Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi warns Lali

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devendra seeing Jyoti with Bharti and Narendra in the storeroom. They get shocked seeing him. Lali comes infront of Sangata while he was having food. Sangata stops having food seeing her and says inauspicious thing happened. He says he will have food at his owner’s place. Lali thinks inauspicious thing will happen when you have to beg for the food. Sangata’s wife asks her not to feel bad and tells that today is muh dukhayi rasam. Damru comes there and tells that he will do mata rani’s darshan, being her big devotee. Damru asks her to come. She refuses and tells that if she goes with him then how bhabhi will work alone. Sangata’s wife asks her to go with Damru, and come fast. Damru and Lali leave from there. While he comes to Vaishnavi, she lost the way. Damru reaches there and thinks where is Lali? Vaishnavi gives him darshan and asks him not to worry. She tells that Lali will come when she wants to. Lali thinks she had stopped to pluck flowers and don’t know where he vanished. She thinks don’t know where is the cave and this way is very dangerous. Vaishnavi appears infront of her as a Commoner and asks what happened? Lali tells that she was going with her husband to the cave, but she lost the way. Vaishnavi asks if you are having cunning heart and tells that if the heart is not clear then you can’t reach there. Lali says you are talking as if you are Mata Rani. Vaishnavi asks her to think like that. She says the bhakts who reminisces their Mata Rani from heart, they are Mata Rani from heart. Damru comes there and calls lali. Lali turns to Vaishnavi. Damru tells that Mata Rani told me that I will find you on the way. Lali tells that Mata Rani gave her darshan. Damru says Mata Rani can’t see her devotees alone.

Devendra asks Jyoti to feed them food and bring them out. He asks them to come out of the storeroom and tells that Guru ji is coming to our house, don’t try to do anything wrong. Narendra nods his head.

The neighbors come to see Damru’s wife. They see Lali and compliment her beauty. Vaishnavi comes there and lifts Lali’s ghunghat. Lali looks at her. Vaishnavi gives her something in her hand. Lali finds Sangata’s keys and gets shocked. Vaishnavi says this is your gift, your wish is fulfilled. Lali asks who are you and why are you giving this to me. Sangata’s wife comes and asks what happened? Vaishnavi says bahu rani is tired. Sangata’s wife asks her to sit and tells that she will bring fruits and water for her. Vaishnavi says I know what is in mind and heart, you can’t hide anything from me. She reminds her that Damru loves her very much and if she does wrong with him then she will not get such loving husband. She tells her that her sight will be on her always. Lali gets tensed. Bhabhi asks who was she? Lali asks she doesn’t know. She thinks who is she? Bhabhi sees anklet instead of keys. Lali gets shocked and says there was a key here. Bhabhi says I have the keys and shows her. Lali gets shocked.

Bhadrak comes to Devendra’s house. Devendra greets him and introduces his family. Bhadrak looks at Bharti. Bharti thinks where did I see him? Bhadrak asks if she will not do his aarti. She tells that the lamp is set off, I will bring another aarti. Bharti goes. Bhadrak tells that he will set off light from her life.

Sangram comes to meet Lali. Lali hugs him and tells that a lady is doubtful on her. She tells that we have to leave from here very soon. Sangram says tomorrow we will steal the box and will kidnap Damru. He asks her to go. She turns and looks at Damru standing.

Precap: Bharti serves food to Bhadrak. He throws the food as insects are in it. Narendra shouts at Bharti for giving stale food to Bhadrak. Bharti is shocked. Bhadrak and Devendra smirk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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