Jamai Raja 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kareena hiring guards for her safety and asks them to see if there is a ghost or someone trying to scare them. Anupama asks Mahi, that she said that they will stay in chawl but came to hotel. Mahi says they will be in hotel till Raj becomes fine. Mitul acts to have stomach ache and asks Anupama to come with her for a walk. Mahi asks her to go with Mitul. Anupama goes forcibly. Raj asks Mahi to call Satya and take update. Mahi says okay. Mitul irritates Anupama and says what I had eaten yesterday. Anupama thinks she has to find out what Mahi and Raj planning. Mahi calls Payal. Payal tells her that guards came here, and will keep eye on Satya 24 hours, now he can’t do anything. Raj says Satya is not alone and asks them to hear his plan.

Satya laughs hearing his plan and asks which medicines he takes to make his mind run faster. Raj says he had trained his son Sid and now it is your turn. Satya says I have understood everything. Raj cuts the call and signs Mahi that Anupama is hearing them. Raj tells Mahi that Satya is selfish. Mahi asks him not to think about him. Raj says yes, you said right. Anupama thinks she has to do something.

Kareena tells Payal that there is no activity of Satya as he is sitting. Payal says I have an idea and gives her sleeping pill. She says we will make Satya sleep and observe if any activity happens. Kareena likes her idea and asks guard to give juice to Satya. Satya drinks the juice. Kareena waits for him to get unconscious. Satya acts to get unconscious. Kareena asks guards to lock Satya in room. They take him to room and lock him. Satya thinks Payal’s plan is working and hopes it will be a superhit. Payal then wears mask and throws cracker near the guards, then she sprays on them to make them unconscious. She then frees Satya. Mahi and Mitul comes there wearing black clothes. Payal asks them to focus on work.

Satya as Siddharth Khurana comes to Kareena and makes her wake up. He threatens to kill her. Kareena runs out being scared. Mahi and Mitul scare her as ghosts. Kareena asks them to leave her. Mahi asks Mitul to cover her face, else Kareena might see. They hold Kareena. They put rope in Kareena’s neck. Kareena asks them to leave her. Payal looks on from far. Satya moves his hand. Payal pulls the rope. Satya says I will take you with me. Kareena gets scared. Payal asks Kareena why she is hanging herself. Kareena says something wrong is happening for sure. Later Anupama reaches there. Payal messages Mahi that Anupama reached there.

Kareena asks guards to throw Anupama out. Satya fights with them. Kareena gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. there are no comments why??? no one watches jamai raja? i hope satya and mahi are successful in their plan and that payal has turn over a new leaf

  2. Now, the first thing CVS have to tell or show us before they decided to go off air is what happened to ayesha who was sent with shabnam as I recall. Pls CVS don’t ull dare to go off air without telling us about ayesha or showing us where is ayesha.

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