Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhudevi helps Vaishnavi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vishnu telling Mahadev and Brahma that the Pisasch is following Moor Asura’s orders and tells that he is Talatal’s resident. Mahadev says Moor couldn’t force any Pisasch before and this means that some big trouble is ahead. Pisasch is waiting for Vaishnavi and thinks you will come here to tell the story, but I will not let you enter the village. He laughs. Vaishnavi is with Ratnagar Sagar. Kadika scolds Chandra and warns him not to go to kitchen and keep eye on Vaishnavi. Chandra goes. Vaishnavi asks Samrudhi about today’s katha. Chandra asks can I heard this katha. Ratnagar says everyone is welcome. Samrudhi says today is Skandmata’s story. She says Devi skandmata showers love and sympathy on everyone. She says skand mata means skand ki mata which kartike. Vaishnavi says Mahadev and Parvati’s elder son. Ratnagar says yes and tells that kartike’s story begins in amarnath cave where Mahadev and Parvati had done tandav and kartike was born with that light. Chandra thinks how his parents must have danced and says may be they didn’t dance and that’s why I was born this way. Everyone smiles. Samrudhi says you made everyone smile and asks him to control his food habits.

Bhakti does aarti of the Goddess in her house and gives Prasad to her kids. Bharti asks her siblings to eat Prasad. Bhakti asks what are you thinking? Her son tells that you said that she is skandmata and the boy in her lap is her son. Bhakti asks him to have patience and tells that Trikuta must have come. Chandra is keeping eye on Vaishnavi and sees her coming in ordinary clothes. She says it is good that Chandra went to kitchen else it would have been difficult for her. She goes out of Palace and sits in the chariot. Chandra thinks where is she going and Mahipal is going with her. He thinks that’s why she was feeling sleepy in day time. He thinks he can’t tell Maa, and if he don’t tell then…He thinks what to do.

Pisasch raj sees her chariot coming and says I will write your story. He attacks the bridge from the other side. The horses stop on the way. Mahipal says they have sensed some danger and stopped on the way. He asks Vaishnavi to hold the chariot tightly. Parvati says we have to do something about Pisasch Raj. Vishnu asks her to have patience and tells that they have to see what Vaishnai does. He says we have to be shakti. Mahipal tells Vaishnavi that they shall go back. Vaishnavi says I have promised Villagers and will go. The kids and Bharti wait for Trikuta. Vaishnavi tells Mahipal that she has promised them and the earthquake will get resolved in sometime.

Bhudevi tells Vishnu that if she shall not protect herself and asks if she don’t have the right to save herself. Vishnu smiles. Vaishnavi asks horses to move forward. Mahipal says we have to return and tells her that he is Senapati and can’t risk her life. Vaishnavi asks her to have devotion and says everything will be fine. She asks horses to move forward and says everything will be fine. Pisasch Raj continues to bring the earthquake. Bhudevi thinks she will stop Pisasch Raj. Parvati appreciates her. Pisasch Raj is shocked to see his powers overpowered. Bhudevi thanks Vishnu for letting her help Vaishnavi. Pisasch Raj says I will be successful tonight and will take villagers to talatal today. Mahipal says it seems the earth will get inside, but now everything is fine. Vaishnavi tells that they shall not look back and asks horses to walk, says everyone is waiting in the village.

Precap: Loknath tricks Vaishnavi to have laddoo mixed with vermillion. She coughs and feels pain in her throat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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