Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman and Badal go to registrar’s office

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman and Badal decide to marry each other. Their friend asks if they are talking about temple marriage. Suman says they will do court marriage and tells about the formalities pre marriage in the court. Suman says we will marry tomorrow only and will not go there. Badal says we will marry tomorrow. Suman asks them to understand. Bengali Boltu asks what happened in a day. Suman says in their village, father’s gotr is asked first. Bengali says you are getting emotional and talks about court rules. Their other friend brijesh tells that his Mama will do something and knows registrar. Badal asks Boltu if he will not come. Boltu says he will come wearing new dress and will not leave. Suman calls Pallavi and asks her to come fast as they are going to marry. Boltu’s girlfriend

comes there and tells that it is a romantic idea. She hugs her. Pallavi asks Suman if she needs anything. Brijesh brings the car. Badal asks Suman to come. They sit in car. Suman says she has taken a decision, but her parents are unaware of her decision. Pujan Pandey wakes up and thinks to talk to Suman.

The friends sing le jayenge le jayenge song. Their car is stopped at the check post. Suman notices Inspector and tells Badal and others that she knows this Inspector. Badal asks her to cover her face. Inspector stops their car. Brijesh tells that he is advocate Kapil Dubey’s nephew and is taking is friends to his sister’s marriage. Inspector Rajesh lets them go. brijesh is driving the car and everyone is sleeping. Badal sees the truck coming near them and moves the wheel of the car. They stop the car. Everyone ask Brijesh how did he sleep? Brijesh says he doesn’t know how he got sleepy. Badal asks Brijesh to wash his face. He asks Suman if she is sure to marry him. Suman says if she is not sure then what will he do? He says I will elope with you. Brijesh comes and asks Badal if he can drive the car. He tells that registrar went to Kalipur and tells that he will bring him tomorrow. He asks badal to go to Registrar office. Badal asks Boltu to drive the car. They reach the registrar office. Suman and badal look here. Boltu says if brijesh will come. Pallavi says he has to come. She says Suman’s driver will come to pick her.

Pujan Pandey’s driver calls her. Suman gets worried. Badal asks Pallavi to handle her. Pallavi picks driver’s call and tells that Suman is in the bathroom. He says ok and tells that he is waiting to pick her. Rukmani calls Suman and asks where is she? Suman tells that she will say bye to everyone and come. Rukmani asks why Pallavi said that you are getting ready. Suman says Pallavi is getting mad with the thought of leaving college. Rukmani asks her to come soon and tells that after she comes, she will be married. Suman gets tensed. Brijesh sends food for then with someone’s hand and tells that brijesh will come. Pujan Pandey asks if Suman left from there. Rukmani says Suman told that she will say bye to ghat, temple and everyone and come here. Brijesh brings Registrar. Suman and Badal hold each other’s hand happily.

Precap: Registrar tells that he can’t get them married as they belong to different caste.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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