Jamai Raja 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshini’s friend giving her wine. She refuses to drink. Krish says, you are not middle class woman. Roshini says, I am not your type. I can’t drink wine when my country’s people don’t have water to drink. She says, she have to leave as she have to spend time with mom. She leaves. DD looks at her and calls Krish. Krish tells her not to worry as they will become good friends. DD says, Roshini is lucky to have you soon as her husband. He says cheers Aunty.

Resham gets 2000 Rs from selling bottles. She asks God to do some magic as she didn’t have sweets since 2 days. Pigeon does potty on her hairs. She gets irked.

Roshini tells DD that she is very happy as they are spending time after a long time. DD says, Krish has achieved so much in such a younger age. Roshini says, they shall go on an outing together. DD agrees. He comes and eats her apple. Roshini says, she don’t mind. She misses Sid. Sid comes there. Roshini doesn’t see him but feels his presence. She looks around. Sid too feels her presence. They go in different directions. Sid thinks he is seeing Roshini everywhere and will make him mad.

DD tells Roshini that she will be back after completing work. Sid meets someone and passes by DD. They do not see each other. Sid says, where is my dream girl. He sees Roshini sitting. He goes near her. Krish irritates Roshini with his nonsense talk. Sid looks at them. Roshini asks him to go as she have to leave. Krish stops her holding her hand. Roshini says please and take her hand. Krish says, aunty said she will join us here. Sid gets angry and thinks to do something. Krish speaks that he is famous among girls.

Sid throws peanuts on the girls. They think Krish is throwing and scold him. Krish asks what happened? You know who am I? I am Krish Mehta. Girls asks, since when you started eve teasing. Sid comes to Roshini and says he has to interfere as Krish was disturbing his girl friend then says his friend. Girls push Krish in the water and laughs.

Resham comes somewhere. A man follows her and tries to touch her hair. Resham shouts saying thief. A man says he has an offer for her and says he wants to sign her for his film. Resham asks the guard to let him free and asks for which role.

Roshini thanks Sid. Sid asks, who is this Krish? Roshini says, nothing is there between them. She says, don’t tell me that Sid khurana wants to buy this resort. Sid says, no. I wants to say you something. Roshini says, I know you have waited me for long. I was worried about you. Sid thinks to confess the truth. Roshini gets DD’s call. She tells Sid that they will talk tomorrow.

Resham gets happy and imagines herself as an actress. Bann Ke Titli Banke Uda…………….plays………….Director gives script to her and asks her to read it. She reads Badi Bhootni….and gets shocked. Director says, you will act as a ghost. Resham asks him to get out. Director asks her to rethink as she will get 2 lakhs. Resham stops him and agrees.

Krish comes to DD and Roshini. He says, we will go today. DD says, she won’t go in hot weather. Roshini messages Sid to think of a plan to get away from Krish.

Roshni waits for kid. Sid comes and says his guide is ready to show her Nasik and asks about Krish. She says she is with DD. DD and Krish are walking towards them when someone takes DD with her. Krish comes and meets Roshni. Sid jokes with Krish that he looks like sour grape and then says he will make him sweet grape soon. HE asks Roshni to come now for the tour and calls her sweetheart. Krish gets irked hearing that.

Precap: Sid spoils Krish’s clothes during vineyard tour and leaves angrily leaving Roshni and Sid together. They both start romancing. Sid’s dad says his wife that Sid’s choice is good like him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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