Jamai Raja 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja part from Maha sangam episode:

The Episode starts with Roshni receiving a call, just then angry crowd barged into her office. Sid also comes inside seeing the protest. Roshni shouts and calls Anya. Someone blames Roshni for publishing vulgar pic in the magazine and is about to hit Roshni with a rod, but Sid comes on time and rescues Roshni. Police comes there. The people run from there, and hits Sid before running away. Sid faints in Roshni’s arms. Roshni asks him to open his eyes and says if anything happens to you then I can’t live…She says I love you Siddharth….She asks someone to call doctor…..and cries. Sid opens his eyes and if we can get something…Juda Hoke bhi song plays…………….He gets up and holds her hand. He says truth is that you can’t leave without me, have killed Roshni inside you, but couldn’t kill love for me in your heart. Roshni says I love you even now, but that doesn’t mean that we can stay together. Sid says I was wrong, she still loves me. He says this is enough and will cross fire river now.

Sid takes out a box from his cupboard….and sees Roshni’s stuff. He thinks I have kept your memories alive when you was not here. Roshni thinks to end everything. Sid looks at the film ticket and says we had watched it together. Roshni thinks our story will never start again. Sid smells her dupatta and says he remember the day when she wore that dupatta. Roshni says everything is over. Neil comes and says Anya told me what happened in the office, and says he has increased the security. Roshni thanks him for coming.

Neil brings a gift for her. Roshni says it is a pretty scarf. Neil asks her to see the invitation card by Leela Taneja. Neil says he can’t go and asks her to attend the party. Roshni agrees. Twinkle calls Sid and invites him for party. Sid tells her that Roshni is alive. Twinkle prays for their jodi and says you are perfect couple. Sid says it is time for celebration now. She says she wants to talk something about Kunj.

Sid comes to party. Kunj says good to see you. Sid asks him to call Twinkle first and asks why is he torturing his family. Kunj says I love her very much and that’s why worried about her. He says you knows that Yuvi very well and this is all happening because of him. Sid says you have responsibility towards Twinkle and Leela, and asks him to value mum in law, and keep her happy at any cost.

Leela greets Roshni as she comes to party, and says she is proud of her. Twinkle asks why mum called you Ragini. Roshni tells her something. Twinkle asks her to give a chance to life and Sid. Roshni sees Sid coming there. Sid says Roshni and is about to go to her, but sees her gone. Twinkle tells Sid that she can help him meet Roshni. Roshni gets emotional seeing her good times with Sid on the projector.

Sid comes and kisses on her shoulder….Roshni gets moved. Chal wahan jaate hai song plays……………….while they dance with each other. Sid is about to kiss her, when she sees Anya coming there. She says we can’t do this. Sid says you are misunderstanding me. Roshni asks him to leave her. Roshni says if we get together then Anya will be ruined. She says Anya is innocent and I can’t ruin her life for me and our love. She says you can leave her, but I can’t let you leave her. Sid asks what are you saying? Roshni asks him to stop following her and go away. Sid says Roshni…..Roshni goes from there….

Sid comes to Roshni’s house. Roshni asks him to go….and asks him to be with Anya. Sid tells her that he is not Anya’s husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Common writers show it in some realistic way. Just to show Roshini’s love towards Sid You created Faltu drama back. Do you Think Any goons can come to Big magzine companies and broke the things and beat whoever they see. Common yaar. seems funny. they are breaking things and beating everyone just for one Pic. LOL. In Reality , they Cant even enter one step into the company before enterting only they will be sure out.! And precap is Interesting but my Guess is Sid says he is not Anya’s Husband just at that time Neil will enter and the topic will be closed without saying fully. Chalo Let’s see..

  2. hello i am (⏳⏳⏳⏳)

  3. the song is cake by the ocean by DNCE

  4. I think if sis decide to marry anya then Roshni will realize that she still want sid

  5. Hoo what a epi in real life dis incident never hapend dis is world of imagination

  6. 3rd class serial why is anya lying seriously

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