Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: King Sagar tells Samrudhi about Vaishnavi’s truth

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

This episode starts with Devi Saraswati telling Asur that there is no new born baby in this region, you searched everywhere, but couldn’t find. Asur says the same. Tridevis smile. Samrudhi, King Sagar and Senapati come there. King Sagar asks Senapati to break the door if it don’t open. Devi Saraswati takes Vaishnavi in her lap. Devi lakshmi and Kaali bless her holding her tiny hand. Narayan says Tridevi didn’t kill Asur for the first time, but handled him without any violence. Senapati manages to open the door. Samrudhi and King Sagar go to the room. Vaishnavi cries. Samrudhi says thank god, she is fine. King Sagar asks where is that Dasi and asks Senapati to search her. He thinks where did she go? Asur walks telling the same thing. The Asurs come and tell that they have killed all the girls. The Asur who is pardoned by Kaali come there and tells that he searched everywhere, but there was no girl in that region. Moor laughs on Dev Raj Indra and asks him to go and dance with his Apsara. Dev Indra says you will see all Asur’s death and asks him not to compare his asurs with his powers. He says you couldn’t locate her and says that balika is Tridevi’s shakti. Moor asks him to go and kill that girl in mind or drink wine. He says go and search her, else search medicine for your fear till then we will make this earth polluted. He laughs.

Dev Inder feels insulted and fumes. He thinks his respect is at stake, and shall search the new power. Dev Kaali asks Narayan if he made arrangement to calm her down. Narayan says the little girl calm you down and appreciates Saraswati for making Asur forget the memory. Devi Lakshmi is silent. Madhav asks why she is silent? Lakshmi says I have experienced a new maya today and that is mamta’s maya. She tells that she has experienced motherly feelings today and it was so awesome, which she didn’t feel here. Narayan says this is the power of the woman. Devi Lakshmi requests Narayan to tell how her story will shape up. Narayan says her story will be told and retold for many eras and asks her to wait and enjoy this moment.

Later King Sagar prays to God and comes out. Vaishnavi looks at the temple surprising King sagar. He says my daughter is showing devotion for Narayan and says seems like she will search her destination. Samrudhi asks what do you mean? King Sagar thinks about Tridevis and thinks he didn’t tell her before, but shall tell her. Lakshmi tells Narayan that she has felt the motherly love and says Maharani Samrudhi has waited to become a mother and when Ratnakar tell her about her then what will happen. Narayan says we have to see how her behavior changes. Samrudhi asks King/Ratnakar to tell what is he hiding from her. He asks her to strengthen her heart and asks if she is understanding. She says she wants to know what is related to her daughter. He apologizes for hiding the truth and says this incident happened, when I was fighting with Maharaj Vimarg Sen in solo war. He says that moment, everything got frozen even Kaal. She says how can this be happened? He says Tridevis give him darshan and told that she will choose her own path. Samrudhi says this must be your illusion. King says even I thought it to be same, but this is truth. He says Tridevis has chosen us as Vaishnavi’s parents and are sure that we shall not stop from her way. Samrudhi says we will brought her up and she will go far from us.

Precap: Samrudhi and King ask Vaishnavi to come to her, but she goes to the temple. Samrudhi asks King to get the temple door closed and tells that it will not open until she wants.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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