Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi protects Rajjo while Bharti breaks Narendra’s heart

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kulotma asking Banke to catch Rajjo. Banke runs behind Rajjo. Kulotma slips and falls down. She calls banke.

Sometime back:

Devendra appreciates Dinanath for the wonderful acting of a dead body. Dinanath says you have written my role, how I couldn’t act well. Bheema appreciates Devendra for separating Narendra and Bharti. Devendra tells that he is the only God. Bheema says people will pray to you. Vaishnavi knocks on the door. Kulotma opens the door and asks who are you? Vaishnavi tells that she is Rajjo’s mother friend. She tells that she was going from there and thought to meet her. She calls her. Rajjo screams and says Maasi. Vaishnavi asks why did she shout? Kulotma tells that Rajjo is having pain in her stomach, and we are making her drink kada. She asks her to go and closes the door. Banke tells that they shall take her from other door. Shullu asks Bharti to handle herself. He tells that when they had gone there, they couldn’t see Narendra. Bhakti says if Narendra is punished. Narendra comes running there and calls bharti. They all hear him. Bharti recalls promising Devendra and stops. Bhakti asks Bharti to go to Narendra. Shridhar asks her to go. Bharti gets thinking. Narendra says I will bring aarti plate. Bharti says no. Bhakti asks what happened, have you gone mad? Bharti says I don’t want to meet him.

Banke opens the window and finds Vaishnavi standing still. He closes the window and tells Kulotma that her mother’s friend is still standing. Kulotma asks why she didn’t go till now. Banke says what to do. Shullu is shocked and asks how can devendra do this? Bhakti asks why did you take such a big step and asks why she didn’t go to Mata Rani? Bharti says she was going to Mata Rani, but she was left with no time. Devendra left him with no option. Narendra comes home and knocks on the door. He says I have returned and asks her to open the door. Bharti says what I shall tell him, I accept his anger, but his heart will not bear that I betrayed him. She says what to do. Shridhar comes out and tells Narendra that he is happy to see him fine, but you can’t go inside. Narendra asks what are you saying? This is my house. I want to meet Bharti. Shridhar stops him and says you can’t go inside as bharti doesn’t want to meet you. Kulotma asks if Rajjo told her about us. Banke says we can’t back off and have to leave before Jamai babu comes. Kulotma says we shall take her from behind door. Banke likes her idea and holds Rajjo. Kulotma walks behind them. Rajjo tells that she wants to go to Maasi. Kulotma opens the door and finds Vaishnavi standing there. She closes the door and tells that Vaishnavi is standing outside. Banke says she is doubtful on us, we have to go from front door. Kulotma opens the door and finds her standing there also. She closes the door and tells that this lady is very clever, came on this door. Banke says we shall go from back door. They go there and see Vaishnavi standing. Kulotma closes the door. Vaishnavi smiles.

Kulotma asks Banke to do something soon and says if Rajjo’s father comes then we can’t do this work. Vaishnavi sees him coming and smiles. Rajjo frees herself and runs. Banke runs behind her. Vaishnavi makes the door open. Kulotma runs behind Rajjo and falls down flat on the floor. Banke comes to Kulotma. Suraj Bhan asks what happened to her.

Narendra tells Shridhar that Bharti will meet him. Shridhar asks him to go. Narendra tells that this joke is very bad. Shridhar says this is not a joke, but truth. Shullu asks Bharti not to do this with Narenda and asks her to break the promise. Bharti says devendra is very cruel, if he comes to know that I have broken this promise then he will not back off from hurting Narendra. Bhakti asks why will he do this, Narendra is his son. Bharti says I know him, he will not back off from hurting Narendra to defeat me. Narendra asks him to move. Bharti comes out. Narendra is about to hug her, but she stops him. She asks if your yesterday’s act was less that you came here again. She tells that she can’t stay here anymore and going to her mother’s place. Narendra is shocked. Bharti handovers keys of their house and leaves from there. Narendra is shocked. Shridhar also leaves. Narendra cries.

Precap: Devendra provokes Narendra to burn his house. Narendra burns the house. Rajjo and Bharti come to the cliff and jump down. Vaishnavi catches them both in her palms.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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