Jamai Raja 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni crying sitting near swimming pool. Raj comes, wipes her tears and says fathers don’t like their children crying. She says she does not know what to do. Raj says though Sid is angry on her, he will accept her soon and even he accepts only her as his bahu. Kritika comes and says papa is telling right, she has special place in their hearts and Sid’s anger will soon dissipate. Raj takes Roshni inside home. Kritika shows her ungly frowning face, planning something in mind.

Raj’s mom comes home. Simran and Raj take her blessing. She asks where is Sid’s wife as it is already 9.30 a.m. Raj says she is resting. Mom asks Simran not to let bahu sleep so long. Raj gets tensed thinking his mom came without informing him and will trouble Roshni now.

Simran serves breakfast to mom, but she says she will not have breakfast until she meets Roshni and it is already 30 min since she came in. Roshni comes and greets her namaste. Mom asks her to bend and take her blessings. Roshni touches her feet and takes blessings. Sid comes, takes mom/biji’s blessings and asks Roshni to bend on knees and touch biji’s feet 51 times. Raj says biji there is no need of this ritual. Simran says if it is a family ritual, she will do it. She kneels on floor and touches biji’s feet 51 times and gets tired. Sid happily counts 51 times. Biji praises Roshni and gives her family bangles to her. Roshni hesitates. Raj asks her to keep as biji’s golden ashirwad. She looks at home and leaves to her room.

She goes to her room and sleeps writhing in pain. Sid comes with balm and says he knows her back is paining, so he will apply balm. she asks if he is trying to touch her. He says he is just worried about her pain and asks her to apply pain herself. Roshni thinks she will teach Sid a lesson now. She goes to Biji’s room, returns bangles and is about to tell her about her and Sid divorce when Raj comes hurriedly and sends her to prepare tea. Biji asks Raj to call everyone as she has some important announcement.

Roshni asks Raj why did he stop her from telling biji about divorce. Raj says biji is very happy and he does not want to ruin it, once she goes back to pind, he himself will go and inform her. Roshni says she respect him as a father and asks him not to break her trust, says she will stay in this house for 3 months only trusting him. Raj thanks her and says let us and go and see what Biji wants to say.

Family gathers around biji. Biji says she wants to perform Roshni’s muh dikhayi/face viewing ceremony. Simran says they are married long ago. Biji says she is her saas and will not listen to her and asks to get Roshni well like a Punjabi bahu before her relatives come. Sid says Biji brings happiness in this house and says his long awaited wish of seeing Roshni as a Punjabi bride will be fulfilled today. He says he will take roshni to get ready. Once he leaves, Biji says Raj that she will ask them to give a great grandson now.

Kritika tells Rajveer their plan of calling Biji and creating a drama has failed. He asks her to relax and says after function, the real drama will start.

Precap: Simran calls DD and invites her to attend her bahu Roshni’s muh dikhayi ceremony. Roshni gets into bathroom to get ready. Kritika smirks and thinks her real washout will start now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. thanx for d update.

  2. please don`t start back with the slow pacing of storyline

  3. What is really happening today,there is no excitement or anything today .Kritika will always try to act great around Raj but their plans backfire.

  4. When will this two get caught hey writer sid know everythings about rajveer from the being right so why cant u put a scene where sid will get some proofs against him and show to stupid simran dd n her family so they can throw he n this ugly wife out of the house n them lifes so they all can live happy again

  5. writers I agree with rani you all are prolonging the inevitable sid know sooooooooo much about rajveer from the beginning an yet you are not showing him up in the serial there is always a low profile when coming to him and writers do not forget he murdered a man in the beginning of the serial when he broke the mans neck come on writers stop letting the evil show up over good this is not the message you want to portray to the viewers it is making people to believe that in life it is better to be bad noooooooooooooooo way writers and this rambungcious behavior you have sid playing now is not good that is simply torture for roshini two wrongs do not make a right so please give us some better storylines and it is about time that rajveer be caught for his evil deeds and also please let sid see that it is ugly ass kritika who is helping rajveer do his bidding this story was soooooooooooooo nice in the beginning now like all the others qubool hai jodha Akbar bhandan doli armaano ki and other serials this serial has also take the nose dive because of the shit the writers are writing let us see some progress in the future please otherwise the main audience who are the viewers will stop watching ZEE TV

    1. Gloria keiller you and rosey like to comment to longgggggg on every serial

      1. and you are saying that all serial on zee tv are boring,draging ect then why are you keep watching the serial.You are telling that the serial borring draging then why are you watching/reading it huh?

  6. There are so many ceremonies perform before and after a wedding and none of these soap weddings last.So why making a mockery of marriage which is ordained by God.It does not make sense because I am not learning anything from these weddings.Imagine bending and touching someone feet for 51 times out of respect .All these ritualistic ,traditional performances and the marriage is on rocks.They have never shown Kritika doing anything as a responsible wife more than ding crooked things.Rajveer looks like a constricted boa just waiting to attack.I want to see Sid back to his loving,playful way.Now grandma will be asking for a grand child ,so let us see how this will manifest itself.By the way where is Rajveer first wife and mother in law.Bring her back to give Kritika a run for her money ,then she will mind her confounded business’.Keep moving writers do not stick on this track.

  7. Rosey why do you like to comement so longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg?

  8. Same with u rosey

  9. you re telling that the serial are boring etc the why watching or reading it huh?

  10. @rosy&gloria keiler please if you dont like it then dont read or watch it stop commenting like these ** peaple

  11. very bad and boring serial like kumkumbhagia in which they show abhi and pragia kidnapping since 3 weeks what happen with zee tv

    1. First,try to spell pragya correcly

  12. zee tv managment makes zee tv quite boring

  13. very bad and boring serial like kumkumbhagia in which they show abhi and pragia kidnapping since 3 weeks what happen with zee tv managment what are they thinking only wasting time of audience

    1. Then why are watching it stop it and why are people commenting is too stupid f**kinggg

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