Jab We Met (Shot- 23)

Happy Sunday YuvAnians.. 🙂 I’m extremely sorry to keep you waiting.. Here is the next epi.. Hope you will like it..

Jab We Met (Shot-23)


I went inside the bar, and provoked a group of youngsters to fight with me.. And they did it, they started beating me.. I didn’t fight back, as I wanted to be punished.. With every punch/ wound I got, I recalled how badly I had treated Suhani even though she wasn’t at fault.. She was merely the victim of the dilemma I was going through..

It finally turned into a street fight.. When they felt they had beaten me more than enough, they left.. I tried to get up, but couldn’t..

At night..
it starts raining heavily.. Pratima is worried about Yuvraj, as he nobody has the slightest clue about where he is..
“Even Barbie can’t be seen.. May be, they are together.. I shouldn’t even care about them..” Suhani thinks..
Just then, Anuj tells them that Barbie has gone to a party, they should send the driver to pick her up as she may not get a taxi either.. Suhani gives a sigh of relief thinking they are not together..

“Yuvraj!!!!!” Pratima screams all of a sudden, looking at the door.. At this, all of them look there, only to find Yuvraj in a pathetic condition with several wounds.. He is standing leaning against Barbie, his arm is wrapped around Barbie’s shoulders for support.. His eyes are barely open, but still he can see Suhani, who is in pain seeing his condition; she is also jealous at the same time!!

Pratima asks Barbie about it.. She tells that she found him on the road while returning back.. Sambhav comes there, and is surprised.. Just then, he looks at Suhani and reads her face.. He fakes to show his concern..
“Let’s take him to his room.. He needs help..” He tells Barbie and winks.. She nods with an evil smirk, as she understands his gesture.. She takes Yuvraj to his room.. Pratima follows them but Sambhav stops her and takes her to her room, asking her to relax..

“Yuvraj, you should first change your shirt.. Its completely wet..” Barbie suggests and opens his wardrobe.. Yuvraj’s eyes fall on that jacket with torn sleeves, because of which he had brought Suhani home.. He gets emotional recalling their first interaction..
“This jacket is torn.. You should throw it away..” Barbie suggests..
“No need.. Keep it back..” Yuvraj replies..

Barbie keeps it back and takes out a shirt from his wardrobe.. She gives it to him..
“Change it, and then I’ll give you first aid..”

“I don’t need any aid.. Let it be.. You go..”
“But Yuvraj..”
“I said, leave..”
Yuvraj, who is still sitting on the bed, looks away as his eyes turn brim..

Barbie didn’t want to leave, as she wants to be seen too close to Yuvraj when Sambhav comes there with Suhani.. She starts to walk away, but stops after two steps when Yuvraj starts speaking..

“Sorry.. I’m extremely sorry.. It’s all my fault.. But what to do, I can’t even tell you what I’m going through..”

His words are for Suhani, but Barbie thinks he is apologising to her.. She walks back to him, and places her hand over his shoulder from behind.. Yuvraj gets up, and seeing Barbie there, he apologises to her and hugs her tightly as he feels broken.. Barbie consoles him, and she likes the feeling of being embraced by him.. She hugs him back..
“What happened Yuvraj?” She asks him..

Pratima, along with Suhani, heads towards Yuvraj’s room..
“I shouldn’t go there.. I told him that I won’t interfere in his life anymore, and I won’t be able to see him in pain helplessly.. Moreover, he may not want to see me around.. Barbie is with him, and Maa is going there so she will do the needful..” Thinking this, she makes some excuse and leaves.. As Pratima opens the door, Yuvraj and Barbie break the hug and step back.. Pratima scolds her for not aiding him yet.. She apologises and leaves.. Pratima cries and gives him first aid..

Next day, the priest comes and tells that the day fixed for the wedding isn’t auspicious anymore, so they should postpone it.. Everyone is shocked.. Suhani is taken aback, and thinks this had to happen after whatever Yuvraj told her the previous day.. When he leaves, Yuvraj goes with him.. Outside the main gate, he thanks the priest for doing as he said.. Barbie hears them and thinks why did he do so.. She messages the same to Sambhav.. On reading it, he understands the reason behind it, and decides to use it in his favour.. He goes to Suhani..

“I didn’t know that Yuvraj will stoop so low, just to win a silly bet!!”
Hearing these words, Suhani looks on and turns around..
“Sambhav, what do you mean?”
“Remember, both of you had a bet that you will make each other fall in love with yourself within a month? That day, Yuvraj told me that even though he has agreed to marry you, he will make you fall in love with him to satisfy his ego.. He even told me that he will leave you at the mandap..”
Suhani is shocked..
He continues, “I didn’t take his words seriously, but two days before, when I got to know from him that you actually love him, I was unable to bear the fact that he was playing with your feelings.. I couldn’t believe that everything he did for you was just a part of his plan.. And do you know, Yuvraj is the one who had asked the priest to say all those things today..”

Suhani is dumbstruck.. She can now correlate why Yuvraj’s behaviour with her used to change so often.. She recalled all those moments which she could cherish for lifetime..
“Suhani, what are you thinking? Yuvraj doesn’t want to marry you..”
“Being Yuvraj’s friend, why are you telling all these to me?”
“Because I love you..”

This come as another shock for her.. She stares at him angrily..
“Yuvraj knew it, and I was fine with both you being together, just because you love him.. Now that he has left you mid-way, I want to hold your hand for lifetime..” He holds her hands while speaking the last line.. Suhani looks at it, and then again at him..

“I’ll wait for your reply, and I’ll respect it, no matter what it is..”
“Oh really?” Suhani throws his hands away and slaps him hard.. Sambhav’s ego gets hurt.. His anger is evident in his eyes..
“Is this what you call love and respect? Now I got it.. When your best friend was planning to leave me at the mandap and ruin my self-respect, you must have been so happy, right? There is no difference between both of you..” Saying this, she leaves from there..

Sambhav is driving.. He recalls Suhani slapping him and her harsh reply.. He gets furious.. As he reaches home, he goes straight to his room and throws everything angrily.. He stares at Suhani’s pic on the wall and says, “You can’t reject my love like this.. You will have to come to me..”

“Sambhav bhaiya, water..” A servant says.. Sambhav looks at him angrily and walks towards him.. He takes the glass..
“How dare you interrupt in between when I’m talking to my love?” He shouts and hits the servant’s head with the glass.. Poor servant screams in pain and leaves.. As he goes back, he collides with Yuvraj..
“What happened Suresh? How did you get hurt?”
Suresh gets scared thinking Sambhav won’t leave him if he opens his mouth..
“Nothing..” He replies and leaves..


I went there to tell him to be with Suhani and be her support as she was broken.. I was about to enter Sambhav’s room when I saw him beating Suhani’s pic on the wall with his belt, and shouting, “You are mine, and I’ll make you mine very soon, even forcefully if needed..”
He then cut his palm with a sharp knife, and filled the partition on Suhani’s forehead with his blood.. He touched her eyes, her lips and kissed them.. He started blabbering non-sense..

The entire scene took the hell out of me as I realised that Sambhav was a psycho.. He wasn’t in love with Suhani.. He was only obsessed with her, and may be, he also lusted for her.. He was dangerous for her.. I realised I was going to ruin her life forever.. But, knowing the truth, I decided not to let it happen.. I had to keep him away from her, else he would smartly propose her and she would accept it, just to tell me that she could move on without me..

Before leaving, I looked at her pic, which was in a miserable condition after being beaten so cruelly!!


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    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. I’ll try.

  2. Yuvani

    Superb, sad one, but beautiful, Felt very bad for Yuvani, loved Yuvraj throughout, wow!! Happy that he came to know about Sambhav, next epi is much awaited!!
    Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      Pleasure is mine.. Thank you dear.. I’ll try to make the next part worth the wait..

  3. ItsmePrabha

    oh god that sambhav is such a psycho…thank god that yuvi knows it now..awesome epi..and precap.. i am excited..will be waiting for the next ..

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. I’ll try to post asap..

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