Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman and Badal get married in court

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman and Badal getting happy seeing brijesh bringing registrar there. Boltu asks Brijesh why did he nervous them by keeping his phone off. Brijesh says I forgot to charge my phone. He asks for their ID proofs. They give their ID cards and photos. They come to the Registrar Chaturvedi. Chaturvedi asks them to sign on the form. Badal signs on the form. He checks the ID proof and tells Brijesh that he can’t get them married. He says I trusted you and came here, you didn’t tell me that they are not from the same caste. Pallavi asks why they can’t marry, they are adult. Registrar asks them to leave the form and he will think if it will be approved or not after 30 days. Boltu tells that they love each other a lot and tells that the India is an independent country and

asks if he don’t want them to live in love. He says you are God for us and says we will be happy if you approve their relation and will tell my children about you. registrar asks what is your name? Boltu says Bolti Bakshi. Registrar says even my wife is bengali and asks them to sign in the register. Suman and Badal signs. Chaturvedi asks witnesses to sign. Their friends sign. Chaturvedi asks them to exchange garlands. They exchange garlands while their friends clap. Brijesh asks them to smile and says now you are married. Chaturvedi declares them as husband and wife. Pallavi asks them to sit in car before uncle calls again. Suman says first we will go to temple. Registrar Chaturvedi smiles. They go to temple and pray infront of God. Suman looks at him.

Badal also looks at her and smiles. Pandit ji asks if you are newly weds and asks Suman why she is not having sindoor. Boltu says they are just got married in a registered marriage. Pandit ji says that is alright, but husband shall fill her maang with sindoor and bless her for be married always. Badal fills her maang with sindoor. They take Pandit ji’s blessings. Pandit ji asks her not to wipe it else it is inauspicious. Badal asks her not to stress herself and says I don’t believe on all this. Suman says I am your wife, let me do my dharm and touches his feet. Badal makes her get up and says our relation is equal.

They come back to college. Driver is waiting for Suman. Badal holds her hand. Suman is sad to go. Pallavi and Jhilmi are taking her to car. Suman runs back to Badal and hugs him. Badal hugs her. Suman cries. Boltu holds Pallavi’s hand and make her stand covering them. Others also stand covering them. Boltu and Jhilmi says they are so romantic. Pallavi asks her to come else phone will ring. Badal tells Suman that nobody can separate them as they are married now. Suman goes to her room to get her stuff. Pallavi asks driver to wait till they bring their stuff. Badal and others come to their hostel room. Badal looks at Suman’s pic and thinks of their marriage. He gets his father’s call. Mohan asks him to stay there for some days and says there is a curfew here. Badal says ok, I will stay here. He asks if everything is fine. Mohan says yes and says everyone will go back to their work in some days. He ends the call. Brijesh gets happy to know that badal is staying back for some days. He asks him to tell Suman. Badal says if I tell her then she will not go home, if she don’t reach home then it will be big bawaal at her house. Boltu says Suman must have left. Badal says no.

Pallavi asks Suman if she will sit in car with sindoor and asks her to wipe it. Suman says I will not and says I got married, didn’t do a joke. Pallavi says you are married, why you want to publicize it. Suman keeps hand on her head and touches sindoor. She thinks of Pandit ji’s words and recalls Badal applying sindoor in her maang. She gets emotional and tells that she will have sindoor forever. She moves her hair to hide the sindoor.

Suman tells Pallavi that she wants to see badal once. Pallavi asks her to come and says badal must have left by now. Suman says he will come and will not go without seeing me off. They sit in car. Driver starts the car. Badal comes, but the car is already left. Suman peeps out from car and looks at him. She waves her hand. Badal smiles.

Precap: Suman comes home. Everyone throws flower petals on her. Suman cleans flower petals from her head. Pujan Pandey sees sindoor and asks about it. Chachi says it is sindoor. Suman gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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