Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kans Disappointed After Kanha Defeats Mohasur

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The episode starts with Toli asking Kanha and Balram about Lambodar. Balram informs thm that Lambodar returned to his world. They get sad hearing that. Kanha asks Balram to tell them that Lambodar left them a gift. Balram says same and gives them modak.
Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Kanha leela made them all emotional. Yashoda reaches there searchign for Kanha and picks him. She asks Vrindavan citizens what are they doing here. Citizens say they really don’t remember anything. Kanha says they don’t remember anything as they were hypnotized by Mohasur. Balram asks Yashoda if she can prepare a fesat here and celebrate with all the citizens. Yashoda agrees.

Kans gets angry hearing about Mohasur’s defeat. Shukracharya says he will do something. Kans says he failed many times, can he defeat Kanha at all. Shukracharya says he will try again. Kans asks him to stop trying or return with a better plan. Shukracharya says he will win over Kanha one day for sure and walks away from there.

Back home, Balram praises Kanha for teaching Mohasur a nice lesson. Kanha says he had to entertain Lambodar. Balram hopes Lambodar enjoyed his Vrindavan trip and hopes to see Kans and Shukracharya’s frowning faces. Kanha says he will fulfill his wish and shows their live video via his leela. Kans fumes for failing to lose against Kanha repeatedly and says he will find out who can defeat Krishna. Balram asks who will Kans find out. Kanha says how will he know.

Indradev meets Varun Dev and expresses his concern. Varundev says Kanha defeated Mohasur now, then what is bothering him Indradev says he gave boon to Kumud and made him a horse monster Keshisaur. Keshiasur attacks Vrindavan citizens and challenges everyone to fight with him. Kanha thinks arrogance can be reason for his death.

Precap: Kans sends Kesiasur to kill Kanha. Kanha says he was waiting to defeat Keshiasur.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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