Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Jagannath and family try arranging funds

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 17th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jagannath and Kashi working to calculate their savings and funds. Jagannath corrects him. Kashi says I don’t understand maths. Kusum says its easy, you calculate the annual interests, I m the wife of a big engineer, I would know, I used to teach maths to Alok and Deepa, he had no time. Jagannath says yes, she taught them maths, I wish she taught them values, then we would have not seen this day. Kusum says good, if children are good, then they are called of a father, else a mother is blamed, I will not leave my children like their dad did. Jagannath argues with her. They both ask Kashi to say. Purvi asks Jagannath to have some food, how will he take medicines then. He refuses and says no one cares for me. Kusum says ask him to fight with me, but he should have food if he has to fight with an enemy like Tripathi. She goes. Jagannath says they ruined my respect, I don’t want to have food, go. Kashi asks Jagannath to have food. Purvi says have some food for the sake of your friend. Jagannath sits to have food.

Kashi says we have arranged 55 lakhs, and then 15 lakhs from savings, so 70 lakhs. Jagannath says 7.5 lakhs from my PF. Kashi says okay, but 22.5 lakhs are still less. Jagannath worries. Badri talks to property agent. Kashi asks did you talk to him. Badri says he is saying he will get less money. Kashi says we have to make the deal today itself, we want money today, else Jagannath will lose his house, what happened. Badri asks why are you selling your parents’ house, think of some other way, think again. Kashi asks what else do I have, shall I sell you. Badri says I would have told so, what will happen of tours and travels agency if you sell this house, I would better sell this kidney to get money. Kashi asks will you sell your kidney for my sake. He hugs Badri. Purvi says we will see the accounts. She checks and says its just 50000rs, even if we ask advance from our clients, we will have just 2.5 lakhs. Kashi asks how can we arrange so much money. Purvi gives her jewellery to him. She says sell it, at least we will get 2 to 2.5 lakhs, its useless now, I m not getting married now. Kashi says I can’t do this sin, keep the jewellery.

Kusum also gives her jewellery. The man asks why are you selling it, you will giving it for half rate. Kusum says I m helpless to sell it. She cries. Gunjan says this is our house, don’t say this. Deepa says Gunjan and I don’t wear gold jewellery, its fine. Gunjan says yes, its heavy and I don’t like to wear it. Deepa asks Kusum to forget it. Jagannath comes. The man calls Kusum lucky to get such a bahu and daughter, these days children trouble the parents. Kusum sees Jagannath and says parents also don’t understand children and ignore them. The man says some more jewellery would make it 7 lakhs. Deepa asks Kusum not to give the bangles given by Dadi. Kusum removes her bangles. She says suhaagans aren’t known by gold bangles, but by glass bangles, its okay. She gets emotional and gives the gold bangles. She adds her earrings and gold chain. Jagannath looks on.
Jagannath says Kusum won’t give her bangles. Kusum cries. He asks her to keep the bangles back. He gives the gold medal. They get shocked. Kusum says Jagannath got this from the govt. He says yes, it was given for 40 years of good service, lets see, what’s the real value of it. Jeweller says its not real gold, but just gold polish, it will just cost around 100rs. Jagannath laughs. He says I was thinking its precious that its given for my sincerity, it has no value, fine, when we can’t get 22 lakhs by selling the jewellery, then why to sell it. He returns the gold to Deepa and Gunjan. The man says I understand, why to sell it if the amount is not getting accumulated, tell me if I can help, I can give 1 to 1.5 lakhs. Jagannath says its okay, if days change, then I will make the jewellery for my grandchildren at your store. The man goes. Gunjan says my dad was saying, he can help if you don’t feel bad. Jagannath says no. He goes to his room.

Kashi shows the house papers. The man says Seth is interested in buying this property, but the property is old. Purvi says its 100 years old, it has heritage value, it will cost around 2.5 crore. The man argues and offers 1.20 crore. Purvi says no, don’t agree, its loot. Kashi says we have no option. He says say yes to Seth, we want money by tomorrow, 50% advance. The man laughs and says don’t hurry, Seth ji wants to make a shopping mall here, we have to stop until the neighbors also agree to sell the land, it will take a month. Kashi says we want money by tomorrow. The man says forgive me, I can’t help. He leaves. Kashi says we aren’t able to arrange money anyway. They worry.

Tripathi’s men come for the house auction. Jagannath looks on and stays calm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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