Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi tells Maa Chandraghanta’s katha to villagers

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pisasch Raj telling Moor that an ordinary girl stopped him from dragging a man in the talatal. Moor says she is not an ordinary girl, two nights are gone, you was unsuccessful and says he hates such people who waste time. Pisasch Raj says nothing can lower his self confidence and tells that he will take people to talatal today. Samrudhi tells Ratnagar Sagar that she is worried about Vaishnavi. Kadika comes and tells that she is very worried for Chandra and asks them to come and see. They go to the room and see Kadika putting wet cloth on Chandra’s forehead. Kadika tells him that Chandra is unwell, due to Vaishnavi. She says she is a girl, but she is like a boy and told so many pisasch and bhoot stories to Chandra that he got unwell hearing this. Vaishnavi says she didn’t tell anything wrong and said truth. Kadika asks them to say. Vaishnavi apologizes and says she didn’t lie. Kadika asks her to say where she saw ghost/pisasch. Samrudhi asks Vaishnavi to rest and tells that she can’t come out of her room. Vaishnavi asks can I come to temple and hear devi maa’s story. Samrudhi says but no katha now.

Vaishnavi is sad. All the gods and goddess get sad. Devi Saraswati hopes that Samrudhi will change her decision. Vaishnavi prays to God Vishnu and says if she don’t tell katha to the people then Pisasch will take everyone to talatal. Devi Lakshmi tells that they shall help her. Vaishnavi tells that if Maa doesn’t tell her katha then what she will tell villagers. Samrudhi tells that God has listened you and tells that she came to tell her story. She says next katha is of Maa Chandraghanta. Ratnagar Sagar thinks he will tell katha to Vaishnavi and is going inside the Palace. Vaishnavi comes out calling Mahipal and tells him that Maa told her katha. He comes inside and thanks her for telling Katha to Vaishnavi. Samrudhi says I didn’t tell her any katha and was coming to you, after locking temple door, asking you not to tell her any katha in night. He asks why she said that Maa told her katha. While they are leaving, Devi Lakshmi who told her katha in Samrudhi’s avatar tells that she has fulfilled her duty.

Vaishnavi reaches Pandal and asks Mahipal to be inside the Pal with other bhakts. Mahipal says ok. Vaishnavi plays shank and tells that today she will tell them about Maa Chandraghanta’s story. Samrudhi and Ratnagar Sagar come to Vaishnavi’s room. Vaishnavi begins the katha and tells the shlok. Loknath tells another villager that he is seating here so that she does any mistake and then I can tell her what I can do. Ratnagar and Samrudhi find Vaishnavi sleeping on bed. He tells that it is immense happiness for him to see her sleeping peacefully. Samrudhi says why she said that I told her katha. Ratnagar asks her not to doubt on her. They leave. Vaishnavi gets up and becomes devi parvati. Devi Parvati tells that Maa Vaishnavi is lucky to have such parents. Vaishnavi starts telling the katha when she feels heavy wind and shivers. Others also shivers. Pisasch Raj says I will see how you save everyone from me. He laughs….

Precap: Bharti asks Vaishnavi to give her darshan if she is really a Devi. She sees Vaishnavi as the Goddess and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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