Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 12

The episode starts with the couples stopping on the way. Sumanta says we’ve to stop here, it’s going to b nyt. The couples nod and set up their tents together. The sisters r crying recalling their parents. Sita comes there n wipes their tears. She says you forgot ur promise, you know na if u’ll cry then Mata n PitaJi will get worried abt us.. They nod n hug siya. Sita says lets go n light diyas..

Sita and her sisters light the diyas. She says where there is woman, that’s her home, even if its jungle, or house, we will light diyas as we used to light in palace. Ram and his brothers come there and smile seeing them. Sita says diya is not just to give light, it has some other motive too. The diyas flicker. The husbands hold the diyas to protect the diya from blowing off. Ram asks Sita to tell the importance of lighting diyas. Sita says this tradition has importance, light ends a person’s darkness in heart and glows his talents, burns the evil in him, and just glorifies the good things. She compares the diya light with one’s knowledge, saying one diya can light many diyas, but light does not get dim, this is the sign that knowledge does not lessen by sharing, it increases and ends the darkness of illiteracy. Ram says truly said Sita, Mithila’s daughters are abundant of knowledge, Ayodhya is blessed to have you all. They all smile.
Dashrath reaches ayodhya n queens get sad to see him alone. Dasharath smiles and says four sons and vadhus are fine, they are going to keep Raghukul’s tradition and went to visit Ganga, they all will meet Ganga mata and come Ayodhya soon. Kaushalya asks Kaikeyi not to get sad, they all went to do Ganga darshan, we will prepare their welcome. Dasharath says there is no time to be sad, and asks them to do best arrangements to welcome their kulvadhus, they are our respect and pride..

Next morning…
The four couples reach on the shore of Ganga.
Ram and Sita stand near the shore and pray to Ganga. They both smile seeing Ganga appearing there, and blessing them. Ganga then greets them seeing their Godly avatar. Ram and Sita too greet Ganga. Ganga says I m blessed seeing Ram and Sita. Ram says Mata Ganga, you did kalyan of our ancestors by coming on earth. Raghukul was always be indebted to you, we exist because of you, accept our greetings. She blesses.
Sita asks Ganga Mata to accept her greetings. She says I heard your pure Kathas from childhood, I m blessed meeting you. Ram says your Darshan is regarded pure that humans get Moksh here, you are symbol of purity. Ganga says our blessings will always be with you Ram, if anyone’s name is linked with purity, that name will be Janaknandini Sita, she will be symbol of purity, this is my blessing for Sita. Ram and Sita take water in their hands and greet. Mata Ganga disappears…

Lakshman says Urmila, would u lyk to bathe in this cold water? Urmila says noooo.. Lakshman holds Urmila in his arms straight over the river and says I can leave u anytime. Urmila shouts and holds Lakshman tightly.. Plzzzz plzzzz plz plz don’t leave me ?.. Everyone laugh. Mandvi says don’t worry Urmila Lakshman will never leave you…
Urmila looks around and sees the berries inside forest and says great. She reminds Sita that they used to go away in Mithila to have those bers. Lakshman asks Urmila to come, they will pluck the bers.. Ram-Sita, and everyone get down the cart. Sumanta says it won’t be right to go in the jungle. Laxman asks him to be assured, till Ram is with them, no one can do wrong with them.
They all enter the jungle. Ram tells Sita if there was anyone in her place, she would have fear on her face, but you are so happy…

Sita says jungle is not fearful, fear gets in our heart which stops us from having experiences in our life, we stay afraid to explore, but how will we know things and gain knowledge if we stay afraid. She asks his opinion in this matter, am I saying right. Ram smiles and says the human who do not know their own loneliness, silence and call, they call such place as lonely and scary, the one who knows all this, know very well that this place is a place to explore and gain themselves here, to hear one’s self call and answer it right. She smiles seeing the ber fruits. She tries to pluck them, but her hand does not reach. Ram moves the tree and the fruits fall. She smiles and holds her dupatta. The fruits fall in her dupatta. Ram eats one. She says stop, it will be sour. He says since anyone tastes berries, no one can know its sweet or sour. He eats it and says great, its very sweet. They smile seeing each other…

Precap:-Grah pravesh of the four couples..

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  1. Preethi12345

    loved it vanshu especially the lakshmilla scene… haha.. plz post more of your ffs soon

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      Thanks alot preeti sweetie pie ? Did u read Radha Krishna ff?????????

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      duh vanshu but sorry for not commenting on tht ff

  2. Wow vanshu awesome…. loved lakshmilla part verrryyy much…. want more like dat… I loved this ff sooo much.. pls post the next asap…

  3. Ohhhhhhh……. This is lovely….. When I read story than I recalling full of old time of skr……. Thanks……
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      No no joy da why’ll I mind?? N u frgt rule no thanks?

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  5. this was awesome vanshu dearie , lakshmila scene was cute and funny , ramsiya meeting ganga was nice . ur writing skills r fabulous dear , u make us imagine each and everyscene , i think this is the quality of a good writer , this part was superb as usual , stay blessed , keep rocking and update asap….dont make ur sissy wait and pls inform me through pm when the next epi gets updates , luv u a lot!!

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  6. Awesome vanshu dearie…really liked todays episode…lakshmila scene is so cute…siya ram meeting with ganga matha old time…eagerly waiting for next episode..

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      Thank you shooo much sweet sissie ? luv u loads..

  7. Samarth

    Amazing ff vanshika and specially that ganga scene and mata sita’s knowledge…

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