Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kusum supports Purvi

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 21st April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purvi crying a lot. Jagannath says I don’t understand anything, Kusum you talk to her. He leaves. Kusum gets upset. Purvi apologizes. Kusum says I can forgive you, but can you forgive yourself. Purvi says I have made a big mistake, I thought Babu loves me and will marry me, I didn’t know that it was all a lie, please forgive me. Kusum says it’s the best feeling of joy when a woman becomes a mother, that woman is lucky to get a child, you are so unlucky that you can’t get happy. She gets sad and leaves. Purvi shouts I hate you Babu. She beats her tummy and cries.

Deepa asks can a mum hate her daughter. Isha says yes, when you hate my dad. Deepa says it was his decision to get separated. Isha laughs. Deepa scolds her. Isha says you don’t want anyone to question you. Deepa says there is no use to argue, go to your room now. Isha says Nanu and Nani had made me leave the room, they had to talk to Purvi. Deepa asks but why. Isha says you are scared that they will name the house to Purvi, so you want to oust Purvi, right.

Jagannath recalls Purvi. Baby comes and says I was looking for you, have the food. He refuses. She says I have made your fav food. He shouts I won’t eat, take it back. Kusum asks Baby to go. Baby goes. Kusum goes to him. He says I feel lost, I can’t think of anything, what shall I do, tell me. She says accept this. He asks what. She says truth.

He says my mind wasn’t working. She says let it be, she is young, she made a mistake, forgive her. He says I thought she is a nice girl, I was thinking she is silly and innocent, she fell for a wrong guy but she will get stable if we support, but I didn’t know that her character is bad. Kusum gets angry and says her character isn’t bad. He says its easy for a man to taunt a woman’s character, character can’t be known by just a body, character is known by deeds and soul, she has a good character, we know this. He asks what character is that, she has defamed us, you know what people will say. She says let them say what they want, I told her that she should care for the society, you never cared for the society, why not today.

She asks is this your fear that you want to hide. She explains him. She says I wish you could understand a woman, she isn’t just a body but has a soul too, your food is getting cold. She leaves.

Dolly says Babu cheated you, you think he will marry you. Purvi says call him, he should know this, I will not leave him. Tripathi and Sandhya make prayers. He talks to Giriraj. Giriraj praises him for having a good clean image. Tripathi asks him to come. Sandhya gets the call. She sees Purvi calling and disconnects. Dolly calls again. Sandhya answers. Dolly says I m Purvi’s friend, I want to talk to Babu. Sandhya scolds her. She says Babu isn’t here, he has gone to Australia, he will live there and get married. Purvi says Babu had made a relation of lifetime with me, he has impregnated me. Sandhya gets shocked.

Purvi says congrats, you are going to become Dadi, don’t think I will beg him to marry me, I m just informing you, baby’s dad also has a right to know. She disconnects the call. Tripathi asks what happened. Sandhya says nothing. Purvi says I will never go back to Babu, but I want to tell him what he has gone, he has ruined my life. Isha comes. Purvi says Dolly is my friend. Isha says maybe she has come to see you, you are unwell. Purvi says yes, I will come in some time, I will get some fresh air. Isha says suit yourself. Purvi goes with Dolly. Isha sees the mess on the bed. Isha reads the report about Purvi’s pregnancy. She clicks the pic and keeps back the report. Purvi comes back and takes the report and medicines. She goes. Isha says Purvi is carrying Babu’s child, great.

Jagannath talks to Kusum. Isha says Purvi is pregnant. Kashi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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