Jab We Met (Shot- 24)

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Hello YuvAnians.. Wishing you all a very happy Durga Puja.. 🙂

Here is the next shot.. Hope you will like it..

Jab We Met (Shot- 24)

Barbie is walking to and fro in her room, thinking about Yuvraj.. She had been thinking about him since last night..
“Does he love me? Is this why he called off his wedding with Suhani?” She asked herself..
“Why should I care? I’ve got nothing to do with him..” She reminds herself..


I had never imagined that one day Yuvraj will be the reason behind me breaking this way.. The glimpses of that night in the forest appeared in front of my eyes when we had kissed each other so passionately.. That was nothing but a part of his dirty game.. Feeling disgusted, I ran into the bathroom and washed my lips again and again.. I was shattered.. I couldn’t control my emotions and burst into tears.. Did I really misunderstand everything? Didn’t he ever have any feelings for me?


I felt like killing Sambhav, but the only reason why I held my anger back was my lost brother, whose identity was still unknown.. I was thankful to God for letting me see the real him before time..

I had just entered the main gate of Birla House when I bumped into Suhani..
“Suhani, be careful..” I spoke instantly, holding her by her waist.. Our eyes locked.. She stepped back, freeing herself from my hold.. My eyes fell on her bag.. It seemed she was leaving Birla House..
“Where are you going?”
“As if you really care..”
“If maa asks….”
“Don’t worry, I’ve already explained her, and I haven’t told her anything about you and Sambhav..”

I was shocked to hear about Sambhav.. Did she know about him?
“What happened? Why did your face turn pale?”
“From where did Sambhav come in between?”
“I think your memory is too weak.. Isn’t he the one with whom you had a bet on me? Weren’t you planning to leave me at the mandap?” She spoke straight..
I was stunned to hear that.. I couldn’t look into her eyes anymore..

“I’ve got my answer.. I can’t believe it Yuvraj.. You have two sisters, still you didn’t think even once about me? You made me fall in love with you, just to win the bet?”
“What?? What are you saying? Which bet?”
“Don’t pretend..” She said and reminded me of our one-month bet..
“C’mon Suhani, I had forgotten about it long back.. It has no meaning in my life..”
“Now that you have been exposed, you can’t escape.. That night in the forest, you kissed me, might be because you knew kissing is normal between for lovers so I won’t stop you..”

I couldn’t believe where she was taking the entire conversation..
“So tell me, what was the next step of your plan? To take me to your bed?”

“Suhani!!” I shouted at her, raising hand to slap her as I lost my cool hearing the rubbish she spoke.. But she held my hand in the nick of time..
“Who the hell are you to raise hand on me?” She questioned throwing my hand away..

Both of us looked at each other angrily to hide the pain we were going through.. Everything was mutual, and things could have been completely different, nobody knew better or worse.. I had made it so complicated.. It was time to sort out everything..

“Today I’ll tell you who I’m.. Come with me..” I said holding her wrist and started walking..
“Leave my hand Yuvraj.. I don’t want to go anywhere with you.. You can’t force me..” She continued to speak, but I paid no heed.. I forcefully made her sit in my car and drove off.. She continued to ask where I was taking her and why.. I didn’t answer her, and drove faster..

I stopped the car near the temple.. We got out of the car..
“Come, today I’ll tell you the truth..” I said, but she refused.. Finding no other way out, I forcefully carried her in my arms and started climbing up the stairs.. She looked even more irritated than before.. She struggled to free herself by moving her legs to and fro, and even punched on my shoulders again and again.. I loved how close she was to me at that moment, but I didn’t tell her..
“Suhani, if you move this way again, I’m surely going to fall down but with you, and both of us will end up breaking our bones..”

She stopped struggling, and very lightly, she wrapped her arms around me for support.. I looked at her.. Our eyes locked.. We were finally inside the temple.. I freed her..

“Enough of your drama, Yuvraj Birla.. I don’t want to hear anything more.. I’m leaving..” She said and started walking off..
“Suhani Shrivastav.. I love you..” I said to stop her, and she did..


Will Suhani accept Yuvraj’s love? Stay tuned to know more..

Reviews are awaited.. 🙂

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  1. Yuvani

    not fair dear, you stopped at the apt point, now the excitement would kill me, loved the epi throughout. Yuvraj really did complicated everything, idiot. just can’t wait…….superb amazing……..

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. There is great fun in stopping at the cliffhanger.. ? anyways, I’ll try to update soon..

  2. ver nice episode…… but it short nxt time make it a lil bigger

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. I’ll try to make it longer next time..

  3. You always rock… Please update soon

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks dear.. I’ll try..

  4. ItsmePrabha

    awesome epi…cliffhanger pe chod diya.uff ab main kaise wait karoon nex part ke liye..phir bhi will be waiting for the next..

    1. NAPSHa J

      Hehe.. thank you dear..

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