Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update: Vrinda fights with Balram

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UpdateThe Episode starts with Subal telling Sudama that they shall play together without Vrinda. Vrinda says I will see, how you play without you. She says I have won and now it is now Subal’s turn. Balram tells Kanha that they shall play with those kids. Kanha says there is a tigress among the kids, who will compete with you Dao. Balram tells Subal that they shall play with them. Subal says I will play with you, but not with this girl. Vrinda asks who are they? Balram says we are from Nand baba’s house. Vrinda says all mothers asked their children not to play with them. Balram gets angry and argues with her. Kanga laughs. Sudama and Subal stop Vrinda from fighting with Balram. Madhumangal stops Balram. Sudama tells Vrinda that they are also from Gokul and shall play. Kanha says Sudama is very understanding and asks Balram to calm down and play with them. He asks Balram to ask for their intro. Balram says we will not fight and asks for their name. Sudama gives his intro and says he is Brahmin. Vrinda says she lectures about shastra and takes food with him always. Sudama says she is very arrogant. Vrinda scolds him. Sudama introduces Subal, and says he knows about the lanes of Gokul. Kanha says he will be of use for us. Balram says both are good, but not this girl. Sudama asks for their intro. Balram introduces Kanha, Surbhi, Madhumangal and himself as their dao, and the head of this team.

Vrinda asks why are you head of the team. Balram gets angry. Vrinda says you don’t have long ears or tails, and don’t have anything special in you. Balram says I am elder and experienced. Vrinda says I don’t regard you as the head of the team. Vrinda refuses to play with him. She looks at Kanha’s peacock feather and says I will play if I get want I wants. She asks for the peacock feather which Kanha is wearing in his head. Balram gets angry and stops her. He asks how dare you, did you ask my Kanha? She says nobody can touch my Kanha’s peacock feather. Kanha asks Balram to give the peacock feather and says I will wear some other feather. Balram refuses. Kanha insists as they have to increase the team. He then takes out the feather and gives to Vrinda. Vrinda ties it in her hair and says I am looking beautiful. Balram thinks only my Kanha looks best in it. They argue to begin the game first.

Akroor apologizes to Kans. Kans keeps sword on his neck and says if he don’t get the boy’s info by tomorrow sunrise, then I will kill you. Akroor says I will go myself and get the info, even if I have to give my life. Kans says I will take your life myself and asks him to enquire where is his spies? The spies see Rohini working in the house and tell that they are wasting their time here. Other spy says I have a feeling that we have come here before.

Balram loses the game. Vrinda says you have lost. Balram blindfolds Vrinda and asks her to catch them. Vrinda thinks to divert them to win. He says I heard bullock cart sound. Balram says Baba and Maiyya haven’t come. Vrinda sees Madhumangal keeping the blind fold down and catches him. Subal says she has done cheating. Sudama says may be she heard the sound. Balram asks Kanha who has cheated? Kanha says Vrinda. Balram says Kanha has seen. Vrinda says how he talks. Balram says he is small, I will throw you down. She pushes him and then sits on him and fights with him. Kanha claps.

Nand comes back to Yashoda and asks where are the kids? Yashoda says kids and wakes up worriedly. She says they were here with surbhi. They come there and see Surbhi fighting with Balram, sitting on him. Nand calls Balram and asks them to stop fighting. Yashoda tells Balram that it is wrong to fight with the girls, and then scolds Vrinda. Balram says she is very mischievous girl. Sudama and Subal also say the same. Even Madhu says she is a bad girl. Vrienda says they behave badly with me as I am the girl. Yashoda says they might have troubled you and says you look straight. She says she is straight. She asks Balram to come with her. Nand asks them to sit in the bullock cart.

Vrinda asks Subal to tell the way to reach home else she will beat him. Kanha tells Balram that they will do hungama in Gokul if they join us. Balram says that girl is not right for our team. Madhu says it was enjoyable to play today. Balram says until she returns the peacock feather and apologizes to us, she can’t be the part of our team. Kanha says she will return my peacock feather and also apologize to us. She says this team will play a big game with Kans Mama.

Precap: Akroor tells Kans that the divine boy is Krishna and he stays in Gokul. Balram informs Kanha. Kanha says our team is build. Kans prepares to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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