Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhadrak shares the reason for his hatred with Devendra

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lali waking up in the night to drink water. She comes to the kitchen and sees Sangata with the big box and the gold jewellery in it. She hides and thinks she came to kidnap Damru, but she will take this box also. She thinks she has to take the keys somehow. Her partner comes there and keeps hand on her mouth. She turns to him and says you. He tells that he missed her so much that he jumped the wall and came here. They have a hug. Lali asks why did you come? If someone sees you here. Sangram tells that everyone must be sleeping now and even that dwarf man must be sleeping and seeing your dream. Damru wakes up and thinks where is Lali? Sangram tells that they shall kidnap Damru now itself. Lali says we have to kidnap him, but have to steal this box also, which has treasure in it. Sangram tells that he can’t wait anymore and will steal this box and will kidnap Damru. Damru is coming there. Sangram tells that he will lift the box, but can’t lift it. She asks where is your power? She checks and tells him that Sangata is clever and has the box is buried a bit in the ground. She says she will steal the box. Damru comes there and asks lali what is happening?

Bharti recalls everything and asks Mata Rani, why she didn’t do anything when Devendra burnt her temple. She tells that Narendra risked his life to earn money for the temple, but that atheists hurt him so badly and destroyed the temple. She asks if Narendra will get back his courage again and asks Mata Rani to help. Vaishnavi comes there. Bharti folds her hands and greets her. Damru sees Lali sitting near the box. She tells him that she had come to drink water and fell down. She asks what is in the box? Damru says it is of bhaiyya and asks her not to touch it. Lali tells that she will see what is in the house. Damru takes her to room. Sangram thinks Lali is acting nicely.

Bharti tells Mata Rani that Narendra has to bear the pain because of her and tells that her patience is breaking. Vaishnavi looks on. Devendra comes to the jungle to meet Bhadrak and thinks why his cave door is closed today. He calls him and asks him to give the permission to enter the cave. Bhadrak opens his cave door. Devendra gets inside and greets him. Bhadrak shouts at him and asks why did he come? Devendra tells that he came to tell him that he didn’t let Bharti keep Vaishno Devi’s temple and destroyed it. Bhadrak says we have to do something big and tells that they have to erase her name from this world. Devendra asks if he has any reason for his hatred for Vaishno Devi. Bhadrak tells that there is a big reason. Devendra asks what had happened? Bhadrak tells that he was in Ashram with his friend. He tells that their Guru Dev used to love them, but they learnt the tantra vidya secretly. He tells that someone told our Guru Dev and he threw me out of the Ashram. He says I didn’t tell him about my friend learning tantra vidhya. He tells that later he came to know that Vaishnavi had beheaded his friend bhairavnath and that’s why he wants to take revenge from her.

Vaishnavi tells Bharti that if she interferes in the world then its stability will stumble. She reminds her of her words and tells that difficulties come always. She says they can destroy the temple, but not your devotion. She says you are not alone in your devotion, I am with you and asks her to keep devoted. Bhadrak tells that he will do something that Vaishno Devi and her devotees can’t find a way. Devendra asks him what he shall do? Bhadrak tells that he shall snatch devotion from Bharti and that will be the defeat of Vaishno Devi.

Narendra asks for water. Kishori tells that she is not mad to give her water and scolds her for Narendra’s condition. She says you will not get anything. Bharti prays for Mata Rani to help them. Just then Jyoti comes there and gives water to Narendra. She asks them to have food and hide the utensils so that nobody can know about it. Bharti says ok. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Precap: Vaishnavi comes to Lali and gives her something during muh dikhayi. Lali and Sangram plan to steal the box and kidnap Damru.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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