Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Devki gives birth to Krishn

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The Episode starts with Devki looking at the pitambara sadly. Vasudev asks her to have patience. Devki says I couldn’t give birth to my 7th child. This was sent by Yashoda and her motherly love is defeated, sky announcement proved wrong and only Kans proved right. She declares to him that she will not let her 8th child come in her womb, and says he will not come in my womb and will not go from here. Vasudev says if you do this, then Kans will kill you. She says my life is in my control and says tomorrow we will die, with the thought that atleast I have saved one baby’s life by not giving birth to him. Vasudev says we will do as you said. He hugs her. She cries. Lakshmi gets worried and tells Narayan that everyone is celebrating your birth, but Devki and Vasudev are thinking to die. Narayan says they will soon know about their connection with me. Devki keeps her hand on the pitambara and she gets a dream and finds herself on the sky. She asks if this is some Maya Lok. Kanhaiya calls her as Maiyya. She sees little Kanhaiya in the cradle and says my son. She hugs him. He calls her Maiyya again. Devki hugs him and cries. She says I thought Kans has killed all my sons, and will not leave my 8th son too, but you are here with me. She asks where am I? kanhaiya says Maiyya and he goes to the sky as the light. She says this is Kans Maya, and asks if this is a dream, and asks Narayan to answer him. The light becomes Narayan and says if you believe that all dream is true. Narayan gives his darshan to Devki. Devki smiles. Narayan greets her as Mata and says time has come to know that you shall understand, what has happened and what is going to happen next. He asks her to forget all her pain, and says it was mukti for some and tripti for some. He says your first 6th sons were cursed by brahmadev to be killed by Kaalnemi who is Kans in this birth. He says they got mukti by getting killed by Kans’s hand. He says your 7th son got tripti and he is my elder brother. He says your 7th son was shifted from your womb to Maa Rohini’s womb. He says he was born and is in Gokul now and is safe. He says about your 8th child, means about me. He says I will be born from your womb, as your 8th child soon. Devki cries and says what good deed I have done, that I am getting blessed. Narayan says the matter is about birth here, you don’t remember, but this is not the first time that I am not getting born to you, and says he had taken birth from her before too. He asks her not to think of not letting him come, and says he will come soon. Devki gets happy and kisses Kanhaiya who has come to the cradle again. Her dream ends. Vasudev keeps his hand on her head. She asks what happened? Vasudev says I have seen happiness on your smile and have made arrangements for our death. She says I will live, we will live. She says my dream has changed everything. She says she saw the dream, but don’t remember. She says I will live and give birth to my 8th son, and he will be safe. She says Kans’ kaal will come. They keep their head on Pitambara.

Narayan tells Parvati that she will be known as Yog Maya in the world as his sister.

After some years:

Rohini collides with Balram and scolds him for breaking the pots. Yashoda comes there and asks Rohini to leave him. She is pregnant. Balram asks Yashoda to see. He says he can’t go out and play. Rohini says I am afraid of Kans. Yashoda says my lalla will soon come to play with him. She says Balram’s younger brother will come there to teach him new mischief. Balram thinks he will be very mischievous.

Parvati tells Mahadev that Yashoda is sure that she will have lalla, but I am going to be born to her. She asks Mahadev to hear her, and says I am going to be born as Yog Maya, and will protect Krishna. She says it is very sad that you will not take part in this. Mahadev plays the flute.

Devkki and Vasudev come out of the prison to Kans. Devki smiles. Kans is shocked. He says my loving sister is mad thinking bad about her 8th son’s birth. Devki says I haven’t lost my mental balance, and says you can’t harm my 8th son, he will take birth and will also take your life. She says I am not afraid of you Kans, time has come to prove sky announcement right. Kans recalls the announcement. Devki says time has come to get you afraid, so that your sins end. Kans says he is Mathura pati and you took my name. He says you have so much attitude. She says she is not having attitude, but a mother’s faith. Kans says I have not killed your sons infront of you till now, thinking you are my sister, but now I will kill your 8th son infront of you.

Balram makes the cradle swirl and talks. Yashoda says you have become alone, very soon your brother will come to play with you. Balram thinks he is yearning to hear him Dau from his mouth. Yashoda keeps pain in her tummy and tells Rohini. Rohini sends Balram out. Devki also feels labor pains. Devraj says the moment has come and they shower flower petals from the sky, and it falls on the bed in the prison. Mahadev plays his damroo, and says I will celebrate your birth here. Devki lies down on the flower bed while Vasudev is standing. Kanhaiya is born. Vasudev takes him in his hands. Kans is shocked to see the divine light. Devki and Vasudev see divine light in the baby and a peacock feather in his hair. The title song plays…..

Precap: The prison door opens and Vasudev takes him outside holding him. Yashoda says my lalla. They celebrate Kanha’s birth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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