Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Badal breaks his relation with Suman

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey asking Suman to decide who is better for her, whom he has chosen for her and whom she has chosen for herself. Suman says I wish you could see from my sight who is right for me and says all these things don’t matter now. She says she will marry Arjun, but can’t stop loving badal and asks him not to forget his promise. Later Pujan pandey tells Lakhan that he will not leave badal, says Suman still loves him and until he is alive, he will be around her like a housefly. He says Arjun agreed to marry even after knowing everything and this is my responsibility to make sure that his married life is good. Lakhan says you have promised Suman. Pujan Pandey says I promised not to touch him, but didn’t promise about his family. He shares his plan with Lakhan to kill them. Rukmani hears him and comes inside, says you have promised Suman, if she comes to know this. Pujan Pandey says who will tell her, I hope you don’t tell her. Rukmani says you can’t be loyal to anyone. Pujan Pandey asks Lakhan to go and do the work. Lakhan goes. Rukmani also goes from there.

Badal cries and thinks of Suman sitting somewhere. He recalls Suman telling that they will not die, but will live in love, recalls their marriage and then Suman declaring her decision to marry Arjun. Ashok and Kamal come to Badal and asks why you are drinking here? They ask about his family. Badal says Arjun did Papa’s operation. Kamal says your family is missing and you are sitting here. Badal is shocked. He comes to the Police station with his friends and asks Inspector to file his FIR. Inspector refuses to file complaint against Pujan Pandey. Inspector slaps him. His constables hold him. Inspector says I will show you who I am and asks other constable to arrest him. Ashok and Kamal plead infront of Inspector to forgive him. Inspector agrees to let Badal go and asks them not to let him come there again.

Rama tells Suman that they shall check the bangle size to be worn during the marriage. Suman’s hand gets hurt and bleeds. Rukmani asks Rama to be careful. She asks Suman if she is not feeling pain. Suman says she is feeling much pain, but seems like it is not her pain, but badal’s pain. She asks if he is fine and then says Bau ji promised me. Rama asks what are you thinking? Rukmani says Pujan pandey don’t value her promise and tells that he will not sit quietly until he kills Badal. Rama asks will you tell her? Rukmani says what will happen if I tell her. She says she is stuck between husband and daughter.

Badal comes there and shouts Pujan Pandey’s name. He asks about his parents and sister. Suman asks Pujan’s goons to leave him. Badal asks what did you do with my parents and sister. Arjun holds Suman’s hand. Pujan says I don’t know where is your parents? Badal snatches gun from his hand and aims gun at him, says if anything happens to his family then he will kill everyone. Suman asks Badal to calm down and asks Pujan Pandey to promise that he doesn’t know. Pujan Pandey takes fake swear on her. Rukmani tries to say, but Rama stops her. Suman asks Badal if he heard. Pujan says he wants to ruin your life and came here to stop your marriage. Badal says I don’t trust you, you have done much wrong on the name of dharm. He says it is dharm for you to take fake swear. Suman asks him not to insult her papa and says he doesn’t know about your father. Badal gets angry and slaps her hard. Pujan gets angry. Arjun asks if this is your love, showing you manpower.

Badal says what do you think that I slapped you for show my manpower, no and says I hate you and your entire family. He says you shall support me and supporting my enemy. Suman says he is my father. Badal says Pujan Pandey’s daughter can’t be of anyone and tells that today he is ending all relations with her. He says I repent for meet you, love you and says I will not see your face after today. He handovers gun to goon and leaves. Pujan Pandey smirks. Suman cries. Rukmani is shocked. Arjun treats Suman’s injury. Suman says you might be happy to see this. Arjun says why I will be happy, I love you. Suman says Badal reacted as his family is missing. She says if Bau ji didn’t do anything then where his family went. Arjun says may be he is lying and acting this drama to gain your sympathy. Suman says my badal can’t do this. Arjun says you had said that you will forget your past and says this is really unbelievable.

Rukmani comes to Badal and says she wants to unite him with his family. Badal tells Suman that Pujan pandey has got his family kidnapped.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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