Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagannath’s family gets threatened

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Jagannath, Kusum and Gunjan discussing about the attacker. Kusum asks how can this happen that nobody has seen them. He says no one wants to get involved in such matters. Deepa says Isha stays in Delhi, she is a college student, who would have enmity with Deepa and Isha, did police say anything. He says police is saying its law and order issue, I think its some other matter. Kusum says yes, I also think so. Gunjan looks at them. She asks him to say. He says this bullet was not shot at Isha, but Purvi. She asks why would anyone try to kill her. He asks her to think, who can have a problem with Purvi, just Tripathi, if gets defamed, then his political career will be ruined. She asks can anyone do a crime like this. Kusum says yes, he is a devilish man. He says you don’t know, people do big crimes for money and power.

Kusum says its not time to tell anyone but to take care of Purvi and Isha. He says yes, they both will get scared, they are delicate like flowers, they are lovely, we will go to them and sit for some time, they are scared in their heart. Kusum says right, they need us. Kashi says I was scared for Isha and forgot that you were in same rickshaw, are you fine. Purvi says yes, shall I say something, will you feel bad. He says no. She says I think Isha has special feelings for you, like she held your hand, she was just taking your name, she loves you a lot. Kashi says yes, she loves me but as a friend, not like as you think. She asks did I ask you, I m just saying what I had seen.

He asks her not to think anything wrong, Isha is his childhood friend, she is naughty. She says fine, I was teasing you, don’t get conscious, take the milk for Isha. Gunjan comes and says I will take it. Kashi and Purvi greet her. Gunjan blesses Purvi. She says if you don’t feel bad, then can I tell you something, don’t go out for some days, Jagannath and Kusum are tensed, they will be relieved if you stay at home. Purvi and Kashi worry. Kusum cries seeing Isha and prays for her. Jagannath says Isha is fine, calm down. Isha asks Kusum not to cry. Deepa says you can’t jump around, you need rest. Isha says I will manage myself. Kusum asks Isha to have haldi milk. Deepa says yes, drink it and have some food, sleep in my room with me, I can see you all night. Isha says no need, spare me. Jagannath asks how can she leave you alone. Isha says Purvi is with me, I can’t stand Deepa. He asks what. Deepa asks can anyone say this to mum. Isha gets rude towards her. He says Deepa is your mum, talk with manners. Kusum asks Deepa to forget it, Isha is irritated by pain. Deepa cries and asks why do you hate me, we will go back to Delhi. Isha asks why, I want to stay in Banaras. Deepa asks why, don’t you want to study MBA, what is here in Banaras, don’t know who did this and why. The power goes. He asks Alok to see. Alok sees the light in neighborhood and says just light went in our house. Gunjan calls out and says I m getting the candle. Jagannath asks Alok to call the electricity board and find out. Some goons come there and hit someone to break the window. Alok and Jagannath ask what happened. Kashi says don’t know, glass broke. Alok asks them are they fine. Jagannath shouts who is it. They all get some message on their phones. Purvi asks how are the messages coming together. They all check the threatening messages. Purvi gets tensed. She says Tripathi has done this. Alok says this attack was for Purvi, our Isha got shot by mistake.

He looks at Kusum and Jagannath. He asks did you know this. Deepa looks on shocked. She says you knew it, you didn’t tell us, Purvi is more imp than Isha. Kusum says no, we worry for Isha, try to understand Purvi’s problem. Deepa says I won’t understand. She packs Purvi’s bag. Kusum asks Deepa to stop. Kashi asks what happened. Deepa asks him to be quiet. She drags Purvi downstairs. The lights get on. Kusum asks Jagannath to come downstairs quickly. He goes. Kusum asks Deepa what is she doing. Deepa says Purvi can’t stay here now. Kusum asks what’s this madness. Deepa says Isha is your granddaughter, she got hurt because of Purvi, what did Purvi do that you forgot the difference between blood ties and strangers.
Deepa asks Purvi isn’t she going. Purvi says I m going, Jagannath and Kusum did many favors on me and accepted me. She leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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