Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bharti and Narendra gets married

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bharti, Bhakti and others are sleeping in the lawn. A heavy wind comes and the sindoor falls down on the saree kept near the goddess idol. Vaishno mata plays……. Suguna’s husband gets worried and thinks he has to come out from here. Hanuman comes there and forwards his tail in the pit. Suguna’s husband holds it and climbs up to the top holding it. He thinks who has helped me and thinks this is Mata Rani’s miracle surely. Hanuman takes disguise of a man. Suguna’s husband asks did you see anyone here. Hanuman says I didn’t see anyone. Suguna’s husband asks did you help me. Hanuman says no and tells that Mata Rani can send anyone to help other. Suguna’s husband says you said right. Bharti is getting ready for marriage. Prasad compliments her looks. Bhakti sends Adira to bring the bridal dress. Adira goes to Mata Rani to get the clothes and finds the white clothes becoming red. They get surprised. Shullu asks how this has happened? Bharti says this is Mata Rani’s miracle and thanks her. She says I can’t invite you to my marriage, then also you are taking care of all my worries. Prasad tells that he has seen somewhere there? Bharti pulls his ears. Shullu teases her. Bharti pulls his ears as well and hugs them. Narendra is at the window. Bharti sees him and comes out. She asks what is he doing? Narendra says I came to see you, as you are becoming my bride. He says if I scold you, then you will be quiet, but I don’t like all this. Bharti smiles and tells him that marriage is the sacred relation as two souls are united, tells that husband and wife stay together in happiness and sadness. Narendra asks her. Bharti nods yes. Suguna waits for her husband and tells that she will not lose hope. Her husband comes there and tells her that he was saved by Mata Rani. He tells everything. Suguna thanks Mata Rani.

Bharti comes to Devendra’s house for the marriage along with her family. Devendra asks if she is insulting him and brought another saree for her daughter. Bharti tells that this is the same saree and asks why we will insult you. She tells everything. Devendra asks Jyoti to call Narendra. Suguna’s husband asks how you will climb up the mountain. Hanuman asks her to sit on his shoulder. She sits on his shoulder to go to Mata Rani.

Narendra comes there and takes garland in his hand. Suguna’s husband is about to fall down from the cliff. Suguna forwards her paralyzed hand and manages to hold her husband from falling down. Shera wali plays….Her husband get happy and says you have saved me and look at your hand, you have become fine. Suguna gets happy. They thank Mata Rani.

Bharti and Narendra exchange garlands. Jyoti gives mangalsutra to him. Narendra is about to make her wear it, but Devendra stops him and tells that mangalsutra and sindoor is not the sign of love and trust, but it is the sign of man’s rights on his wife, that she belongs to him. he says it represents the right of a man. Narendra says no, husband and wife relation is the sign of love and they stay together in any circumstances. He says he will be with Bharti always. Jyoti gives him sindoor to fill Bharti’s maang. Narendra fills her maang with sindoor. Devendra is shocked to see change in his son. Bharti gets glad. Hanuman asks Suguna to get down from his shoulder as village came. He asks her to rest for sometime. Suguna thanks him. Hanuman says my duty ends here. Suguna asks who are you? Hanuman says jai mata di and leaves. He comes to Vaishnavi and thanks Mata Rani for her darshan. Vaishnavi says she is glad that he helped her devotee. She praises him. Hanuman asks her to call him for her darshan. Vaishnavi shows her hand blessing him.

Precap: Devendra and others get surprise to see the temple door opening. Bharti sees Mata Rani and gets surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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