Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha’s Plan

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The episode starts with Kanha and Balram noticing Yashoda in tears. Yashoda remembers Vrinda’s mother insisting her to fulfill her promise. She asks Kanha not to go away frm here even for a second as she cannot bear his separation and will die. Kanha via telepathy tells Balram Dau that maiya is worried for him, so he cannot go away from her. Balram says what will they answer their team as they must be waiting for them. Kanha says they will find a solution even for that. Balram senses a hand and says his touched calmed his mind, but is surprised to notice Kanha sitting far away and asks how did he do that. Kanha multiplies himself and says he will keep both his team and maiya, Kans mama wants to see his leela and he will show it to him. Balram says its amazing. Kanha says there will be a time where eveyrone will see his multiple avatars and he will do it with maiya’s blessings.

Kanha’s team waits for him and Balram. They both arrive. Friends ask why are they late, they thought they will not come. Balram says why will not they come to steal butter. Friend says he knows a place. Balram says Kanha has already selected a place and takes them to a jungle. Friends asks where will they find butter int his jungle. Kanha says they will, they should just follow him . Sudama says they will be lost in jungle. Balram says they should trust Kanha. Kanha takes them to a palace room to steal butter. They get temptd seeing lots of butter and sweeets. Kanha asks Dau to let them enjoy butter and enjoy. Dau asks reason. Kanha says god came in his dream and said everything will be fine if they steal butter from this place. Balram asks which god. Friends say if Kanha thinks god will help Vrinda, Surbhi, and others return home, then they should steal butter.

They all make a human ladder. Krishna climbs over them and steals butter for them. They all rejoice and fall down asleep after having butter. Kanha wakes up Balram and says let us wake them up when Vrinda and Surbhi return home. Balram asks how will it happen. Kanha says this is not a common place, Mahadev himself sent butter for him from Vaikunta, so they are feeling peace after having butter; they should go now and search Vrinda and Surbhi and return home.

Sudama’s mother finds him missing and searches her in whole Gokul. She gathers all villagers outside Yashoda’s house and calls her out. Yashoda asks why are they making sound when children are sleeping. Kanha wakes up and tells Balram that he will find out why he let his friends sleep in that place. Sudama’s mother alleges that only Kanha and Balram’s friends are missing and reminds her of Kans’ order to leave Kanha in Neel van/jungle. Kans’ soldiers walk in and demands Nand to send his younger son to Neel van as Kans wants to see him. Yashoda denies. All villagers request to let her son go and get back their children. Yashoda says her motherhood doesn’t permit her, so she will accompany her Kanha. Soldier says only her son will go. Yashoda denies. Villagers pressurize her, but she any mother wouldn’t like to put er son in danger. Kanha walks to her and says its time to fullfill their task. Balram tells everyone that Kanha wants to go as he knows Kans kidnapped children, so he wants Kans to release any one of them as a proof. Yashoda backs him. Nand says if Kans proves that he kidnapped everyone, they will accept his demand. Soldiers return to palace and inform Kans about Gokul citizens’ demand. Kans gets angry. Kanha says this story will complete with his leela.

Precap: Kanha says its time to clear allegations on Yashoda and free his friends from a person who is waiting to meet him since years.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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