Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Samrudhi and Ratnagar Sagar to go to Teetra yatra

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Narayan telling the devis that 6 enemies are about to come. Mahadev tells about the 6 enemies. Devi Durga tells that she will kill the enemies. Mahadev says Narayan is going to Yog Nidra so that Vaishnavi gets some time to become responsible and be Jota wali. This is her journey to become juta wali. He says Kali..what he will do with Moor’s body, we shall be careful. Moor tells that if Narayan goes into Yog Nidra then he will use Mahadev. Mahadev tells that Narayan asked him not to get angry under any circumstances. Moor says if not Mahadev then Devi Durga will help me. I have to just provoke her and then she will get angry. He says he will then fill up the souls in the 6 enemies of the devs. Devi Durga gets angry. Mahadev asks her to calm down and says this is the testing time. He asks her to promise him, until Narayan comes out of Yog Nidra, you will not take Kaali’s avatar. Narayan’s image asks them to wait and tells that his yog nidra is in Vaishnavi’s hands. He says if you think that my absence is the testing time for you all, you didn’t know what Vaishnavi has to go through. He says he will lose the strength when he goes into yog nidra and then the suraksha chakra, which he made around Vaishnavi will also go.

Devraj Indra comes to Moor/Kali and asks what happened to him suddenly. Kali tells that he had ended. Devraj Indra says I have seen. Moor tells that Suraksha chakra around Vaishnavi is gone and smiles. Narayan asks everyone to protect Vaishnavi. Devi Lakshmi promises him to help Vaishnavi gets juda wali avatar.

Vaishnavi cries. Samrudhi comes to Vaishnavi and pacifies her. She asks what happened and tells that their Palace is safe. Vaishnavi says someone is going. Ratnagar Sagar recalls Samrudhi’s promise to Narayan. He says you have forgotten your promise. Vaishnavi asks who is going? Samrudhi says I asked a mannat from Vishnu, which I have to fulfill. She says she will go to teetra. Vaishnavi asks if you will go alone. Ratnagar says I won’t allow her to go alone and will come with her. Vaishnavi says how I will live her alone. Chandra says I am with you and even your Sheru. Vaishnavi holds Samrudhi’s hand and nods no. Samrudhi asks her not to worry and tells that this is the time for you to enjoy and play with Chandra till we return.

In the morning, Ratnagar Sagar covers the curtain on the window so that Vaishnavi can sleep peacefully. Samrudhi asks the dasis to keep the ordinary clothes for them. She asks Ratnagar to decide if he can stay without Vaishnavi. Ratnagar says our yatra will be long and asks shall we take her also. Samrudhi says no. Ratnagar says you are afraid that she will go to Vishnu temple. Samrudhi says it is not about my fear, but Vaishnavi’s safety. She says we will go here as an commoner. She says Mahipal will be here for Vaishnavi’s safety. Mahipal comes and tells that he has to come with him and asks him not to worry about Vaishnavi, as he will make sure of all the security. Ratnagar tells Samrudhi that Mahipal is right and asks him to make arrangement of Vaishnavi’s security. Samrudhi and Ratnagar get ready in an ordinary clothes. Vaishnavi cries and asks herself not to cry. She says she can’t show her tears to Maa. Samrudhi says I will be back.

She goes back to Vaishnavi. A man enters the villagers on the bullock cart and gets down at Loknath’s house. Loknath asks him if anyone saw him coming here. The man asks why you are scared being a pandit. Loknath says he is a devotee of God and a true pandit. He tells him that Villagers changed their God. The man Bhushan asks what happened? Loknath says don’t know what that girl has done in the air and water that nobody calls me for marriage, to do puja etc. He says they think that their new Mata Rani will solve all their problems. Bhushan asks who was that girl. Loknath tells that the girl name is Trikuta.

Precap: Vaishnavi goes out of Palace alone and finds someone following her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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