Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ratnagar and Samrudhi’s humbleness surprise Bhakti and Bharti

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bharti telling Bhakti that they can’t go from here. Bhakti asks her to come. Mahipal comes there and calls Bhakti out. Bhakti asks why did you come here, to sprinkle salt on our words. Mahipal says Maharaj called them to the sabha. Bharti says I will also come with Maa. Mahipal says kids are not allowed, but Bhakti insists. Devi Saraswati asks Vaishnavi to believe on herself, blesses her and vanishes. Vaishnavi starts playing veena closing her eyes. Maharaj asks Sevika to go and call Samrudhi in the sabha and asks her to say that he needs her suggestion in taking an important decision. Sevika comes to Samrudhi and conveys Ratnagar’s message. Samrudhi says I will come. She recalls Vaishnavi’s words and looks at the clothes. Mahipal brings Bhakti and Bharti in the chariot to the palace. Bharti thinks don’t know why Maa insulted maharaj, don’t know what punishment he will give. Bhakti steps on the stairs with Bharti. She thinks what is this music, close it. Samrudhi gets ready in a royal clothes.

Vaishnavi continues to play veena. Bharti and Bhakti are still walking in the palace. Bharti thinks this music is divine and peaceful, thinks who is playing it. Matsarya in bhakti couldn’t bear it and thinks stop it. They walk inside the sabha. Matsarya effect comes out of Bhakti and she becomes normal and stumbles. Bharti holds her. Bhakti sees Maharaj and folds her hands.
She sits down before Ratnagar and cries. Vaishnavi opens her eyes and says everything is good. Mahadev says one shall learn from maa Vaishno devi, how to win over evil powers without getting violent. Brahma dev says Vaishnavi has gained Devi Saraswati’s powers. Narayan says my faith was not truthful and I was not sure that if she can do or not, but hearing the veena, Bhakti, bharti and Samrudhi got relieved and even we are relieved. Vaishnavi keeps the veena and thinks Devi Saraswati was right and thinks to play it and will do people’s betterment. Devi Saraswati asks her to do jagat kalyan.

Bhakti apologizes to Ratnagar for insulting kind Maharaj like him. She cries. Mahipal thiks where is her anger and arrogance, which I had seen. Ratnagar looks at mahipal. Mahipal thinks how can this be possible. Ratnagar asks bhakti to get up and wipes her tears. Bhakti says you have done so much for me and my husband’s mukti, but what I have done, I had lost my conscience and patience. Ratnagar asks her to have patience. Bhakti says it was like someone else was on my tongue and wanted to say what I want to. Ratnagar asks her to believe him and says if the past troubled you then future will be good and asks her to keep faith on Narayan. Bhakti regrets her actions. Bharti thinks Maharaj is so kind. Bhakti apologizes to him. Ratnagar says I don’t want to punish you and I am not upset with you. He tells that he called her to palace, as he was worried. He says he should have taken care of her family after her husband’s death, but he didn’t. he apologizes to her. Bhakti asks him not to apologize to her. Samrudhi says one shall apologize if he is Maharaj or common man. She asks what she can cook? Bharti tells that Maa makes tasty kheer and puri. Samrudhi appoints her in royal kitchen. Bhakti thanks her.

Mahipal thinks Bhakti might see Vaishnavi. They come out of Palace. Bharti asks bhakti what happened to her. bhakti says don’t know. They praise Samrudhi for giving the job. Bharti says she wants to touch their feet. Bhakti says we will always be in debt of her favor. Chandra and Kadika come there. Chandra gets shocked and laddoo get stuck in his mouth. Kadika makes the laddoo come out of his mouth. Mahipal signs Chandra to hide. Chandra hides behind kadika’s clothes. Kadika asks him to leave her. Mahipal asks bhakti and bharti to come. They go out. Kadika asks Chandra if he knows them. Chandra asks who? Mahipal ji. Mahipal tells that chariot is ready and asks them to sit. Bharti asks who was playing veena when we entered the palace. Bhakti says she felt relieved as if all burden is gone and asks who was playing it. Mahipal says Rajkumari Vaishnavi. Bharti asks can we meet her from far and says Maa became peaceful after hearing Veena. Mahipal thinks what to tell them now. Chandra sees Vaishnavi coming out and gets worried.

Precap: Bharti and bhakti see Vaishnavi coming out of Palace. Bharti calls her trikuta. Samrudhi says she is her daughter Rajkumari Vaishnavi. Bharti says she is my friend. Samrudhi asks Vaishnavi if she knows them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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