Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Devi Lakshmi teaches Vaishnavi about Vacha

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra seeing Vaishnavi going on and thinks to stop her. He is about to go out. Kadika stops him. Chandra says he will be back and goes out. Vaishnavi and Chandra come to the balcony. Mahipal asks him to take Rajkumari inside. Chandra takes her inside. Vaishnavi asks what happened? Chandra says bharti and bhakti maai came here and says if they see you then will know that you are rajkumari. Bharti asks Mahipal, if they can meet her. Mahipal says she is resting about abyas. Bhakti says we will meet her some other day. She apologizes to Mahipal. Mahipal asks her to take care. They leave.

Mahipal tells Vaishnavi that Bhakti Maai will come here daily to cook food and asks what you will do. Chandra asks why she will cook food. Mahipal says Maharani hired her as the cook. Chandra asks Vaishnavi to think. Vaishnavi says she is thinking? Chandra requests Mahipal to solve their problem and says you are our Ganapati/vigna harta. Mahipal says you both invite the trouble. Chandra says I got the solution. He says when bhakti Maai was cooking in the kitchen, I will go there and slip there, then Maai will not let her stay in the palace anymore. Mahipal says but she will see you and identify you. Chandra says I didn’t think of this.

He then picks a big pot and keeps on his head. He says who will understand now. Vaishnavi asks Chandra not to worry and says we have to search the solution. Bharti and bhakti return in the chariot. Loknath and Jata Shankar talk about them. Bhakti asks the chariot rider to go and thanks him. He leaves. Bhakti’s son ask where did you leave me? Bhakti asks him not to cry. Bharti asks him to celebrate and says Maa got work in the palace. Everyone is surprised and taunt Bhakti. Loknath asks what is happening? You have become the rich woman of the village. Bhakti apologizes to everyone for her misbehavior. Loknath asks her not to say anything. Bharti tries to stop him. Bhakti says let him say. Other neighbor says now she will not beg infront of us. Bhakti says she will pay everyone’s debt. Loknath asks her to pay the debt which Bhushan had taken. Bhakti says she will work hard and pay them. Loknath says she will be kicked out from the palace due to her foolishness in just 2 days. Bhakti says she will do as they say. Bharti says I trust you fully and says I have a feeling that we will meet trikuta tomorrow. she says she will help us.

Vaishnavi thinks she is getting thoughts, and thinks what to do. Devi Lakshmi says she has to learn vacha, how to implement her thoughts in a rightful manner. They all come to teach Vaishnavi. Devi Parvati asks if she will come. Devi Lakshmi says she will come and we will wait for her. Devi Saraswati says she didn’t see enthusiasm to teach the student. They see Vaishnavi already sitting for her class. The tridevis get surprised and happy. They come to Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi folds her hands. The tridevis bless her. Vaishnavi looks at them. They ask Vaishnavi to sit down. Devi Lakshmi asks did you have your food?

Vaishnavi nods and asks if she felt bad for her mum’s words. She says my mum is not bad, it is her love for me, she couldn’t express it properly. Devi Lakshmi tells that she didn’t feel bad and tells that her behavior is normal. She says we shall feel what we feels for someone. She says next part is Vacha and asks her to close her eyes. She asks her to reach the light ray through the darkness. Vaishnavi sees the light of ray and opens her eyes. She finds herself in the brahmakund sitting in lotus and Devi Lakshmi is sitting in other lotus. Devi lakshmi asks if you can express what you are saying? Vaishnavi says this is Maya. Devi Lakshmi thinks she brought her here so that she can express her thoughts well. She asks her to say what the peacock is going to do. Vaishnavi says it seems like it is happy and going to dance. The peacock dances happily. Devi lakshmi says awesome and asks her to close her eyes and sees the light. Vaishnavi says she has a feeling that she is with her mum. Devi Lakshmi asks her to open her eyes. Vaishnavi opens her eyes and finds herself in the palace. Devi Lakshmi asks her to implement her thoughts and feelings and says what we see and believe is truthful.

Precap: Bharti and Bhakti see Vaishnavi coming out of the palace. Samrudhi asks Vaishnavi if she know her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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