Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Devi Parvati warns Kans

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The Episode starts with Kanha hugging Devi Parvati. Balram asks if she is your sister and says she is Madhu’s Dadi. Kanha says she is everyone’s Dadi. Balram gets confused. Devi Parvati asks can I tell them a story before they sleep. Yashoda says I am sure that they will like the story. She asks the kids to have food and then hear the story from Dadi.

Devi Parvati tells the story of Kans and Kanha to the kids. The kids get happy hearing the story. Devi Parvati says the king came to know where is that boy? She says even that boy know that the king is coming to kill him. Balram says I will not leave Kans Mama. Kanha says let Kans Mama play too. Devi Parvati says if that boy can kill that Raja then what he shall do? Sudama says how can a boy kill a cruel King. Subal says he can do anything, he is divine. Vrinda says that boy shall kill that Raja. She asks Balram to say. Balram says he shall be killed. Devi Parvati asks Kanha what he wants to say? Kanha says I know you are very angry, as Kans mama wants to kill me. He says I came here to play and not to kill anyone. He requests her to give a chance to Kans Mama. She says she will obey his orders. Vrinda says she will beat if that King comes infront of her. Devi Parvati says we will go tomorrow to a special place and will play such a game, which was not played before. She asks Kanha if she wants him to give a chance to Kans. Kanha says yes behna.

Kans shouts asking them to stop the chariot. Akroor sees Poornmasi coming there and says we shall take her help. He asks where is she going? She says I am going to Gokul. Akroor asks her to show the way. She says I have a condition, I will go in this King chariot else I will not go. Akroor says you want to sit in King’s chariot. He says you will get death punishment for this. She says she has this condition. Kans says let her come. She gets in the chariot. Kans says it seems you don’t know about me. Devi Parvati says I heard so much about you. She says Putna, Shaktasur, Trinavarta. She says you are going to kill the boy, who had killed them. Kans asks how did you know about my plan? Devi Parvati says I am not an ordinary lady and tells that you have to take me, and hear my story too. Kans asks why story. Devi Parvati says I help those, who hear my story and give right story too. He asks what is your name? She says I am Poornmaasi. Kans asks saarthi to ride the chariot.

All the kids wake up and find themselves at a different place. They ask how did we come here and how we will return home. Balram asks Kanha what is this game? Kanha says my sister had told that she will take us to a different place. Subal says I don’t know the way from here and cries. Balram says Dadi knows the way and had told us about bringing us here. Sudama asks where is Dadi? Balram says we shall wait for her and till here enjoy this place. He asks Kanha to explain to him. Kanha says you will know soon and says my sister will make us play. He asks if you are excited to play. Balram says yes, but I don’t know what to play. Kans asks Saarthi to stop the chariot. He asks Akroor if this is Gokul. Akroor says it doesn’t look like Gokul. He shouts asking Poornmaasi to wake up. Devi Parvati wakes up and says it seems we have forgotten the way. She gets down and asks Kans to hear the story first. Kans gets angry and says he don’t have patience to hear her story. She asks him to hear the story. Kans thinks he has to bear so much to reach Gokul.

Devi Parvati tells him that there was a cruel King, who had locked his father, sister and brother in law in the jail. He then heard about the sky announcement about his sister’s 8th child who will kill him. She says King wanted to kill the boy, but the boy vanished from the jail. She tells that King had sent three Asurs to kill him, but they were killed. She says now that King went insearch of that boy to kill him. She says an old lady met him and tried to show him the right way, and gave him a chance to do penance. She says this is my story and my question is that what that cruel King will do? Kans says first of all, that King shall kill that old lady who dared to ask him this. He asks soldiers to arrest her. She asks whom you will keep captive Kans? She becomes cradle and a baby. Kans is about to touch the baby, when she flies in air and says you had tried to kill me before, and I had told you that I am not Devki’s 8th child. She says I am Yog Maya, and asks what is his answer. Kans says my answer is still same, I shall kill old lady and the boy. Kanha asks her to give a last chance to Kans. She comes infront of him as old lady and asks him to think again. He says you can just warn, but I will win. He says I will give you a death that even a death will be afraid. Devi Parvati says you will kill me and gets angry. Mahadev says time has come. Devi Parvati’s divine light falls on Kans, Akroor and the soldiers. She appears as Devi Parvati in the air and looks at Kans angrily. Kans looks on shocked.

Precap: Kanha tells Balram that something will happen with Mama, which he never thought of. Parvati tells Kans that he can’t think of going out of this jungle. Kanha tells Balram about shocking Kans with their team’s help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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