Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Hanuman to protect Vaishnavi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi and others coming to a basti and finding out that nobody is there. They think it seems there is nobody here for years. They knock on the door and opines that there is nobody at home and the trees are all dried up. Vaishnavi tells the name of the place and says nobody will go from here empty handed. Narayan tells that Vaishnavi brought them here with a purpose. Devi Lakshmi says Vaishnavi is such since childhood, she can’t see anyone’s pain. Just then they all see sarpanch of the village giving food to the villagers. A villager lady cries and tells that her three kids are having less food since morning. Sarpanch says I can understand, but we don’t have enough food. The lady’s son asks her mother not to cry and says he has prayed to Goddess to give them food. The lady hopes so. Vaishnavi hears them and says this land needs Bhudevi’s blessings and for that we have to do one yagya to bring prosperity and fertility in this land. Sarpanch asks if this is possible? Vaishnavi says yes and says for that you all have to sacrifice and put your food in the yagya havan. The villagers look at the food and think how to lose the food which is in our hands, with the hope that everything will be fine.

Shridhar comes to Sulochana and tells that his havan is completed. He says he got the darshan of Mata Rani. Sulochana gets happy and says our yagya is completed. Now everything will be fine. Shridhar hugs her and hopes they have Mata Rani’s blessings always. Shridhar says Mata Rani ki Jai. Vaishnavi asks what is your decision then? The boy decides to do yagya and informs Vaishnavi. His mother and Sarpanch agrees too. Sarpanch says we are ready to do yagya for our future. Vaishnavi says lets start the yagya now. Bhairavnath locates Vaishnavi from far and thinks he will do Guruji’s work. Vaishnavi starts yagya and prays to Bhudevi for the prosperity of the village. All the trees and fields become green. All the villagers get happy and thanks Vaishnavi. Bharti says she is our Mata Rani. Bhudevi gets happy with Vaishnavi’s efforts. Bharti shows the chunari to Mata Rani and asks if this is the right time to wear this, Mata Rani? Vaishnavi nods her head? Bharti covers her head with the divine chunari. Vaishnavi says now it is the time for my sadhna, we will make a move from here. Everyone goes from there. Bhairavnath comes there and greets her. Vaishnavi looks at him. He gets surprised to see her as Goddess and finds themselves in the sky. He then finds her missing and shouts her name aloud. Devi Lakshmi, Devi Saraswati and Devi Kali get angry on Bhairavnath. Bhairavnath says you can’t go like this. Guru ji’s other shishya Vibhuti nath comes there and says Guru dev called you. Bhairavnath refuses to come along with him and tells that he wants to see Vaishnavi more. He asks did you see your patience breaking anytime. Vibhuti nath says no. Devi Lakshmi says it will be wrong. Narayan asks her to trust Vaishnavi and asks her to see which power is coming to help her.

Hanuman is shown. Vaishnavi thinks of bhairavnath. Shillo asks why is she worried as they have enough food and the villager’s land became fertile. Bharti says we shall go? Vaishnavi says I want to tell you something and tells that someone had come there when the havan ended. They asked if he had come to harm them. Vaishnavi says no and tells that she don’t want to scare them. She says his name is Bhairavnath and he will try to meet me, but until the right time comes, he can’t meet me. Bharti smiles. Vaishnavi says he can’t harm anyone, don’t worry. Now it is the time for my sadhna. She senses something and goes from there. It shows someone is following her while she is walking inside the jungle. She turns. Devi Lakshmi says who is following her. Narayan says he is the bhakt, whose story will be told till the end of this world. Hanuman is seen rescuing a rabbit from the fallen tree. Vaishnavi sees hanuman flying in the air with a fast pace. She smiles. Hanuman is shown. Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan if he will help our Vaishnavi. Narayan says yes. Hanuman looks at Vaishnavi and thinks if she is the Devi, for whose protection God Ram has sent me here. Vaishnavi starts walking back. Hanuman follows her and thinks how to confirm that I have to protect this Devi, for whom God Ram has sent me here, until I confirm, I can’t go infront of her. Vaishnavi talks to the rescued rabbit and asks it not to be scared, see me from your inner sight. Hanuman hears her and thinks God Ram says the same. He closes his eyes and finds a divine light. He thinks he found the divinity as that of Sita. Vaishnavi thinks there is only way to clear your dilemma. She forwards her hand.

Precap: Hanuman asks Vaishnavi to make him drink water. Vaishnavi fires an arrow at the infertile land. Ganga water flows out from the land surprising Hanuman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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