Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update: A final ritual before Vaishnavi’s departure

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 26th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone cheering for Rajkumari Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi and Samrudhi come to Ratnagar. Ratnagar says you both have tears in your eyes, and tells that they both shall celebrate and be happy. He says today our Rajkumari…and then says our daughter Vaishnavi are going on a new journey. He requests them to come for the abhishek. He says I couldn’t do her Rajya Abhishek, but can do her Abhishek. He appreciates her for her aim and asks Mahipal to gather everyone at the Abhishek place. Mahadev tells that just like Abhishek is the commencement for the new Raja, and this Abhishek of Vaishnavi will make the commencement of a Devi who will become jag janani and maintain the stability on the earth. Brahma dev says you said right. Vaishnavi sits for her Abhishek. Samrudhi and Ratnagar pour milk on Vaishnavi’s head. The title song plays…….Then they put turmeric milk on her head. Everyone looks on. All the Gods and Goddesses’ smile. Then they put water on her head. Swarn Sagar, Chandra, Kadika and Bharti pour water with Ratnagar and Samrudhi on Vaishnavi’s head. They do her tilak and aarti.

Just then Bharti witnesses Vaishnavi sparkling. Rishivar tells that they need flowers for Pushpanjali. Mahipal comes there and tells that Sainiks went out to get flowers, but there is a delay due to the crowd outside the palace. Samrudhi says how Abhishek will be completed without flowers. Devi Lakshmi says Mata Rani’s work can’t be incompleted. She pours flowers from her hand. Rishivar asks for the flowers. Ratnagar apologizes for the delay. Just then they see flowers showering on Vaishnavi from the sky. Everyone is surprised to see this divine moment. Other Gods and Goddesses’ also shower flowers on Vaishnavi. Rishivar announces that the Abhishek is completed and now she can go on a journey anytime. Kadika and Samrudhi get emotional.

Vaishnavi wears a simple dress after the Abhishek. Samrudhi tells Vaishnavi that she will take off her anklet. Vaishnavi tells her Samrudhi’s words and tells that it is the sign of your love. Samrudhi says you have grown up. Vaishnavi says I will always be your small Vaishnavi who used to run away from drinking milk. Samrudhi makes her wears a small chain and earrings. She then makes her wear dupatta and kisses on her forehead. Sab mangal hai plays……

Sevika comes there and tells that everyone is waiting for Rajkumari ji. Vaishnavi asks Samrudhi to come. Vaishnavi asks her to go and says I have an important work, I will come soon. Vaishnavi turns to Sheru and asks it to come. The people of Shripuram cheers for Vaishnavi and says Jai. Ratnagar addresses to the people. Vaishnavi comes to Ratnagar. Ratnagar tells her that it seems like he took her in his lap yesterday and today you have grown up. He takes her in his lap and shows to the people. Loknath, jatashankar and the villagers are standing outside. Loknath’s son asks why Vaishnavi is wearing such clothes. Loknath tells that Vaishnavi has left her Rajkumari position and is going on a divine journey. He cries telling that Vaishnavi has abundance of love for them. Ratnagar gets sad and thinks he is the lucky father. Everyone cheers for Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi folds her hands before them. Mahipal comes there and sits down. He keeps his head on her feet and kisses it. A fb is shown, when he kept his head on little Vaishnavi’s foot. He tells Vaishnavi that she is respected to him since her birth and tells that his devotion for her will increase day by day. He says you will never go from my heart. Vaishnavi folds her hands and tells that you have always helped me. She says I wanted to feed the villagers, and you made all the arrangements. I used to tell them katha, but you used to wait outside and protected everyone all night. She says I was caught, but you was scolded by Maharaj and Maharani. You bear everything for me and that’s why I am relieving you from my duty. Mahipal asks her not to say this and says this is not my duty, but my good luck, asks her not to punish him by saying this. he cries. Vaishnavi wipes his tears and says how much I thank you is less infront of your love. Bharti and Bhakti look on emotionally.

Precap: Chandra hugs Vaishnavi and cries. Vaishnavi asks where is Maa? Samrudhi refuses to go out. Vaishnavi searches for Samrudhi. Ratnagar asks if you will do the same which your Daughter did. Vaishnavi calls her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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