Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi tells Maa Durga’s katha to villagers

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 15th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi tells that Maa Durga is the avatar of Pragati Maa and she is God Shiv’s wife. She was a mother of Ganesh and her name was Devi Sati in first birth. She recalls Maharaj telling that Devi Sati married Mahadev, but Raja Daksh couldn’t bear it and that’s why he didn’t call Mahadev for the yagya. Devi Sati went there to tell that he did a big mistake by not calling Mahadev and asks him to call him. She then tells that Raja Daksh didn’t agree to her sayings and insulted her, then Sati…she stops… Pandit Loknath if she is done with Katha and taunts villagers for sitting to hear her and asks who is her Guru, she don’t know anything. He says you all will be sin to hear half katha. The people get up to go. Vaishnavi stops Loknath and others. She says my Guru’s gyaan is not incomplete and this katha will not be incomplete. Bhakti takes Vaishnavi’s side and tells Loknath that he knows why she stopped and felt all the emotions. She asks Vaishnavi to resume her katha. Vaishnavi sadly tells that Raja Daksh didn’t agree to Sati and insulted Mahadev. Devi Durga gets teary eyes listening to her story. Vaishnavi tells that Sati gave her life in Daksh’s yagya. Mahadev got angry and took Veer bhadra avatar. She says pralay was sure, then bhadrakali gave darshan. Bhadrakali told Mahadev that Shiv and Shakti will reunite, even though Sati died, but she will be reborn. She says Sati was reborn in Raja and Nainavati’s house and was called shail putri.

Bharti asks what does it mean? Vaishnavi says Shail means mountain and putri means daughter. Bharti tells Vaishnavi that she explained in simple language. Vaishnavi greets Maa Shailputri and says this is her first avatar. Maa Shera wali plays……Vaishnavi starts doing aarti and sings bhajan. Maa Durga smiles and other God and Goddess. Vaishnavi continues to sing bhajan while the villagers do aarti. Pisasch Raj keeps hand on his ears. Bharti and Bhakti do aarti too. Vaishnavi says Ambe Maa ki Jai. Jai jai shailputri mata plays….Mahipal hears the katha and thinks Vaishnavi is wonderful and is filled with devotion and faith and kept all the villagers awake with katha. Vaishnavi thanks God for saving the people. Jai jai shail putri mata plays…. The night ends and the morning starts.. Pisasch raj says I will come tomorrow and goes. Bharti sees Vaishnavi as the Goddess and is amazed. All the God and Goddess smile. Devi Lakshmi says this will be called as jagrata. Vaishnavi asks Bharti why she is folding her hands before her and says devi maa is there. Bharti says she witnessed Devi Shailputri in her and asks if I shall greet the God I saw, or her idol.

Pisasch Raj comes to Moor Asura and tells that he couldn’t take anyone to Talatal. He says that girl made everyone awake with her katha, but this Moor Asura is laughing and praising that girl. Dev Indra says I got habitual to Moor’s humor now. He tells Pisasch Raj that his worry is not simple, but the problem is very difficult. He tells Moor that they have just 9 days and they can take Pisasch Raj’s help, but if they couldn’t then. Bharti tells that she has seen Shailputri in her. Vaishnavi says you are having devotion in you and that’s why you are feeling this. Bharti says you have saved us from the trouble and asks if she will come. Vaishnavi says I will come and tell katha.

Precap: Loknath asks Vaishnavi how she knows about Sanskrit, slokas etc being from trikut parwat. Vaishnavi tells that she has learnt this from her father who is a king. Everyone is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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