Jamai Raja 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid getting romantic with Roshni in a kitchen. She asks him to behave as everyone is outside. Prashanth’s grandma comes with neighbours. One of them sits on DD. DD gets up holding her nose due to the bad odor from their bodies. She asks Sid why did he call all these ladies here. Ladies hear that and say they live together in chawl and not like rich people who live alone. Sid consoles DD and serves her tea. He serves tea to everybody and even Naani. Naani slurps tea with sound and says tea is very tasty. DD asks what is she doing. Naani says in childhood she used to compete with her who will make more sound. Roshni asks DD if she really used to do that in childhood. DD fumes.

Sid gets call from Prashanth who asks if he settled well in his chawl home. Sid says everything is fine and his daadi is also acting well here. Rajveer comes there and Prashanth cuts call saying he will talk to him later. Rajveer shows him about his flat downpayment papers and says he needs refund. Prashanth says as per policy, he cannot, but he will confirm with his boss once and gets into Raj’s cabin. Raj approves refund. Rajveer forcefully enters into cabin to thank him. Raj calls security and they drag Rajveer out. Rajveer fumes thinking he could not find Sid’s relationship with Raj Khurana. Ghafoor calls him and asks if he did his work. He gets angry on ghafoor instead.

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Naani says Sid that she is very hungry. Sid says he can get her vada pav. DD asks how can she have roadside vada pav. Naani reminds her that in childhood, she used to enjoy vada pav and other roadside food. Roshni makes weird faces hearing that. Raj gets out to bring vada pav with Roshni and DD following her. DD sees dirty kadai and asks vendor when did he clean it. Sid says this is how they make it and orders less spicy vada pav. They then go to buy cool drinks. Prashanth’s granda and her neighbours ask vendor to stuff vada pav with chillies. Naani and whole family start huffing due to chillies and request water. DD laughs seeing them. Sid gargles with cold drinks and naani says they would have brought fire brigade also to calm down her stomach. Roshni says she told vendor not to add chillies, but he did, she will kill him now. DD asks not to behave like chawl dweller. Naani asks DD to get her something. DD asks if he has besan and bread in kitchen. He says yes. DD prepares bread pakora and gets it out. Everyone enjoys it. DD asks Roshni to have it with sauce. Sid starts joking and says she looks like a housewife and not businesswoman. DD taunts him about him stealing food and toiletries at five star hotel. Sid says she has sharp memory and embarrasses. Everyone laugh. He jokes why is she becoming Ambrish Puri in his love story and not letting Raj and Simran. She asks his parent’s name is Raj and Simran, if they kept it before DDLJ release or after that.

Kesar guards DD’s safe locker at her office and thinks he has become a god guarding it. Rajveer comes there with crowd to divert Kesar’s attention. Once Kesar goes out to check, Ravjeer gets in and thinks DD’s bad time has started and hsi good time.

Precap: Rajveer steals DD’s precious consignment from locker and tries to flee when someone holds his legs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope Rajeev is caught and I hope that it is roshini or dd or sid the hold his legs this is a boring soap also

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