Jab Love Hua (RagSan) Part 28 ~fairy [LAST PART]

So let’s start Chapter_28♥️(LAST PART)

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“MAAAAAAA”-sanskaar shouted

Ragini  runs out of her room dropping her phone..

She saw some people bringing unconcious Annapurna inside …
Sankaar hurriedly laid her down on the sofa…

“Maaa …maaa …please open your eyes…What happened to you…”-he asked panicking & starts rubbing her hands “what happened to her ??”- he turned and asked the people who bring her.

Meanwhile Laksh called the doctor ..

“We just saw  her car standing in the middle of the road and recognised her to be Annapurna ji …she was unconscious so we drive her here”-said one of the man .

Ragini checked AP’s pulse and looked for any sort of injury but there wasn’t any ..

Bheema(servant) came with water n Laksh sprinked some on AP’s face…
Still she doesnt responded….

Doctor arrives n examined her…
” someone had sedated her …Don’t worry soon she”LL get concious” said the doctor and left from there.

All the family members waited for AP to Awake…. Sanskar was holding her hand firmly and murmering some prayers….

After some time…AP wakes up with dizziness ..

“Ansh Rashmi…”- she keeps mumbling her grandchildrens name ..
That’s when Pari remembered that AP had gone to bring Ansh & Rashmi(parineeta’s childrens )from school but they are not home yet…

She flustered and holds AP’s shoulder ..
“Maaa …kaha hai Ansh Rashami …Aap unhe lene Gaye the na…kaha hai vo”(maa where is Ansh Rashmi …You went to bring Dem na…where are they)
AP looked at her and starts weeping …
“When we were coming back ….our tire got punctured . All of a sudden One van came & broke the window of our car.They emphatically took Ansh n Rashmi out n sedated me ….I shouted for help but there was no one…i couldn’t able to safe them…I couldn’t able to save my grandchildrens” she said sobbing mesirably

Pari was about to fall when Adarsh grasped her …He tries to calm her but he was himself distraught.

Sanskaar Laksh Durgaprasad all started searching for the kids …
It was all mess….Ragini was holding her head in worry …she was thinking who could have done that….. And then it striked her_”BISHWANATH…”

She runs to her room n picked her phone…she redialed d last number
As soon as he picked the call , she exploded on him but he just laughed wickedly_” so finally you came to know about it … Now the choice is yours. If you love these kids (he makes her hear their crying) then come to my house right now…and ya don’t you dare to tell about this to anyone ..one wrong move n kids will be DEAD….”
She gasped hearing him and without wasting any time rushed down …

As she was moving out she saw Sanskaar in most devasted state… His family is everything for him….and seeing this condition of his family he was shattered ..she runs to him and embraced him warmly.

*[Don’t worry Sanskaar I”LL make everything fine ]

Thinking so she kissed his forhead and said _”Everything will be fine…Kids will be home soon that too safe and sound” He nodded with wet eyes .
Laksh called him as police has arrived .
Ragini left from there to BISHWANATH’s house.



Ragini entered inside n saw Bishwanth with Ansh & Rashmi besides him .
They were little bruised & were crying . Seeing Ragini they ran towards her and she embraced them protectively.

“Bishwanath leave the kids…As u asked I am here..just let them go”

“Sure…sure…why not .. but only after playing a game with you….(he gritted his teeths) You know how much you have troubled me…what all I have gone through because of you…My son … He is like this coz of you and your psycho husband (he says looking at RUDRA who was on wheelchair still traumatised from the time  sanskaar have beaten him) U have to pay for every bit of it …. “

He moves around her and then said_”you know what …you are exactly like your Father … Emotional Fool ….hahahahaha … (Ragini glares him) Without any reason he took rivelry with me..I told him that we both have different Lines ,You concentrate on your business field while let me do my politics but no USEY TO MAHAAN BANNA THA..Don’t know from where he got to know about my SCAMS & Illegal businesses. He was hell bent to expose me….so without any choice I had killed him “

He looked at Ragini who was shooked with this revelation ….

“Don’t worry u”LL soon join your parents “-said he smirkng at her

She looked at him fiercely and slapped him as hard as she can….she dragged him by his coller and continue slapping “I won’t leave you….you killed my parents ….how dare you…..you devil…..I”LL kill you”

He removes her hand and throws her on d floor….”khade khade Mera muh Kya dekh rahe ho…pakdo ise”-said Bishwanth to his goons…


All this was seen by SHEKHER who was just about to enter BISHWANATH’s  house . He was in shock  with the revelation about his brother’s death….
No wonder he himself was bad but he can never plan for his own brother’s death….  He got flashes of his brother’s love for him…The way JAI used to care for him…but he just keep faking his love for money… He remembered all the wrong deeds he have done…The way he tortured Ragini….His heart filled with guilt ….he wiped his tears & called SUMI and told her about Ragini n kids being here,He asked her to inform Maheshwari’s too. And then he called the police.


“So let’s play the game….rules are very simple….if you shout then  u”LL loose and if u”LL loose then these kids will have to bear the punsihment.. “-said Bishwanath after tying ragini to a chair.

He took a sharp knife and pierced it in her palm…she shouted as the pain was unbearable…

“Ye Kya keya Tune..now the kids will have to pay “

“No …no …don’t harm the kids..plzzzz .”

She looks horrified seeing one of the goon pressing the knife on Rashmi’s cheek..

“NOOO…DONT DO THIS P..LZZ . ..DONT ..DONT ..DO THISSSS…..PLEASEeeeeeee” she said crying mesirably…

“Ok next item”-said Bishwanth taking a Betel Nut Cutter to cut Ragini’s finger..

He moves to her & grasped her thumb..

“I feel so peace seeing u screaming & crying”-he said n was about to cut her thumb  when Police burst inside with Sanskaar n all the other members …

Police arrested  Bishwanath & his goons .

Sanskaar ran to Ragini n untied her.
He hugged her as tightly as he can …
There heart beat gets calmed in each other’s embrace…

While pari & Adarsh hugged there childrens..

Sanskaar released Ragini and started scolding her in vexation_” what do you think of yourself …..are you a wonder women or something….why didn’t you told me…why did you came alone here…what….what if something had happened to you …do you have any idea (tears falls from his eyes)”

She wiped his tears & smiled holding her ears cutely_”sorry….and pushpa I hate tears”

He shakes his head n said to his family _”YE LADKI PAGAL HAI”

While others laughs…

Meanwhile police was searching for evidences in Bishwanath’s house of his illegal businesses…

Shekher had given them the recording of Bishwanth’s confession which he had recorded .

As police was busy with searching.   Bishwanath snatched the gun of police & aimed at Ragini.

“Nobody can save u from me”-he said & pressed the trigger  when Sanskaar pulled Ragini behind him …While doing so the bullet touched and pass from his arm.

“Sanskaar…”- ragini shouted.

“U blo*dy ****** …. I”LL kill you both”-sayng so Bishwanth was about to shoot again when a bullet gets fired & hits Bishwanath’s Head ….

He falls down lifeless…

“This was for my brother”-said shekher with a gun in his hand

Shekher gives the gun to police & surrendered himself ….
He looks at Ragini & said-” I know I have done awful things which I can’t be forgiven for . But I am really sorry beta…I was blinded wid money. I am so ashamed of my doings. Please forgive me…pleaseee”- he joined his hand n falls on Ragini’s leg.

She immediately made him stand & shakes her head hugging him with teary eyes …

SHEKHER then looks at swara n Sumi and bends his head _” swara you are right I am devil only…but beta can you please give one single chance to this devil…please….I promise I will never disappoint you….After being away from you all I relaised how unfortunate I am…plz forgive me..plzzzz”

Swara sumi also hugged him with happy tears …

“Papa we forgave you”- said swara smilingly
This is the first time she called him “PAPA” he cried and embraced her tightly…


In Ragsan Room…

Ragini was bandaging his wound & said twisting her lips _” what do u think of yourself …Super hero ho?? Real Vale Bahubali ho?? What’s the need to come in front….what if something had happened to u”

Sanskaar lifted his eyes n says _”acha Mera dialogue mujhe ko”

She pouted her lips while he makes her sit on his lap….
He caressed her bandaged palm.
She looks at him & said “promise me u”LL never do this again”
He looked at her eyes n said_”first you promise me u”LL never risk your life for me or this family”
“Haww….how dare you say that…you and this family belongs to me…& I”LL go to any extinct to save u all..”
He admires the way she cares for this family…
“Ditto….(he says & pinched her nose) so thats why I can’t keep your promise. Coz I”LL always protect you no matter what….you are very precious to me Ragini….shivji ki blessing ho tum …so how can I let anything happen to you…hmmm”
“Awwww … Yaar tu inna cute kyu hai…”-says ragini pulling his cheeks.
“Kyuki Mai supercute  dramebaz dentist ka Jo husband ho”-said sanky pulling her cheeks
Both laughs ….n said
“I LOVE U ❤️”



SHEKHER was only impresioned for 5 years as lawyer proved that he killed bishwanth while protecting his family.

RUDRA was sent to mental hospital.

Shekher got bailed n comes out of the jail .
Ragsan swara n sumi was there to take him…

Ragini looked at Sanskaar n he assured her

She smiled & gives a paper to shekher.

He looks at it and then at her being confused.

She told that she had named her property to them .They refused , bt Ragsan somehow convenced them.



It’s Ragsan’s anniversary celebration ….

“Now I want a small baby as soon as possible “- Nani said smilingly looking at Ragsan

“Haww….But Nani don’t u think you have crossed the age to give brith to a baby”-said Ragini mischievously

Nani widened her eyes & said-“Hayy!!Ram jey ladki…..”
“PAGAL HAI….”- completed Sanskaar banging Ragini’s head lightly
“Auchhh!!”-she said making cute faces ..

Everyone laughs….

“Acha  Bhai what gift you have for Bhabhi”- asked laksh

Ragini looks at him keenly n he just showed his gummy smile…

“Let’s go..”- said Sanskaar holding Raginis hands

He takes her to a Clinic …
She looks at him in confusion.
Her gaze falls on d board

She turns to him & he gave her keys to her brand new personal clinic .

She couldn’t able to contend her happiness and pecked him on his lips & hugged him wid happy tears_”Thank you so very much!!This is veryyy very special….”

“Happy anniversary Meri Tooth Fairy”-said Sanskaar wid his most charming smile patting her head.
“Aur Mera gift??”-asked he

“Chalo….”-she dragged him

They reached Mandir …

“I know nothing can make you more happy then doing Shivji ki aarti … And as it’s our first anniversary,so I thought why not to take blessings from God”_
Says Ragini

Sanskaar smiles with happiness.
Although she doesnt like puja_path but still for his happiness she organised everything ..

He saw his purohitji n bends to take his blessing…

Sanskaar removed his kurta n dips inside the water engrossed in Aarti rituals …
While his wife is busy in adoring his abs.

“Hey!bhagwan you are really great ..Kya banaya hai? each & every part..just…”

Her thoughts gets interrupted by Purohitji_”Bahu cover your head with dupatta”

She fakes a smile to him n covers her head….

After Puja , they contributed food and things to the needy people and moves from there ..


Midnight Ragsan room..

Ragini was alone in the room n was checking herself in mirror ..when Nani’s word about baby striked her .

She looks at her tummy….n den pouts.
She takes one pillow & puts it inside her top ….and acts like a pregnant lady .

She unknowingly starts caressing her belly n smiled thinking about having a child with Sanskaar ….

At that time sanskaar entered the room and got stunned seeing her…He suppresses his laugh seeing her antics …
He locks the door and then clicked some of her pictures coz she was looking so cute with a belly bump (what if it was fake?) ….

He goes and puts his hand over hers on the belly….

“Pregnancy will really suit you”-whispered he
“Hmmmm..”-she hummed without realising his presence
“I didn’t knew that you are ready for the baby…orelse I wouldn’t have wasted this much of time”-said he nuzzling her neck
Reality striked her ..she widened her eyes n turned towards him…
“When did you came”-she asked being shocked
“When you were busy with this imaginary baby”-he said almost laughing
“Sanskaarr”-she said childishly throwing her fake baby bump aka pillow over him
He catches it and laughs loudly…
“What sanskaaaar”-he immitates her
She turns other side pouting cutely

He goes towards  her & holds her chin n says _”vaise I already have a small baby with me …so I can wait for the other one”

She pushed him  and moves from there narrowing her eyes .

“You are very bad yaar…jao I won’t talk to you “-said she pursing her lips

“Ok ok sorry….I won’t tease…. “-he said back hugging her

He put his head on her shoulder n said_”it”LL be so cute na…having a small baby….his small hands…small nose(he said touchng her nose) tiny eyes(he touched her eyes)…..we”LL give all d happiness to him/her …I”LL take him/her for Aarti daily…”

Ragini interrupted him_”bechara baby…”

“What …what did u said”-asked sanky crossing his hands …

She bites her tounge _”nothh…nothing…I was just thinking how lucky the child will be…daily 2 times going for  Aarti…subha ki aarti-sham ki aarti…wah wah…he/she”LL be really very fortunate”-she says mockingly , throwing her hands here n Dere .

He just shakes his head n then asked smirkingly_” well …who do u think will the baby resemble…YOU or ME??”

She starts thinking?

While he said_”if it”LL resemble ME then it’s okay but Ragini imagine if it”ll resembles YOU thennnn”-saying so he starts laughing loudly

She glares him n pulls him near to her.
_”what if it resembles me .. huhh!!! Why are u getting so much of laugh.   Complete na…. If it resembles me then ??”

“Fir to ?….”( he signs from his hands like nothing can be done)
He runs as fast as he can after saying this ….

“You….. “-she starts chasing him

He was laughing seeing how mad she is at him….& she was cursing him WID all the bad words she knows ???

Finally he got tired & sat on the bed …she comes to him and starts hitting him…He even let her hit…because her soft soft hands are working as massage for him…

He shows his other hand n den shoulder ..he keeps on turning n says_”woww Ragini ur hands are magical…keep hitting ..keep hitting”

“Arghh….he don’t even feel pain…here my hands only start paining by continuously hitting this Bahubali “-she said annoyingly & was about to go ,

When he hold her petite frame n drags her to the bed…
She falls upon him….

“I wish our baby or babies(he said winking) will go only & only you….So they can be As pure and as cute as you”-he said kissing her cheeks…

She smiled n laid down next to him…

“Thank you for coming in my life and making it so beautiful”-said she touching his nose WID hers

“Thanks to you for completing my Life “-said he

“Love you forever♥️”_they  said  kissing eachother with all the love♥️


                      ♥️  THE END ♥️

So here full on filmy story of BAHUBALI & DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST comes to an end ..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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