Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman bashes up Anjali

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The Episode starts with Anjali asking Badal to tell his size and tries to check his shirt. Suman tells Anjali that she doesn’t like this. Anjali says he can’t be in the same shirt all day. Suman says he is not conscious about dirt like us. Badal is taken back. Pallavi is shocked. Suman warns him not to take shirt from her and goes. Guddi searches for her certificate. Her mum tells that it is with Badal. Guddi opens his suitcase and finds the mirror. She gives it to her mum. Badal comes home and finds the mirror with his mother. He takes the mirror from her hand. He says I will buy another mirror for you. his mum says you are keeping it for your would be wife. Guddi snatches it from his hand and the button gets pressed by mistake. She sees badal and suman’s pic. Badal gets upset and asks her to keep it with herself. Their mum asks Guddi what did she see in the mirror.

Anjali messages Badal and calls him. Badal thinks he is in tension due to Anjali, Suman and home. She calls Badal and tells him that she has sent him a message and asks him to bring the thing which she has written. Suman sees her and asks why she is flirting with staff member. Anjali says so what? Suman says if chote Chachi comes to know? Anjali asks her to tell her.

Badal reads Anjali’s love message and tells Kamal that the girl is mad and that he is already engaged. He says if I tell this to Anjali then she will hang me. Kamal asks him to delete the message. Lawyer assures the people that they will get their land. The people beats him thinking him wrong. Amit comes there. Suman comes to Badal and checks his phone. She asks him to tell about Anjali’s message and gives her swear. Badal is silent. Suman says I hate you and goes. Amit provokes the people and tells that the lawyer is sold out. He says our fight is with Pujan Pandey and we can’t win from him. He says he has the papers so he will win. He says we will win the case without the papers. Everyone cheers for Amit. Amit sends Lawyer’s video to Lakhan. Lakhan shows to Pujan Pandey. Suman comes home with Pallavi. Rukmani scolds her. Pallavi makes an excuse. Rukmani says Anjali told that you have a fight with badal. Suman asks her to ask Anjali. Pujan pandey hears and asks Pallavi. Pallavi says she didn’t tell rightly and tells that Badal didn’t do her work and told that he was busy with Anjali’s personal work. Suman asks her to tell the truth. Anjali says she messaged badal. Pujan Pandey says I know you are stressed with the work. Pallavi leaves.

Mohan is having food at home. Neighbor comes there and tells that Amit’s man got lawyer beaten up. He says I think that Pujan Pandey has bought Amit. He says if you give the paper in which was given by pujan pandey’s father to your father then someone can happen. Mohan’s wife tells that they shall go to Amit and scold him. Mohan and Neighbor sit still.

Anjali comes to room. Suman says you are cheap and shameless girl. Anjali says you are saying enough. Suman says when I get the proofs against you then I can slap you and can shout more loudly than you. She says you will not find my roots. Anjali asks her to challenge.

Precap: Suman and badal are about to kiss each other when Shashi comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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