Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: The tridevis come to mentor Vaishnavi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra asking Vaishnavi to worry for his questions and says Pita ji said that Maharaj has decided to make Trikut ladies to mentor you. Vaishnavi says yes, they are coming in the morning. Chandra says I will go then and tells that Maa will wake me up. Vaishnavi smiles. Chandra says from where you got the smile now. He says it is difficult to understand her. Vaishnavi says she is thinking about tomorrow and smiling, tells that they are not like other Gurus, but are very extraordinary. Chandra says even you are extra ordinary. The tridevis are happy thinking they will mentor Vaishnavi tomorrow. Devi Lakshmi says shall we do Suryadev avahan and asks him to come early. Devi Saraswati says no and tells that she is restless. Mahadev, narayan and brahmadev come there. Brahmadev says why Devi Saraswati is restless, who is Shiksha devi. Mahadev says Guru has to do think about what education, he/shall give to the student. Devi Saraswati tells about Guru’s duty. Mahadev asks what are you going to teach Vaishnavi?

Samrudhi thinks if the ladies are safe for Vaishnavi or not, thinks why did Maharaj hire them to mentor Vaishnavi. Ratnagar comes to her and offers to take off her ring. Samrudhi is upset with him and says leave it, you have done a big work today. Ratnagar puts her jewellery in the box. Samrudhi asks him to lock her in the box and asks him to worry about Vaishnavi. She says don’t know why you made them as her Guru. Ratnagar says you don’t need to worry about her. She says you made an ordinary Trikut vasis as Vaishnavi’s Gurus. She tells that she don’t differentiate between men and women. She says Rishi would have taught her, why you made them Guru. Ratnagar says what is important is what they can teach, and it is not important from where they came. Samrudhi asks what they will teach her. Ratnagar says even I want to know this.

Brahmadev asks Tridev what they will taught Vaishnavi. Devi Lakshmi and Devi Parvati say that they will teach her Mansa, Vacha, Karmana and she will become Vaishno Devi.

In the morning, the tridevis come to Palace to teach Vaishnavi. Ratnagar, Samrudhi and Vaishnavi come there. Kadika brings Chandra there and says it is good that we didn’t get late and asks them to mentor Chandra also, along with Vaishnavi.
Devi Parvati stares her. Kadika gets tensed. Devi Parvati says we came here to teach only one child. She says Guru chooses their student. Devi Lakshmi says we are sure that Chandra also will get good Guru soon. Chandra thanks them and says I will go and sleep. Swarn sagar apologizes to them and goes.

Ratnagar asks Vaishnavi to start her class 1. Devi Saraswati says time has come for the first lesson. Ratnagar says I will leave and asks Samrudhi to come. Samrudhi refuses to go and says I want to witness this class, wants to see what you will teach my daughter. Devi Parvati says no Maharani, we can’t give you permission for this.

Mahadev says why there is objection. Narayan says it will be resolved. Brahmadev says it won’t look easy. Devi Parvati says I am following your orders and expects co-operation. She says we want to be alone with Vaishnavi. Devi Lakshmi asks did you see any parents going to Guru kul with their children. Samrudhi says this is not Guru kul. Devi Saraswati says they are Guru ka kul. Samrudhi says if they want to teach Vaishnavi then shall teach her in her presence, else she permits them to leave. Ratnagar says we shall not insult them and tells that they shall let Vaishnavi learn from them. He says we shall not argue and respect them.

Samrudhi is upset, but agrees. She goes. Vaishnavi sees her mum upset. Ratnagar asks her to concentrate on studies and goes. The tridevis look at Vaishnavi.

Narayan says for the first time, the tridevis will be the mentor for Vaishnavi and will give their immense knowledge to her. Devi Saraswati asks if she is excited. Vaishnavi says yes. Devi Lakshmi says Guru chooses student and tells that they have chosen her before her birth. Vaishnavi says pita shri didn’t tell me. Devi Saraswati says he didn’t know about it. They ask her to forward her hand.

Precap: Devi Saraswati, Devi Lakshmi and Devi Parvati tie thread to her hand. They all bless her . The tridev also bless her. Vaishnavi finds the divinity in the thread.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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