Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 17th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Yashoda vows to practice silence

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 17th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yashoda giving her reasoning that the butter thief is a kid. The ladies refuse to believe her and says what will happen if the butter gets stolen again if we hang the pots. Yashoda says then I will not talk to anyone and will not say anything in Gokul’s favor. The ladies agree to try to Yashoda’s idea, and asks her to remember that if her plan fail, then she will be held responsible. Yashoda agrees. All the kids see their mothers hanging the pot using the rope. Balram says now game is over Kanha. Kanha says we are clever sons of our maiyya and will play this game with her. Balram says what game we will play with Maiyya? Kanha says you will know soon. Vrinda, Subal and Sudama see the pots hanging. Vrinda says we shall meet our team mates to see if they have any idea. Kanha, Balram and Madhumangal lie down on the place, where the pot is hanging. One of the drop falls down in Kanha’s mouth. Balram tells Madhu that they shall go and steal others butter. Vrinda comes there with others. Sudama says all the pots are hanged this way. Vrinda asks Balram if he has any idea. She says I have. She asks Sudama to jump and try to get the pot. Sudama says I can’t do, I am a boy and not a vanar to climb up. Kanha laughs. Sudama says we shall leave stealing butter right here. Kanha says no and asks them not to be sad. He asks him to say, I have a plan. Balram says the same. Kanha says we can reach the pot altogether. Sudama asks how can we be tall together?

He takes them to the place where butter pots are hanged. He says lets’ eat butter now. Balram asks Madhu mangal to come. They stand holding each other and asks Subal and Vrinda to stand on their shoulder. Kanha says now I will climb up and reach the butter pot. Balram tells the same to everyone.

They fall down and get hurt. Kanha laughs and tells Balram that they shall take the help of the table to reach the pot. Kanha climbs up. Balram gets tensed and says if you fall down the I will be scolded. Kanha says nothing will happen to me. He makes the butter falls on his team mates. They eat the butter. Balram says we have to eat butter from other pots. Kanha says we have to break the pots to eat butter. They break the butter pots at many houses to get the butter. The ladies see their butter pots breaking. Narmada shouts Yashoda Rani and comes to her house. Nand asks what happened? Narmada says you said that the thief is a kid and tells that he has stolen all the pots, this has happened due to you. She says Yashoda wanted us to work on her idea and blames her. Other lady says how we will pay the tax now. Narmada reminds Yashoda of her condition. Yashoda apologizes and asks them to believe her, and says I always thought of Gokul kids as my own children, this is the result of my motherly love. The lady asks will you not accept your mistake. Yashoda says if you all think that I am wrong, then from today I will be silent for forever. She says now nobody will hear me. Narmada and others look on.

All the kids are going. Vrinda says if anyone sees us like this, then will understand. Subal says we will be beaten up. Sudama says we shall clean the butter from our clothes. Vrinda asks Balram to tell the solution. Kanha says we shall wash away butter from our clothes in Yamuna river, then shall go home. Vrinda says good idea. Madhu says I never thought that we will break so many pots. They go to the river and wash butter from their clothes. Kanha tells that everyone will learn this learning, that if everyone do any work altogether then can do even the difficult work.

Precap: Kans asks Akroor to send special poisonous butter to Makhan chor. Akroor sends the special butter to Gokul. Soldiers asks them to hang it at such a place, that the thief shall be caught. Vrinda, Subal and Sudama hit the pot. Sudama is about to eat the poisonous butter. Kanha tells Balram that their team mates are in danger, they shall go there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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