Jab we met – Episode 6

Suhani goes to yuvraj room at night .
Yuvraj sees her .
Suhani – i m running away
Yuvraj – no never its not good
Suhani – i know but they will not accept sambhav
Yuvraj – ok but where is your sambhav ??
Suhani – he doesn’t know that i m running away
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – yes
Yuvraj – Suhani what are u doing with your life
Suhani – nothing yuvraj
Yuvraj – dont play with your life
Suhani – life is my fav game i will play it i know your fav game is car racing
Yuvraj smiles at her.
Yuvraj – ok suhani i will also run with you
Suhani – ok lets go
Yuvraj holds her hand
They leave
Bhavana sees them running
Suhani sees bhavana
Bhavana – suhani and yuvraj where are u going
Suhani – i will come in 2 days plz dont say anyone plz

Yuvraj holds suhani ‘s hand and runs to back side door of Home and goes to terrace .
Suhani – what r we doing here ??
Yuvraj hears all family members going to railway station or bus station
Yuvraj – suhani they will find everyone but not in Home so we came here now after some time we will leave from here
Suhani – did you planed to run away with soumya ??
Yuvraj – no
Suhani smiles at her .

After some time…
Yuvraj – lets leave
Suhani holds his hand and leaves.

They hire a cab
They reach manali
Suhani looks outside
Yeh ishq haaye from jab we met plays in bg …

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  1. Awesome…continue writing

  2. amazing epi …..i’m speechless yaar.

  3. Aqsxxh

    Cute episode Yaar x

  4. A.Tejaswi

    nice episode.Like ur writing style very much

  5. Nice but too short. Don’t make it exactly like jab we met add some of your ideas.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Ok i will try my best And thanks …


    Short and sweet! Adored it!!! Xxx

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