asks if she is fraud, then she is bigger fraud as she got kid kidnapped before his marriage, harrassed and alleged them in false dowry case, and even sent Sid behind bars. Naani asks why is she scratching out old issues. Simran asks where was she when DD did all this and says DD not only ruined her son but also daughter. Roshni is surprised to hear that. Simran says Krutika is her daughter. Roshni reminisces Sid taking Krutika’s side and asks Simran why did she hide this secret and asks if she knows how Krutika crashed Phatka and her under her car. Simran says she knows everything, so she asked Krutika to apologize her and DD, but DD sent her goons and kidnapped Krutika’s groom. Everyone are shocked to hear that including DD.

Sid asks Rajveer to leave him as he has to reach his family soon. Rajveer starts beating him. Simran on the other side says how will Krutika and Rajveer feel if they will know about their unborn child’s death. Samaira and Mona are shocked to hear that and asks which Rajveer she is talking about. Simran says one who divorced Samaira. Mona says she is telling lie as Rajveer did not divorce Samaira. Samaira asks what rubbish she is talking. Simran shows her divorce papers and says she is not rubbishing.

Sid takes out cycle chain and beats Rajveer till he fals down on the ground. He runs towards DD’s house. Mona on the other side asks Simran why is she taking revenge from them. Simran says DD is taking revenge by getting Rajveer kidnapped. DD says all the allegations are false. Simran says DD was always arrogant, today she broke it down and asks DD to vacate her house in 5 minutes, else she will kick her out. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Sid come home and calls DD and Roshni. DD’s photo frame falls on the ground, and he looks at it shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Whats wrong wid Simran now………….. its gonna be more worst than ever now

  2. I am happy the truth came out but no Simmi that’s not the way to do things…never do anything in anger look what u did u mess up your son life now

  3. Terrible simran, terrible

  4. Simiran u ruin your son life for krutika rajveer how would you

  5. simran is doing things out of anger she is not thinking rational an old criminal murderer like rajveer she is defending and bringing down her own son sidharth come on simran what is wrong with you listen to your son sid and your husband raj before you ending up losing everything simran for now you are making yourself an ass going into dd house like that and making a fool of yourself you know what in the first place there are tooooo much lies and hide and seek going on in these scripts please come down to reality now sid has lied to much to roshini and her family and it is about time he stop I can say if I was roshini I would have left sid a long time ago for all the lies he told cannot wait to see what happens now

    1. Well said Gloria……..this is too much….too many lies and hide and seek

  6. Always knew Simmi was acting waaaaaaayyyyyy to goody goody….. Let’s wait and see wat happens

  7. I feel that simran love kritika more than sid because she is just making a mess out of sid’s life

  8. Sami would now learn her lesson good for her

  9. Come on creative team……earlier Simran used to be so well behave,in fact when DD treated Sid badly, she can till take it, bt now fr Kritika & Rajveer, she is loosing her mind,she cannot think properly and say unacceptable words to Sid and she don’t care if she hurt her son, she is turning out to be the new vamp……I’m losing interest watching this serial nw……Mayb one day, Kritika might turn out to be Rajveers uncles daughter and they might plot this together…who knows….anythg is possible in daily soaps, right???????

  10. D actors r jus playing d roles written by d producers so we have to plead wit dem to write some scripts dat will make sense an entertain us cuz dats wat tv shows r all abt. Not dis bullshit dat is so annoying.

  11. The show has become yuck

  12. princess sofia

    Diz soap iz getting onto me,afta begging d writers to bring more sense into d krutveer epi,u plpe still bring out bullshit

  13. Hate how Sid mother is behaving

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