Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Devendra expresses her revenge for Bharti

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with bharti and Narendra’s marriage rituals begin. Bharti thinks Mata Rani is not here then what is she feeling? Bhakti asks the bride and groom to take elders’ blessings. Devendra gets angry and is about to keep his foot on Bharti’s hand, when heavy wind comes there and the temple door gets opened by itself, and the locks breaks. They see heavy light coming from the temple. Devendra asks from where this light is coming. Vaishnavi appears in the temple. Bharti asks Narendra to fold his hands and thanks Mata Rani for her darshan. Others don’t see Mata Rani. Devendra says there is nobody like Mata Rani, she can’t enter my house. He scolds his wife for not getting the temple locked properly. Jyoti says I locked it, but…Devendra asks Sangata to get it locked. Vaishnavi disappears. Someone comes and informs Bharti that her Mama and Mami came and waiting for her. Bharti gets happy and thanks Mata Rani. She asks Narendra if she can go and meet her mama and mami. Bheema asks her to go and take Narendra also. He says he will tell Kaka shri and asks Narendra to go. Narendra and Bharti go out with others. They meet Suguna and her husband Manohar. Suguna gets happy to see Bharti married. Bhakti says just now the marriage happened. Suguna says I thought to attend your marriage and I was brought here by Mata Rani. Bharti makes her introduce to Narendra and asks him to take her blessings. Narendra and Bharti bend down to take their blessings. Suguna keeps her both hands on them. Bharti gets surprised to see her hand fine and asks her. Suguna tells that it is Mata Rani’s blessing and tells everything. She tells how a man (hanuman) helped them to reach here. Bharti smiles. Suguna asks her to take them to Mata Rani’s darshan.

Narendra asks how to come to Mata Rani, as my father doesn’t believe on Mata Rani. He says I will wait for you right here. Bheema tells Devendra that Bharti and Narendra went to take blessings of her Mama and Mami. Devendra gets angry. Bheema says I asked them not to go, but they didn’t listen to me. He says let them come when they want to. Kishori gets angry on Bheema for his lies. Bharti comes to the cave along with Bhakti, Shullu, Suguna and Manohar.

Suguna prays to Mata Rani to give her darshan. Mata Rani gives them darshan. Suguna gets glad and emotional, thanks Mata Rani for her blessings. Vaishnavi says this is your bhakti’s shakti to reach here. Suguna thanks her. Vaishnavi talks about the karma and blesses them. She showers two flowers for them. Both Suguna and Manoar pick the flowers in their hands. Vaishnavi tells Bharti that she must be worried thinking with Narendra haven’t come with you and asks if she will accept defeat. Bharti says never and tells that’s he will face all problems when she is with her. Bharti and Narendra come home. She asks Narendra about grah pravesh’s rituals. Narendra says pita ji doesn’t believe on it and asks her to imagine doing those rituals. She says she needs haldi thaali. He acts to show haldi thaali. Bharti keeps her hand on imaginary haldi. Her hand impression leaves on the wall. Bharti asks him to keep rice kalash now. He pretends to keep the kalash. She kicks the imaginary kalash and asks him to keep colored water. He pretends to keep the colored water. She steps on the colored water and gets inside. Kalash and her colored feet impression is on the ground. Devendra asks Narendra to go inside and tells that he needs to talk to Bahu.

Narendra goes inside. Bharti looks on. Devendra asks Bharti what is it? Bharti says rice grain. Devendra says you are like the stone in the rice, tells that she is the stone in rice grain, ie him. She tells that she had challenged him to take him to panchayat, so that’s why he has planned revenge and got you married to his stupid and vulnerable son. He says everyone will see what will be the result to mess with me. He says not even Mata Rani can help you?

Precap: Devendra takes Narendra and bharti to his Guru. Vaishnavi tells about Mangu who is an atheist like Devendra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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