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Roshini says why you didn’t tell them that we are coming. Sid says you didn’t tell me until now from where you got the money. Roshini says we came to your parents’ house. Aren’t you happy. Sid says I can feel that you are broken inside. It is not easy to leave your home. Roshini says you too have left your house for me and searched happiness in my happiness. Here your mum stays who is my mum too now. Sid says you wants to save me from insult and that’s why did this. What did you sell? Roshini says nothing. Sid asks from where you got the money. Roshini says she withdraw the FD and gave to DD. Simran and Raj comes back home and asks is everything fine? Roshini says this house is my home and hugs Simran.

Raj tells Sid that it is not easy to stay in the sasural where

politics happens. He says it is not neccessary that everything happens as we thinks. Sid says Roshini lied to him. Raj says her Dad might have done FD on her name. Sid says no and tells that he is going to bank with Bablu Mama. He says he saw DD’s other face. She was broken and was looking like a mum. Raj says even Roshini’s face looked sad. He says I have full faith on you. Sid hugs his dad.

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Roshini sees the bangles and thinks I am sorry Maa. You gave me this with love, but it will save your son’s respect. Simran comes and tells her that Sid left for some work. Roshini gets thinking.

Sid tells Bablu that Roshini didn’t have any FD then from where she got money. He sees her at the jewellery job selling her bangles. Bablu insists to talk to her. Sid stops him and says lets see what she do with this money. Roshini takes the money.

Simran’s friend come to meet her and asks about shifting to poor locality. Simran says we became poor for our bahu. They ask her to tell about prospective girl. They promote Satrangee Sasural at 10 pm. Kesar asks DD what happened to your eyes. DD says nothing. She asks him from where did she gets the money. Samaira comes and says she will tell. Roshini meets Rajveer. Samaira gives some papers to DD and says it is Rajveer’s bank statement. Roshini took money from my husband. How. Roshini could do even that. DD’s daughter took help from my husband. DD gets tensed.

Roshini tells Rajveer that she could manage only 25000 Rs and will pay him remaining amount. Rajveer says you are like my sister. I took my money as I don’t want to hurt your self respect. He asks her to take care and leaves in his car. Sid is disappointed and comes to her. Roshini gets tensed. Sid asks her so this is the FD. He says you did wrong thing. You took the money from him and then sold your jewellery to return his money. DD comes in his car and says I just knew it. Sid and Roshini turn to look at her. She says what a game. I should praise your mind. You thought I will accept the money. She says we had decided that your husband will return the money with his hard earned money. Roshini asks her not to talk about fair deal and calls her Durga Devi. DD gets shocked. Roshini tells her to file the case against them and says we won’t become servants again.

Raj and Simran are going from there and hears them. Roshini accepts to have taken money from Rajveer and says even Sid is unaware of it. She asks her not to trust her and she will return the money to Rajveer. She says I won’t tolerate my mummy and Papa’s insult so it is better if you leave from here. She goes to them and says lets go. Simran and Raj are moved by her words. Roshini holds their hand and leaves. Sid tells DD not to feel bad about Roshini’s words and says I will talk to her. DD asks him to have party in the chawl and taunts him. DD sits in her car and leaves. Sid thinks to do something fast before it gets too late.

Nani sees DD sad and comes to Sid’s house. She begs them to come to her house for her daughter DD’s sake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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