Jamai Raja 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Ghafoor meeting Rajveer and asking why did he call him from Dubai so urgently. Rajveer says he did not. Ghafoor says someone is playing game with them and wanted them to meet. Rajveer asks him to go back to Dubai soon. Sid records their conversation.

Roshni waits for Sid to go with him and wish happy birthday DD. He comes with bouquet and says he went to buy these fresh flowers. She jokes that he must be behind DD’s property. He jokes that he is. They both wish DD and give a greeting card. DD asks where did he get it from. He says Roshni prepared it. She gets impressed. Roshni gives her pendant gift with her childhood pic with DD. She gets emotional and says Naani that she missed all this. Roshni says she missed a lot of things while earning money for them. Rest of family members give their gifts. Sid gives his bouquet and says he wants to talk something important. DD gets a call and leaves.

Rajveer smirks seeing that and asks Sid if he is very eager to expose him. Sid shows his recording. Rajveer tries to snatch phone. Sid says he has made many copies of it. Rajveer says though he is playing smart, but he is actually not, he will expose his truth to everyone and says he forgot it is his sister’s marriage today. Sid gets irked and holds his collar. Rajveer says he is acting like a child and says he is just telling possibilities. He says picture has only 2 possibilities, if it is hit it is balle balle, if it is flop, person’s life gets ruined. He asks Sid to call his family and check. Sid calls, but phone is switched off. He angrily walks out. Roshni comes there and asks Rajveer if he saw Sid. He says no, he must have gone out with some work.

Krutika’s marriage possession starts with Raj getting happy seeing Simran getting Krutika to the the marriage venue. Raj jokes with Simran that he is confused if she is is bride or Krutika. Simran smiles. Raj asks her if bridegroom will come on time. She says yes, but Sid is missing. Krutika says he will not come and asks not to keep false hopes. Sid worriedly comes with bodyguards and asks Raj/Simran if they saw something unusual. They say no. He asks bodyguard to protect them. Simran asks Sid why is he behaving weird in his sister’s marriage. Krutika shouts at him. Simran asks why did he come in casual clothes and says she has kept sherwani for him. Baaraat comes and Sid, Simran, Raj wait to receive it. Bridegroom enters wearing sehra. Simran happily performs aarti on him, welcomes in Khurana family, and asks to show his face. He shows his face. Sid and Raj are shocked to see Rajveer as groom.

Precap: Rajveer’s goons kidnap him telling DD sent them as he betrayed Sam. Krutika falls unconscious on floor seeing Rajveer kidnapped.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Please leave if you don’t like the show because lots of people love it .go watch different shows

  2. I also knew that it will be rajveer no not only me but everybody knew that it will be rajveer as it is not new in this kind of serials. stupid writer but I like sid.

  3. Kritika is looking rather pretty i must say but someone needs to teach her some manners…she’s ill mannered as hell and somebody plz get rid of Rajveer he’s the only villain i have enough of and also Sid you are a good guy but enough of these lies tell your wife the truth

  4. Rajveer will soon get hold of the mortgage papers

  5. I wrote this script before it even happened that is why I have to say that this soap is a whole pack of shit

  6. I can’t stop laughing……OMG. This writer is a wity joker. STOP telecasting this serial.

  7. Candacey Rose

    I no Rajveer was the groom same thing wit all the soaps always a stupid twist

  8. Sid is so busy trying to expose Rajveer when he has his own secret. His wife doesn’t even know that her surname is Krukeja! Yes he may think he is justified in his own lie, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones..

    1. I mean is *NOT Krukeja

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