Jamai Raja 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid asking Rajveer to call police. DD says what is the use. Rajveer has balanced everything so don’t act to be good son in law. Roshni asks the problem. Sid says we don’t need to pay anything. DD says would I give away my mum and daughter. Sid says he is not wrong every time. He says they can’t do anything as they were not IT people, they were fraud and fooled you. DD looks at Sid and confirms about fake IT raid. Sid says it was fake. Rajveer asks Sid how does he know this. Sid says I know few junior level people in IT department. He says we should call police to get money back. DD says this never happened before. Sid says its big amount and we have to inform police.DD says we will talk to Kesar and call police in morning. She asks Rajveer not to take tension as she will

return money. Rajveer says your business is important and I am with you. DD thanks him and goes with him, asking Sid does he need invitation to come along. Nani asks Sid to go with her and help DD. Roshni feels proud to see Sid getting respect.

DD, Rajveer and Sid go to IT department and get confirmed about fake raid. DD angrily scolds ACP. Rajveer asks him to solve the matter. ACP says we will sort this matter asap. DD goes. Rajveer thanks Sid and Sid says he can do everything for his family. Sid says who did this. Kesar says I m sure any jealous man has done this. Resham asks Mona about It raid. Mona tells Sid and Rajveer handled every matter as they were fraud people. resham says thank God DD and Roshni are fine. Samaira comes and argues with them as its her husband’s loss. Roshni comes and scolds Samaira defending Resham. Samaira reminds her that DD is elder to her and does she respect her. Roshni asks her not to comment on things she does not know.

Samaira insults Sid calling him a poor man. Mona raises hand and Roshni stops her. Roshni says she is my daughter, it is not good to slap her. Mona asks her to see the difference and money has gone over Samaira’s head. Mona asks her to apologize. Samaira insults more. Naani is hurt seeing them fight. Samaira walks out angrily. Mona asks Roshni not to feel bad of Samaira’s words and apologizes to Nani. Roshni says Sam is my sister and sisters can fight, we will be united tomorrow. Roshni asks Resham not to feel bad of Sam as her reaction is normal. Naani asks Resham to keep smile on her face. Resham is hurt bearing insult by Samaira.

Bablu and Pratima see the man they have seen among IT officials. They hear hiding as he tells about going to take money. Bablu takes pic and says this will help. DD apologizes to Rajveer. Rajveer says money is not useful if not used for family. DD calls him great and she will return his money. Kesar gets list of company rivals. DD throws the list in anger. Bablu and Pratima come to DD. DD asks did he come to laugh on her.

Bablu shows pic and asks did he come in raid. DD shows the pic to Rajveer and Sid. DD says the man is not important, the place where he is standing is important as that’s Mehta Industries. She understands everything that Mehta is behind all this. DD comes to Mehta’s house and surpises him. Mr. Mehta asks her welfare. DD warns him for his bad time starting soon. She takes his drink glass and throws on his face. Mehta asks her not to misuse her post as he respects her. DD says so you trapped in fake It raid. Mehta asks what nonsense. DD says why did you trouble me and he is trapped badly this time. DD says she should have never trust him. Mehta asks how can she threaten him at his home. DD angrily slaps him.

The man gives DD’s money bag to another person in darkness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. lol.. I think rajveer has the money… or kesar… two crooks

    1. I think its Rajveer’s plan

      1. Its definitely him!! guaranteed!!!

  2. i think rajveer is behind all the thigs.coz he pretends to be goody goody boy

  3. I think rajveer is behind all this


  5. Definitely Rajveer, I too, think he is NOT who he is pretending to be…….he is just too sicky sweet.

  6. Rajveer must b behind this, just 2 sweet for my liking, since he has walked in2 house all the bad things ar happening

  7. Hey where’s today’s episode… 20 Nov 2014

  8. Rajveer is a weasel , but has d cutest dimple I have ever seen on a guy.

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