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so lets start episode 19….

*Nani-kaushalya devi

“120_121_122_123………133_134…..ahhh!!!!bhai now stop it yaar!!!”_said laksh holding d punching bag.

Sanky glared him!!?

Laksh gulped n left d punching bag!!?

Sanky again started blowing, the hard punching bag mercilessly!!
He ws trying to take out all his frustrations on dat red lethered material!!
He ws angry.nybody can sense it from seeing his face!!
D reasons for his regressive act were:
1)he couldn’t able to kill dat basterd who tried to misbehave wid Ragini.
2)he disobeyed his Nanu’s word for d “frst_time_ever”
3)dere is something going on inside him,something new.something unknown.which he can’t able to find out,n dats y he is more n more DISTURBED!!

So he ws continuously punching d bag!!in order to get relieved!!Bt to his bad luck,it isn’t acting as an stress buster!!

He ws all consumed wid sweat!!even d surrounding is also warm n got even more heated up due to his hotness!!

Laksh who ws standing dere ws now feeling suffocated due to d heated up arina!!
Bt being a supportive brother,he can’t left sanskaar dere alone!!
So he ws trying some or d other way to stop him,bt all goes in vein in front of our BAHUBALIS FRUSTRATED MOOD!!

“Sanskaar!!!!”-a soothing voice of his mother consumed his eardrums.
His hands got rigid at its place n shoulders got stiffed!!
He left a sigh_”huff” n closed his eyes?

A mother’s soothing voice has magical effects,it can make Nyone calmed!!N for sanskaar,its d mostesttt soothing thing!!

He turned back n Ap came inside his room with her pious smile☺️

N now His heart beats calmed !!
He is relaxed!!
D thing which he ws trying to get since so long ,got fulfilled in a few milliseconds jst by a sweeet smile of his MOTHER!!

Yeah!!dats y he adores n respect her so much!!

“Beta!!have it!!”-said Ap forwarding a morsel to him

He smiled n looked at her n den widout denying or saying anything jst had it!

He den takes d food plate from her hand n made a morsel n forwards it towards her!!

He knows dat she”ll never eat nything if ny of her family member have skipped d food!!

N dats y he LOVES HER MAA more den Nyone!! Being a MODERN women still she have so much of traditional qualities embedded inside her!! She is truelly a ROLE MODEL!!
She manages her work.family.n everything so well!!

Being from a small VILLAGE ,still she manages to pursue her higher studies !!at times wen all r against her studies,she herself had taken a stand , leaving all d taunts behind ,she finally fulfilled her dreams!!

Still she obeys her husband n cares for her family to an extreme!!
Dats what makes her a PERFECT WOMEN!

N dats d thing which SANKAAR is finding in his WIFE!!” But only If_ever_he_gets_married!!according to him!!

Ap chuckled while eating d morsel!

“Y ddnt u came for dinner today??”_asked ap looking at sanskaar

He sighed n avoided eye contact.
She holded his face n make him look at her!!
She raised her one eyebrow n again asked_”bolo (say it)sanskaar”

He putted d plate down n den said_”maa!! Vo!!actually!! M feeling really bad for d way I talked to Nanu ,I mean like how I denied her for d frst tym ever!!I wsnt in my senses maa!!”
He stands up n den again continued_”ragini wsnt at fault ,bt Nanu isnt ready to accept it!! N I cnt able to see d injustice n dats how I behaved so weirdly wid Nanu ,bt now m regretting it!! Ahh!!Maa it’s jst dat ki……”

Ap inturuppted him_”sanskaar!!sanskaar!!don’t think so much beta!! U havnt done nything wrong”
She goes to him n touched his shoulders n said_”I really felt proud of u ,dat instead of being silent u have supported d truth!! See beta if she is elder dat doesn’t mean she”ll always be right okay!! Everybody does mistakes!! N dis time Maa(kaushalya) is wrong in making decision!! So it’s good dat u stood for Ragini!!”-Ap smiled n assured sanskaar.

He felt really lighten!!.
He hugged Ap n she patted her head!!

“Okay now fatafat finish ur dinner n den sleep okay!!N stop thinking so much…hmm!!”

He nodded ….
Ap ws about to go wen he asked_”maa…vo!!…”
Ap looked at him n observed him hesitating to ask something!!
“Kya???(what?)”_asked ap
“Vo…ma….vo…Ragini ne!!”-he ws stammering while asking
Ap being a soul mother understood him n said_”don’t worry!!she had her dinner!!☺️ ”
He nodded n passes his hands on his hair!!
Ap smiled n moved out of d room!!

“Bhai don’t u think aapko ragz se baat krne chaheye!!???”_said laksh breaking d trance of sanskaar.

Sanky looked at him n d scene blurs!!!

# “if i say about my wish den he should have to b understandng,not judgemental,broad minded n one who can cook ..”

Ragini laughed within herself,remembering dese words…which she had said to her Friend ALMAS ,wen she asked about ragini’s dream man!!

She ws sitting lonely surrounded by d new feeling of love n ws recalling all d incidence of SASNKAAR !!

How she met him for d frst tym!!
How she had snatched his bike n how he had saved her from dose boys!!
A small smile crept her lips!!
N den wen he scolded her for wearing such short dresses!!
Her smile changed into angry look!!

“Huh!!dat tym he ws so sadoo ? how he had scolded me !!”

She remembered today’s incidence ,wen he saved her n even stood for her in front of all!!

“Bt now everything has changed?(she blushed)…donno how ,wen,where!!! Bt m completely fallen in love wid u my Bahubali??”-she said huskily

Den she remembered dere appointed at 32 smile stone !! Wen Sanky had came to extract his tooth!!
His fear from injections!!
Ragini laughed loudly n den saw her hands,which sanskaar had holded while she ws injecting him!!

“I hope u”ll hold my hand forever☺️”-murmered she

She den remembered wen she ws running from d goons n den dashed wid sanskaar!!!
How he had embraced her protectively!!!!

After dat he saved her wen Dev ws about to kill her!!
How Sanskaar had holded d knife ,making his hands bleed to an extreme!!
Dere eye lock at dat time!!
Her eyes gets a bit moisty!!

How she had slapped him?
“Arey!!usne bhi to meko kitne zor se mara tha,to bas maine bhi maar deya…simple!!”(arey!!even he had also slapped me na,den I also had done d same !!simple?)
D way dey became frnds?

N den how today he supported her in front of everyone!!

“Not getting sleep???”_asked sanskaar moving towards ragini,who ws busy in her thoughts while staring stars n blushing!!

She jerked wid d sudden voice!!
N looked back!!

Sanky ws gazing her,she gets relieved seeing him n den smiled !!

“Hmmmm!!!something like dat!!”_replied she n gestured him to sit next to her.

He smiled back n sat besides her!!
Both r looking at d sky!!
Where trillions of stars r brimming , lightening d dark world !!

“Mmm…Ragini …r u upset???”-asked sanky hesitatingly

She narrowed her brows n asked_”upset???? Wid whom??”

“Vo!!!!mmm!!!!Nanu se”-said he

Rags monologue-“Uss budhiya ki to mai!!!! Huh!! Wt does she thinks of herself ???!! She ws trying to Put allegations on me!!!! Ragini PRATAP !! I”ll teach her a good lesson soon…huh!! ”

“Ragini!!!!”-sanky shaked her
“Where r u lost??? Say na..r u still upset wid Nanu???see ragini ,I know nanu widout knowing d truth started accusing u n from her side m asking sorry from you!! Plz dont get angry on her!! She is our elder!!we can’t be angry on elders!! Instead we should try to make dem understand!! Hmm!!!!”-said sanky

Rags nodded her head wid fake smile but inside her mind she is cursing Nani ji badly?
As she couldnt say nything bad about Nani openly ,coz of her mahaan suputra( obedient son)who is sitting in front of her…+ she doesnt wanna get scolded by her love interest ?so being a complete dramebaaz she acted to be a sweet grl? !!

“Still If u want den I can ask sorry instead of Nanu!!!”-said sanky

“Arey!! No no sanskaar!! It’s not at all needed!! Mmm!! U nly said na elders have d right to scold us..so don’t wry!! I jst hope dat Nani ji soon get realised dat who is d real culprit!!”-said rags

Sanky ws continuously admiring her !!

He remembered dere frst meeting,where he misunderstood her so much!! Bt as time passes dis grl is opened up like a surprise to him!! He never ever imagined ,dat she can be dis much of sensible n understanding!!

He smiled n gazed back to d sky!!

Rags stared him lovingly!!
His features ws attracting her so much!!
She ws drooling in his love!!

Bg song!
“Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Keh rahi hai kya yeh suno, meri khamoshiyan
Raat se hai lambi kahin, dil ki yeh daastaan
Kaise kahoon”

She ws looking at him n Remembering dere moments !!
Sanky ws continuously talking about his family members!!
She leaned to wall n soon sleep occupied her!!

“N dats why lucky alwYs punishes Bheema for waking him up in early morning!!?”-said sanky n looked at ragini,after not getting ny response!!

He turned his head n saw d fairy sleeping so cutely!!

A smile appeared on his hard face!!
N he goes towards her!!
He leaned n picked her up in his arms?
He carried her softly n goes towards her room!!
He kept her on bed gently n tucked her hair strands!!

“Dramebaaz hai bt cute bhi hai? (no doubt she is a dramebaaz ,bt still she iz so cute)”_said he gazing her face!!

He pinched her nose lightly n said_”good night”?

She moved in sleep n again dozed off!!

He smiled widely n left d room !!

@Dining table…

All r eating dere breakfast!!
Ragini came running fastly!!

” M sorry!!M sorry!! Actually I got late…N nobody even woken me up,so dats y…M really sry!!”_said she coming towards table n sat next to sanskaar.

Kaushalya glared her n gritted her teeth!!

“Vo beta ,we thought u would be tired dats y didn’t disturbed u☺️”-said Ap

Rags passed a bright smile!!

“Arey Annapurna Dusron ki neend Haram krke!!khud chain ke need sone valo me se hai je chori”(arey Annapurna!! she(ragini) is dose kind of girls who makes other sleepless n dey deselves sleeps comfortably)

Sanky ws about to eat d chapati wen he stopped listening dis!!
He looked at Nani!!

She shifted her gaze towards d food plate!!

Sanky den looked at ragini,who was glaring Nani dangerously!!

Rags saw his gaze n bends her head!!

“Agar sanskaar yaha nahi hota na..to iss budhiya ko to mai sacchi ka Insomniac bana deti”(if sanskaar wouldn’t be here na den for sure I would have made dis old lady insomniac ?)_murmered rags

“aaa!!!jst strt d breakfast no”-said Kaveri,trying to make d surrounding calm!!

Ragini ws about to take d chapati wen again Nani taunted_”some grls are so shameless dat dey don’t get affected even after hearing so much !!”

Dats it!! Now ragini couldn’t take it ny more!!
How much she act or try to calm herself!!she can’t get rid of her short tempered!!
She is not a sati savitri kind of grl!!
She is a pampered one!!
She always raised voice against something wrong!!
She always fights for herself!!

She banged d table n gets up from her seat!!
Glared Naniji dangerously n turned back to go furiously!!

As she ws about to move sanskaar holded her wrist!!
D moment paused for her!!

“Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai”

She closed her eyes n den slowly opened it n faced sanskaar!!
He ws sitting on his chair n holding her wrist from one hand!!
He ws looking directly into Nani’s eyes.
He den shifted his gaze towards ragini n jst simply signed her to sit n complete her breakfast!!

She ws about to deny ,wen he said_”Ragini!!!jst sit!!!N have ur breakfast!!please”

Hmmm!!!how can she deny his words? such caring voice!!!ahh!! Finally She obeyed him!!N started eating !!

Nani ws again about to taunt wen sanskaar showed his palms to her n said_”Nanu !!bas aur nahi!!(Nanu !!dats it)
Nani huffed n den all resumed eating!!
“Hahahaha !!!now it”ll be fun!!?”-smirked ragini putting a strong gum on Nani’s walking stick?

She heard footsteps of someone n sneaked out from Nani’s room!!
“Hayy!!rabba!!who had done dis??? Sanskaar!!!now what wl happen!!! Plz get me out of it!!!”-said NANI panicking,as her wooden walking stick get stucked in her hands!!

Sanskaar n all are trying to get her out of it!!

Bt someone is enjoying all dis so muchh!!
Dats none other den Our Ragini?
Hehe !! She ws feeling so happy n relaxed seeing Nani Like dis?
N her partner Laksh ws also suppressing his laugh looking at d condition of Nani?

After a lot of struggle ,sanky somehow manages to get her relieved!!

Nani looked up n found ragini smirking,she narrowed her eyes n gives a dangerous look,to which rags jst chuckled n went out!!

“Chachu -chachu!!!plz let’s go to d river side no!!plzzz plzz plzzz!!!”-screemed ansh n rashmi

Sanky smiled n said _”okay !!we all wl go dere !!?”

“Yeyy!!! U r d best chachu?”-said d kids n hugged sanskaar

All were enjoying deselves…N kids were playing!!

Rags ws admiring d villages beauty!!
“It’s beautiful no”-asked sanskaar
Rags simple noodded!!☺️

Sanky gets an idea …
“Hmmmm!!Ragini jst wait here !!M coming ..okay..dont go anywhere!!M jst coming!! “-said he running back!!
She looked at him n asked_”bt where r u going??sanskaar!!!are sanskaar listen!”

Bt before she could finish ,he got vanished in thin air!!

After a while ….
“Ting-tong!!ting-tong”-sanskaar pressed d bell of bicycle?
Rags looked at him n den at cycle n asked _”wht???”
He said_”come sit!! I”ll show u d whole village!!”
She smiled …..N moved forward!!
She thanked God for giving her dis beautiful chance to spend it wid her love?!!
She sat on d front rod of cycle!!N sanskaar rides it slowly n safely!!

“Keh rahi hai kya yeh suno, meri khamoshiyan
Raat se hai lambi kahin dil ki yeh dastaan
Kaise kahoon… kaise kahoon….”

Her hairs r flying due to wind!!N she ws smiling all d way!!
Sanskaar ws showing her each n everything!!
He shared all his childhood incidences wid her!!
He even made her eat sugarcane?
N she ws jst admiring him!!

“Tumse mujhe yeh kehna tha woh keh raha tha hum-dum
Ho saamne toh kya kahoon, kya kehna tha hum-dum
Kaise yeh, jazbat hai
Iss dil mein toh, din-raat hain
Honthon pe kyun aane se yeh sharmate hain
Aankhon mein kyun yeh har ghadi aa jate hai

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Aa aa aa…”

Sanskaar goes to d children’s who are playing in water tank!!
He smiled n started playing wid dem!!
She jst smiled n gets lost into his thoughts!!

“Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Keh rahi hai kya yeh suno, meri khamoshiyan
Raat se hai lambi kahin, dil ki yeh daastaan
Kaise kahoon”

“Ragini!!!”-sanky jerked her!!
“Chale!!!”-he asked!!
She nooded n den both went back to dere family!!

Nani ws moving here n dere in anger!!she jst want to throw ragini out of her house n from everyone’s heart!!
She ws about to go back to d place ,where all d family were resting bt stopped seeing someone!!

He ws d same boy!!who tried to molest ragini!!
She thought dat he could help her to get ragini out of dere life!!
She followed him n ws about to say something wen she heard him taking to one of his friends_”hahahahha!! Don’t worry yaar!!vo kalyani budhiya hai na…she won’t let nything happen to us!! Hahaha so easily she believed us!!now jst wait n watch I”ll surely ruin Dat grl’s(ragini) image in front of all !!!N in dis …kalyani wl help me”-saying so d boy smirked..

Kalyani putted her hands on her mouth n shaked her head_”hey bhagwaan!!je mai kya Karne jare the”(oh gawd!!what I ws about to do?”_said she n backed off!!

She den goes back to d river side!!

“Uff!!Donno where dis ansh went???”-said Pari trying to find ansh

“!! Di don’t wry!! I”ll search for him!! U pack dese things,its getting late….so we should leave now!!”-said rags

Pari nodded n started packing…where as ragini went to find ansh!!

“Ansh-ansh-where are you???”-she ws searching for him since long n den goes towards d river!!

As it’s already evening so no one ws dere….she searched here n dere but ddnt find Nyone ,she ws about to turn wen something catches her eyes…

She tuned back n her eyes goes widen up!!!
She gets shocked seeing Ansh drowning in d water!!
She screemed_”Anshhhhhh!!!!!”
N ran towards d river!!

She panicked !!!she don’t even know swimming + nobody ws dere to help!!

She shouted bt all r far from dem so nobody heard her!!

She thought dat till wen she”ll go to d family members n bring dem back for help,ansh might get downed !!

So without wasting ny time She got her courage n goes inside d water!!!

D level of water is high!! She panicked so much bt somehow manages to reach Ansh!!

She holded him n put him up in air!!
Bt in dis process ,she can’t able to breathe !!
She ws loosing her breathe !!
N her hold on ansh started loosening up!!

On d other side !!
Sanskaar came n asked about rags!!
Pari told dat she went to bring ansh bt havnt came till yet!!
Sanky says dat he”ll check!!

He came towards river n gets shocked to see d scenario..
He shouted loudly!!!
All d maheshwaris +Nani heard him n ran towards d river
Sanskaar jumps into d river!!!

He holded Ansh from one hand n ragini from another!!
He brought dem back to d land!!

All d members got scared seeing dis !!!
Pari strted crying miserably!!
Adarsh holded Ansh n asked if he is fine????
Ansh nooded n signaled towards ragini!!
Sanskaar made ragini ,lay on d sand!!
She ws lifeless!!

He shaked her…Bt no response!!
Her body ws getting cold!!
Sanksaar ws continuously saying her name bt she isn’t responding at all!!

Den he started pushing her stomach!!
Water strted coming out of her mouth!!
He pushed more n more!!

All r praying for ragini!!
“Hey bhagwaan!! Jey chori ko kuch na hona chaheye(hey bhagwaan!!plz save dis girl)”-prayed Nani wid moisty eyes!!!

Ap holded Nani n both looked at eo!!

Sanskaar had tried everything bt rags isn’t getting consciousness. .
He cluched his hairs in frustration n den saw her face!!
A layer of tear appeared in his eyes. .
He remembered something n made a determined face ..
He moved towards her lips n ws about to give CPR wen ragini coughed n d water splashed on sanskaars face?

He wiped his face n looked at ragini!!
A wide smile appeared on his lips!!
Rags ws cont. Coughing n den tried to get up !!!

“Pagal ho !!idiot hoo;!ullu ho!!!duffer hooo!!!what are u??? What d hell do u think of urself????wen u don’t know swimming den y u have jumped in water????”-sanky strted shouting!!!

“Ansh ws drowning!!!n nobody ws dere..sooo”-before ragini could complete her statement sanskaar hugged her soooooooooooo tightly!!
Giving everyone a “ZOR KA JHATKA”(SHOCK)?

He ws jst crushing her inside his tight embrace!!!
He closed his eyes n thanked Shivji first!!

Ragini ws feeling so delighted seeing his concern towards her!!

“Ahem ahem bhai!! Are u planning to kill ragz or what???”-said laksh teasingly!!

“I mean u r hugging her so tightly,she can’t even breathe !!!!”-cont. Laksh..

Sanky came back to his senses n immediately left her…
Rags glared laksh!!!

Den uttara n suji holded rags n taken her towards d car & pari holded Ansh!!
Soon all of dem drove back to dere place!!

Precap_Shock or surprise!!JUST WAIT N WATCH?

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    Please update the next part soon…love u sweetheart…

    1. Fairy

      Oh gawd!!!!!! Shree dats sooo sweet of u yaaar!!!!!! N I missed u dr?!!!Hahahah mata ?????? thnku soooo much for liking it yaar…u donno wht it means to me!!!so a biggggg tight hug to u..umaaah????thnku so much for makeing me smile wid ur cute sa commnt????yeah wl post soon pakka!!!

      U know even i love dat song sooo muchh!!! Yeah vm??? woww good idea? wl ask someone?
      Once again thnkuuuu cho much?????keep rockng n stay blessed darlo????love love love ..umaaah?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍?????

  16. Asra

    Hii chocopie….Hw r u chubby?….After lonnnnggggggg time…..mumma s alright….happy to hear thz….
    it’s fabulous update dear….ohh our bahubali s angry mood in starting and romeo caring mood in ending….laksh dear u spoiled ragu happy love mood yar…ohh poor nani raglak rocks…finally nani realised her mistake and understand our ragu….loved loved loved it alot chocopie….precap shock or surprise omg….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    love u chocopie…am not going to beat u….but i want to pull ur and fizo cheek for late update…tkcr chocopie….

    1. Fairy

      Hahahahhahaha u can pull fizos cheeks two times ,instead of mine? ??? awww!!!Meri sweetypie??????? I ws litterely craving for ur commnt .Huff!!!finally?????? thnku thnku thnku soooo muchhh for so much of love n support really…can’t thank enough of u??? yeah mumma is all fine??
      N m good dr,wht about u???
      Yeah preacap,hehehhe i think it”ll be surprise for u all?
      Thnku soo much once again!!!wl post nxt part sooon!!!keep rockng n stay blessed darlo????umaaah!!!love love love?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍?????????????

  17. Asw

    Yaar fairy such a long time ? it’s amazing yaar keep going ?

    1. Fairy

      Yes dr its reallly been sooo long???m soooo sry for dat!!!N thnku sooo much dr?????thnx a lot for ur constant support???umaaah!!!keep rockng n stay bkessed!!love love?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍????????

  18. superb…..plz update fast…

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo muchhh sweety??????????yeah wl post soon!!!keep rockng n stay blessed!!much love???????‍❤️‍?‍?????

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