Jamai Raja 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with DD and Naani hearing sound from kitchen and going to check. They see food on floor and get tensed. Sid enters and asks Naani to relax and go and try to engage Biji in her talks. Naani goes and starts conversing with Biji. Biji asks what happened. Nani says cat entered.

Sid orders food from restaurant. Roshni asks what is he doing. He says his family does not know if food is from restaurant or home and says there is a gujrati restaurant nearby and he used to go with his girlfriend/Roshni there. Naani comes and sees him arranging food and tells he is her son and not damad. He says as a son it is her duty to take care of her needs.

Everyone enjoy food. Sid sees restaurant pamphlet between rotis and signals Raj and Roshni. Raj starts coughing to divert attention and Sid picks pamphlet.

Rajveer loafer takes Sam to bathroom and tries to lure her. Roshni enters and throws water on him. He gets irked. She says she will not let him ruin either Kritika or Sam’s life and asks him to get out. She tells Sam because of weak girls like her, loafers like Rajveer take advantage.

Naani continues feeding Biji and Biji praising her hospitality. Rajveer comes drenched. Biji asks if he did not have bath at home that he came here to bath. He says washroom’s shower. Roshni comes and says he fell in bathroom. Sid senses something is wrong. Kritika sees Sam coming from behind and senses Rajveer loafer has done something. Sid goes behind Roshni to kitchen and asks if Rajveer did something again to Sam. She says yes, but she handled situation. He angrily tries to walk out to confront Raj, but she stops and says she does not want any problem now. They both slip and fall on kitchen floor. Sid lifts her up.

Sid comes out of kitchen and sees Yash entering home with bouquet and hugging Roshni. Biji asks who is this man. DD says he is Yash, Roshni’s childhood friend. Whenever Roshni has problem, Yash helps her. Simran says let us go now. Biji says okay. DD says Yash has come after many days, so Roshni will come after some time. Roshni says no and writhes in pain due to finer injury after falling on floor. Yash nurses her wound. Sid sadly looks at them heplessly and Biji also is surprised to see the drama. Roshni tells Yash that she has to go. Sid tells DD is right, she should stay with Yash and he will drop her. Yash nods yes. She stops Sid and says she will accompany him. He says it is okay and leaves with family. Naani and Pratima angrily walk into their rooms.

DD in her husky male voice asks them to come in and relax. Roshni asks DD why did she do this drama in front of her sasural, she is bahu of that family. DD asks if she has gone mad and tells she purposefully called Yash to show Sid that Roshni has someone to take care of her and did not do anything wrong. Roshni says she did wrong and says even for 3 months, she is bahu of that house and Sid’s wife, she does not like problem in their lives and asks her to accept this family. DD again tries to speak. Roshni pushes her macho male looking hand and walks out. DD says Yash sorry.

Precap: Roshni reaches home late. Biji scolds her and asks why did she forget her sasural after going to maika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. kritika and raajveer get out of this show. yash is ugly sid and roshni are just prefect couple i love u so much

  2. I want to slap rajveer what kind of stuff is he

  3. rehena sultana

    i love u sid … plzz roshni n sid ak ho jayo…. rajbir assha nhi hei sid …

  4. writers please move along this serial it is dragging out tooooooooooo long and so it is becoming uninteresting and boring

  5. Kritika take that in your pefner .You are trying to damage Roshni and right in your presence he is trying to make out with Sam his exwife,How awful that could be.Rajveer is a mongoose.Anyway Rushni is behaving as a good daughter in law but her mother is bent on breaking it up.Yash you are a fool .stay away and if she wants you after the three months then let it be but Rushni loves Sid and Sid loves his wife.Oh Sid looks great with his facial hair.He looks very manly that way.Good acting skills he has.HE brings the show alive especially when he taunts his wife and mother in law.

  6. #Ufff!!!! #TOooo #Worst #Rule #Of #SiD….

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