Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhadrak tries to misuse Manglu’s anger

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhadrak telling Devendra if the devotee is dead then God will die too. He asks him to end Bharti’s devotion. He tells Devendra that Bhakti and Narendra will not remember anything and make them fine. The tridevis come to Vaishnavi and tells that they have to stop Bhadrak. Vaishnavi says Bhadrak has become blind and wants to end my devotion from people’s heart and wants to promote evilness, but I will not let him succeed in his aim. Manglu imagines her son and wife and tells that he will become horse so that golu can sit and have food. He finds them missing and realizes that they are not there. A beggar comes there and asks for charity, says Mata Rani will help you. Manglu gets angry and comes out. He says you want charity on the name of God, who snatched my wife and son from me. He is about to attack him, but the beggar leaves. Manglu says Mata Rani killed my wife and son and cries. Manglu thinks he is imagining them and trying to live. Bhadrak thinks he wants such a bhakt, who is an atheist and his devotion is ended. He thinks he will use Manglu to end Mata Rani’s devotion from people’s heart.

Bharti tells Devendra that she made kheer for her first rasoi. Shullu comes there and tells that he came to take Bharti for pagphera and matarani’s jagran. Devendra gets angry and tells that Bharti will not go from here. Bharti reminds his words. Devendra tells that he said so that they agree for marriage. Jyoti asks Shullu to take her later. Devendra asks her to handle her bahu.

Vaishnavi tells that one of her bhakt is extremely unhappy with her. Shridhar says this is impossible. Vaishnavi says that bhakt is upset with me and hates me. She tells that if a son is upset with her then how can a mother relax. She tells that it is impossible to come out of the pain. Manglu imagines his son laughing. Sulochana says we know that you will not let him deviate from the right path. Manglu wakes up and imagines his wife and son running in the house. He thinks it is his illusion. Vaishnavi says devotion can end the illusion and can show the right way to the bhakt. She tells that someone wants to misuse Manglu’s anger and want to take him to wrong path. Bhadrak comes to Manglu and tells that he can get his son and wife if he wants. Manglu asks who is he? Bhadrak says this is not important, but I know everything about you. He tells that you all were going to the yatra, when that devi took away your wife and son from you. Manglu cries. Bhadrak says that devi gave you pain rather than blessings inexchange for your devotion. He tells that he can return his wife and son to him. Manglu starts imagining again and agrees.

Bhadrak asks him to trust him and says I can bring them back for forever. Manglu pleads infront of him to bring them back. Bhadrak says you have to do a small work for me. Manglu asks which work? Bhadrak says I have the powers to return your wife and son, but you have to go to Vaishnavi’s darbaar and do what I tell you to do. Manglu says I can’t trust you, my wife and son can’t return from death. He refuses to believe him. Bhadrak says I will ask you again and goes.

Jyoti brings Bharti to storeroom and asks her to clean it. Bharti says I will clean it and calls her Maa. She feels bad as she couldn’t attend Mata Rani’s pravachan. Narendra hears her. Vaishnavi is giving pravachan to her devotees. Mata Rani tells her bhakts that both bhakt and God are related, if bhakt is unhappy then God too. Narendra sees Vaishnavi as old lady who advices him to fulfill her wishes being her husband. Narendra says you said right and runs away from there.Vaishnavi devi is shown coming in her own avatar.

Precap: Vaishnavi comes to Bhadrak and warns him. Bhadrak challenges him to make her his das.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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