Jag Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koyi Season 3 Shot 3 Part 5

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Hi my favourite squad hope you are doing well and a big sorry for late updates i was having my exams and also some health issues were there thats why i couldn’t post..well here goes the next shot its short but hope you all will support me love u all

Take care

Adi 🙂

Precap: Lucky confesses his love to Ragini

Ragini grabs a paper.

Pooja: what are going to do Ragu?

Ragini: writing a reply what else.

Pooja: great idea but hold it for now.

Ragini: for what?

Pooja: if you have forgotten then let me please remind you that our exams are about to start. And more than that if Megha finds you daydreaming about your Lucky Then there is no doubt she will kill me.

Ragini laughs.

Ragini: ok i’ll reply him after our exams are over ok.

Pooja: Double ok.


Once after their exams were over Megha and Pooja took Ragini for a small outing.

Ragini just wanted to write her reply to Lucky.

She wanted to write him how much she loves him.

Pooja finds Ragini lost in thoughts.

Pooja: Ragu its ok. You go to room and take rest.

Ragini looks at her puzzled.

Pooja winks at her.

Megha: what happened?

Pooja: nothing yaar Ragu is having headache. She wants to go back.

Megha: ok then lets go back.

Ragini looks on

Pooja: no need of that Megha. You wanted to do some shopping right. You do that i’ll be with Ragu.

Megha: is there something fishy?

Pooja and Ragini together: NO

Megha looks at them suspiciously.

Pooja: sachi.

Megha: you know that you are lying i know that you are lying. Well go on ..

Saying this Megha goes.

Ragini and Pooja rushes back.

Ragini writes down.

“Dear Lucky,

First of all sorry for late reply actually i was having exams. Well you have no idea how much happy i am after reading your letter. Lucky..i love you too. I really really love you. I know we have never met ..or talked to each other but ..I can say this I love you Lucky and it will never change no matter what.




Once she finished writing she posts it straight away.


Few days later.

Ragini: Pooja i think we should tell this to Megha.

Pooja i wont mind. Go ahead but keep me out of this.

Ragini: for what?

Pooja: Megha will murder me if she finds out that it was me who guided you into this mess.

Ragini; this is not mess its love.

Pooja: well thats what Megha calls love.

Suddenly calling bell rings.

Pooja; its Megha.

Pooja opens the door and Megha comes inside. And Megha was smiling.

Ragini and Pooja looks at each other surprised.

Megha: what are you both staring at?

Ragini: you are smiling.

Megha: so whats wrong in smiling?

Pooja: you are not stopping it

Megha: its my wish.

Megha’s phone rings.

Megha looks at her phone and blushes.

She goes out with her phone.

Pooja; she was blushing isn’t she?

Ragini : she was..

Ragini and Pooja waited for Megha to finish her phone call and come back.

Once Megha came in Ragini and Pooja gave her a stern look.

Megha: what?

Pooja: who was it?

Megha: who who?

Ragini: the one you were talking?

Megha: what is your problem. Its a friend.

Ragini: oh so 2 hours you were talking to that friend.

Megha: 2 hours? Oh i didn’t realise it..

Pooja: haven’t i told you there is something wrong.

Megha looks on.

Megha: stop making puzzles.

Ragini: you were not talking for 2 hours.

Megha: what!…oh y hi knew it.

Pooja: you know nothing. Tell us who it is.

Megha: why should i you both are sending letters to someone and were you both telling me anything about it?

Ragini : i am sorry for that.

Ragini and Pooja tells Megha all about Lucky.

Megha: how can you fall for him Ragini..What crap is this?

Pooja: its romantic Megha.

Megha: how can you decide without meeting him.

Ragini: we will meet some day.

Megha: not just some day you have to meet soon and only then you will decide anything.

Ragini: ok fine now what is your story.

Megha blushes a little.

Megha: so there is this guy. Karan he is my neighbour and our parents have decided to..

Pooja: marry you both?

Megha nodes her head in yes.

Ragini hugs heer.

Ragini: congrats..

Pooja: i am gonna die single..

Ragini and Pooja laughs at her.


Precap: The meeting.


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