Jamai Raja 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni entering DD’s room and asking what is happening. DD gets tensed that she must have heard her discussion and asks what? Roshni asks why did you get out of bed and says she will pack her bags and goes out. DD thinks Krish is best choice for Roshni. Roshni informs Resham that she is taking out DD on a trip to Nasik to improve her health.

Sid calls NGO student and asks about Roshni. Students says Roshni has gone out for 1 week. Sid says how can she go without informing her and asks her address, but phone gets disconnected. Roshni calls Sid to inform about her trip, but before Sid can pick his phone, his dad clashes with him and phone falls into swimming pool. Roshni tries repeatedly, but Sid’s phone goes switched off. She apologizes for going without informing him.

Sid’s dad gives him new phone and asks him to call Roshni Sid says he does not remember Roshni’s number and asks if customer care will inform Roshni’s number. Dad gets sad. Sid apologizes. Dad says he was joking. Mom comes and says she got earring from Sid’s clothes and asks whose earring it is. She jokes it must be maid’s and says will throw it. Sid says it is Roshni’s.

Roshni reaches Nasik’s resort with DD. She looks out from her room balcony. DD comes and asks if she unpacked her bags. Roshni says yes. DD gets Krish’s SMS asking her to meet him at some place. Roshni sees that and takes it from her saying she cannot keep her phone. She thinks she will get her mom well and make her her old loving mom.

Sid’s mom asks him to tell truth to Roshni and says her bahu is not like that. Sid and his dad joke that she is calling bahu. She asks if she should call Roshni her devrani. Sid says instead of solving his problem they both are fighting. Mom asks Sid to go now and tell her truth. Sid says she is out of town and does not know where she is. Mom tells her an idea, and he likes it and hugs her happily.

Roshni and DD enjoy their breakfast in a resort hotel. Roshni sees Krish bicycling with his bodyguard running beside him and ask who is this joker. DD says he is Krish, famous designer Mehta’s son. Krish comes there and introduces himself to Roshni. He starts talking about business and invites Roshni to see his vineyard. DD asks Roshni to go and enjoy. Krish takes her with him. Roshni thinks he is trying to lure her, but she is doing it for Roshni’s happiness. DD thinks she as a mom has chosen best partner for Roshni.

Resham thinks of calling a kabadi/scrapman. Sid reaches Roshni’s home disguised as salesman and rings bell. Resham sees him from viewfinder and thinks he is very handsome. She takes him in. Sid sees house carefully. Resham asks him to pick the scrap. Sid says he is a travel agent and has come with tour packages. Roshni says they have already left. He asks who. She does not reply anything, but informs Naani that they have reached their Nasik Vineyard resort.

Precap: Sid reaches hotel and gets angry seeing Krish trying to misbehave with Roshni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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