Jamai Raja 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Protima crying while Sid comes and tries to cheer her up. He tells her that this keeps on happening with him at office or home. It he takes everything on heart then it will be difficult for him. He gives her chocolate to cheer her. Protima smiles. Sid asks her not to take stress and holds her hand. Bablu comes and sees Sid holding her hand. He gets doubtful. Bablu asks her to attend the customers. She nods and leaves.

Mona stops Roshini and asks where she is going? Roshini tells her that she is going to market. Mona offers to give lift to her which she politely refuses. Mona is proud of her. Resham comes and asks where you are going. Roshini teases her. Mona tells her that Roshini is going to market. Resham says your legs will be pained. I will ask someone to drop you. Roshini says it is okay. I can walk being a middle class wife. I don’t need to go to gym now. Resham offers samosa. Roshini refuses and leaves. Mona asks Resham to eat samosa and go inside.

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Roshini calls Sid and asks when is he coming home. Sid says soon and asks what’s the surprise. Roshini asks him to come soon and disconnects the call. Roshini reads the recipe of Palak paneer. Sid comes home in the evening and sees smoke coming out of kitchen. He runs and sees Roshini sitting with Ata on her hands and face. He laughs. Mona and Resham come there. Sid apologizes to her and says it happens at first. Roshini says, you people are thinking that I am useless. She asks them to go. Resham and Mona leaves.

Sid makes her stand up and says sorry. Roshini cries and says she wanted to make food like mom. She calls herself as a loser. Sid says, you don’t need to impress me. I really love you. Roshini says, I am a failure. Sid says you aren’t. You are my pride. He asks her not to worry about food. Roshini says all wives cook for their husband. I haven’t eat anything cooked by my mom. I hope I could cook for you. Sid hugs her and thinks you haven’t cook for your daughter sasumaa.

Sid talks to her mom and asks her to get his tiffin ready. He tells DD that her mom is saying hi. DD nods. Sid tells that DD didn’t teach cooking to Roshini. He says, DD is a good designer but not a good cook. He disconnects the call. Everyone look at him in shock. Sid asks, did I say anything wrong. DD fumes. Sid touches her feet and asks did I say anything wrong. My sasumaa is a big woman but don’t know cooking. DD stands up from her chair angrily. Sid tells that it is bad manners. Nani maa didn’t teach you manners. I will talk to her. Mona asks what is he doing?

DD says what do you think of yourself. Sid says your Jamai. Are you feeling bad of my talks. You are not at fault as you don’t know cooking, but I am a good cook. DD tells her that she knows how to close the mouth of barking dogs. Sid says, are you taking my words as challenge. DD asks are you challenging me. Sid says no. I am a good cook and you are not. Challenge can be acceptable. DD goes to kitchen. Sid thinks he will make Roshini eat DD’s made food.

DD asks the cooks to go out. Everyone come to the kitchen and see her working. Sid laughs. Kesar, Bablu, Mona are shocked. DD and Sid wear the chef gowns. Mona fixes the timer for 45 mins. Mona cheers for Sid while Kesar and Roshini cheer for DD. Roshini come and sees them cooking. Sid dances while cooking. He tells Resham that he is dancing happily by heart. He promotes Dil Se Nachenge India Wale……………..Mona tells that time is ending. DD cooks the dish and serves it on plate. Sid loses intentionally. DD taunts him. She turns and tells Roshini that she made her favourite Gujrati dish.

Sid thinks Roshini have to eat this food. Roshini says, I wish you would have cooked for me when I was little. Your efforts are wasted as I will eat the food made by my husband. She takes the food plate from Sid’s hand and leaves. DD gets sad and wipes her tears. Sid gets tears in his eyes too. He thinks Roshini is doing wrong. Roshini holds the roti made by Sid while Sid eats the food made by DD. She asks, why you are eating the food made by DD. Sid says he is very much hungry and asks her to eat the food made by DD. Roshini refuses and says she is feeling ashamed of him. Sid explains to her that it is food. He asks her to eat and says it is not less than a prasad. Roshini asks him to stop it and leaves. Sid thinks how to make her eat the food cooked by DD and asks God to do a miracle.

Roshini comes to the kitchen and sees the food on the table. She then opens the fridge and takes out sweets bowl. She sees the dish which DD cooked for her. She recalls Sid and DD’s words. She proceeds towards the dust bin, then sits down to eat the food. She cries as she tastes the food. Sid sees her eating and smiles.

Roshini cries. Sid smiles and thanks the God. He promises to bring them closer. He calls his mom and informs the same. Simaran smiles. Simran says, I have full faith on my son. My son is fulfilling his responsibility as a son in law. Sid says, I have to do so many things. They didn’t talk to each other since years. Simran says, I haven’t given you birth to live in DD’s house. She asks him to come to celebrate festival. Sid says, I can’t come today and asks her not to cry. Sid tells her I love you and disconnects the call. Simran is teary eyed.

Roshini tells Sid that she wants to meet mummy. Sid asks her to go and then says they are out of town. Roshini says, they didn’t tell me. Nani comes and calls Roshini. Roshini runs and hugs her.

Nani asks how are you? Sid says fine. Nani talks about her relatives. She talks to Mona. Sid gets a call and he tells that he will meet before going to office. Kesar hears his conversation and asks Sid did he talk to his ex girlfriend. Sid laughs. He tells that he is going to factory and then will come to office. Kesar asks him to reach on time.

Nani asks Roshini did DD trouble you? Resham comes and greets her. She tells that she is going to attend the parvajan of ravi baba. Roshini says, can I come with you for my sid. Nani says you have changed a lot. Roshini says Sid does so much for me then why can’t I. Nani praises Sid. Kesar meets Sid and asks where he is going. Sid says, he is going to bandra. Kesar sees Protima and thinks something is going on between them.

Simran is busy making arrangements for the puja. Her friend praise her for calling the baba. They ask where is your son and daughter in law. Raj comes and informs them that Sid and Roshini went somewhere. They praise them. Raj says, we are lucky to have Roshini as our bahu. Simran is sad. Raj asks her not to be sad and says we will pray that Roshini come to our house. Roshini come to the house with Resham and sees the house.

Resham is taking the prasad while Roshini stops her. Raj and Simran are passing from there. Roshini don’t see them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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