Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi guides Bharti

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Damru breaking down before Lali and touching her legs, after her truth is revealed. He tells that he is foolish to think that anyone can love him and marry him. He says I should have accepted that there is no happiness in my life. Lali thinks you are gone lali, he will expose you. Damru tells her that he can’t give her treasure box as it is not his, but he has his own wealth which he will give her. He says he is foolish to believe her and asks her not to tell anyone the truth, else people will laugh at him. He tells that he had told that he will organize Jagrata after his marriage and asks her to go after Jagrata without telling anyone. Bharti looks at Bhadrak and recalls meeting him before. Devendra asks Narendra to sit outside Guruji’s room and gives him warning. Bharti asks him who is he, did we meet him before? Narendra says I didn’t meet him before. Devendra comes out and asks Bharti not to cross her limits, and be a mere Servant of the house. He says I know how to give you more pain and asks her to make good arrangements of food. Bharti says ok. Narendra asks her to do as his Pita ji said. He goes with Bharti. Bhadrak smiles. Damru comes to Mata Rani’s cave and asks her to hear his prayers. He greets her and tells that you know my condition. He says you had said that I will get a truthful life partner and true love, and asks how can your blessings can’t come true. Vaishnavi asks him to wait and not to go to conclusion. She says you will get your true love, but you have to be keep devoted. Damru says I don’t doubt on my devotion and tells that he trusts his Mata Rani. He asks her to come to Jagrata at his house. Vaishnavi blesses him.

Lali thinks of Damru’s words and feels guilty. Her inner self asks her to concentrate on work and kidnap Damru and steal the treasure box.

Devendra asks Bharti to bring the food and asks why are you taking so much time? Bhadrak opens his palm and releases bees from his hand. One of the bee goes inside Narendra’s ears. Everyone sees insects in Bhadrak’s food. Bhadrak scolds Devendra and asks if they have such food. Devendra scolds Bharti and asks if she put the insects to get him insulted. Bharti says she has cooked the food with purity and hygiene. Narendra gets up and asks her to be polite, says if you had made food with concentration then this wouldn’t have happen. He says your concentration is on Vaishno Devi and asks her to do duty of a Sevika. He says we have made the food together, I had gone for sometime and you did this. He talks to her badly shocking Bharti, Kishori and Jyoti. Narendra shouts at Bharti and asks her to answer him.

Devendra smiles. He acts to apologize to Bhadrak. Bhadrak goes. The bee goes away from Narendra’s ear. Narendra becomes fine and asks bharti why is she crying. He says what happened to the food and takes away the plate. Bharti is shocked and thinks if this is Guruji’s affect.

Damru talks to Sangata about Mata ki Chowki. Sangata tells that he can’t permit him to keep Mata ki chowki as if Devendra comes to know then he will not leave me. Damru tells that this house is of him also and tells that he will keep Mata ki chowki and will leave after keeping it. Lali hears him.

Bharti comes to meet Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi guides her and says you would have informed Narendra that you are coming to meet me. Bharti says today something different have happened, and tells that she saw Devendra’s cunning reflection in Narendra today. He tells that Narendra behaved badly with her and tells everything. Vaishnavi hears her. Bharti tells that she is very restless and feels negative energy around bhadrak. Vaishnavi tells that Bhadrak is adharm avatar indisguise of dharm. She warns her and says he came with wrong intention and tells that this is her test and asks her to calm her mind and heart. She asks her to remember that she is always with her. Bharti says if you are with me then I can bear any pain, but will never accept any defeat. Vaishnavi blesses her.

Precap: After Mata ki Chowki, Sangram and other men kidnap Damru. Lali asks them to leave Damru. They leave. Narendra shouts at Bharti and tells that Vaishno Devi is an imposter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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